Fiction: CAT – Post CR C2 Ep141

Description: Critical Role PIG (2021) AU. After the events of Campaign 2, Caleb Widogast builds a legacy as a teacher and legal activist against the corruption within the Cerberus Assembly, Soltryce Academy, and other government corruption. And then literally the plot of PIG (2021) with Caleb instead of Nicolas Cage. Major spoilers for PIG + an explanation of the often very subtle plot.

Fiction: Love Is A Multicourse Soup Dinner – CR C2 Ep141

Essek is coming to Caleb's home for his short annual stay. Beau and Yasha are coming to dinner, and also to calm Caleb down a bit because one of their big cases is in deliberation and Caleb's been a bundle of raw nerves. They're over early so that Yasha can bake fresh cookies. Caleb is fretting over the menu and finally settles on a curated and complimentary series of soups. Beau watches him meticulously planning this out like a big detailed world-alerting spell and says, "You know you're still in love with him, right Caleb?"