Thank you, Vox Machina

Dear Critical Role Cast, Vox Machina helped me transition thought the hardest few years of my life. Chronic, debilitating migraines slowly took away my active pastimes, my community, eventually my career. Bad medications caused my mental health to plummet and nearly killed me. My grandmother started dying of cancer. Critical Role was an escape when … Continue reading Thank you, Vox Machina

What Critical Role Means To Me

Hi Critical Role Cast, Crew, and Critters, A year and a half ago, sudden, rapidly declining health started taking away my normal life. The illness wasn’t going to kill me, but I was so hopeless and depressed, I was pretty close to ending all anyway. Critical Role gave me an escape. It gave me back … Continue reading What Critical Role Means To Me

A note on my transcription method

These are more literary transcriptions meant to capture the entire scene, and it’s feel, for analysis, rather than a strict dialog transcript like what the good folks at @CRTranscript are doing. This means I’m trying to read and narrate body language, cadence, and tone. This is subjective, and I’d be interested to (politely) hear other … Continue reading A note on my transcription method