Fuck Tumblr

Tumblr has decided to burn itself to the ground, so I’m setting back up over here. Our old site was otdderamin.tumblr.com. I’ll try to keep both updated until it’s clear that Tumblr is finished. I enjoyed the followers we had there and hope they’ll join us here, too.

I’m currently in the process of backing up our Tumblr site. Almost everything is still saved as Word files on my computer. Tumblr has not yet flagged any of our content, so we should have a smooth transition.

Getting this site setup is therefore my third priority. First off, I run Majestic Mess Designs where I make queer nerdy patches, and it is holiday buying season. They’re well made and make great gifts. Consider buying one to allow me to continue surviving this capitalist hellscape since disability has given me no other options for work. **Jazz hands**

Second, one of my Majestic Mess projects is collecting the history of Pride Flags. Of the 17 flags I’m currently working with, 8 were first posted to Tumblr. Tumblr’s delightful new Community Guidelines banning “adult content” enforced by their spectacularly stupid demon-bots are shaping up to ban queer blogs from the site. My roommate and I have been trying to bail historic queer pages into the internet archive so we don’t lose them forever to this purge. I stand by comparing Tumblr to the Nazis burning the files of the Institute of Sex Research in Opernplatz 10 May 1933. It’s been a long fucking time since I’ve been this angry. Most of my time in the next two weeks will be dedicated to trying to save as many of these pages as I can. I encourage you to salvage whatever you don’t want to lose into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and consider making a donation to them this year.

But in any spare time, I’ll start building up this site again, posting in the same order, with the same cross-linking. I may tidy formatting, naming, and other bits up as I go because if not now, when?

I do all of this with my free time, and now on my own dime ($48/year), because I love you guys, I love Critical Role, and I love studying how complicated people work and interact. But there’s no cushy job funding this. I am severely disabled, I can’t be on disability and even try to build a business, so my entire existence is currently from the charity of others. If you enjoy what I do, the hours of free labor I put into this project, please consider buying me a coffee.

Fuck Tumblr, and don’t forget to love each other.

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