Transcript Ep5 0:1:50 Character Backstories

All of this transcription was done by Critical Role Transcripts. I’ve merely reformatted it from closed captions to paragraphs, and added the timestamps and links. The longer Critical Role has run, and characters have developed, the clearer it is that the telling of their backstories shows some very core personality traits, beyond the mere history … Continue reading Transcript Ep5 0:1:50 Character Backstories

Transcript Ep79 Short Quote Collection

WIP This transcript has not been edited for accuracy yet. But it’s my Winter’s Crest gift to you. Short quotes may be added after Thordak flies off, but mostly that’s a long transcript. If you like this transcript, please consider donating to Critical Role Transcripts, @CRTranscript, to help them provide closed captioning to Critical Role. … Continue reading Transcript Ep79 Short Quote Collection