Lack of Context-awareness in non-queer reviewers

One thing I think is very interesting about non-queer people reviewing queer movies is that non-queer people seem to believe that the movie itself will explain all the context in overt ways and that where it doesn't it's identical to non-queer media. But that's not true. Since queer media was not just rejected but violently … Continue reading Lack of Context-awareness in non-queer reviewers

Analysis: Philadelphia (1993)

Gay lawyer Andy Beckett (Tom Hanks) sues his former employer for discrimination because he was fired for having AIDS. He asks Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) to represent him. Joe initially refuses due to his own prejudices, but reconsiders after he faces a racist microaggression in a legal library and then watches an anti-AIDS microaggression against … Continue reading Analysis: Philadelphia (1993)