Transcript Ep44 1:15:21 Vax asks Percy how he’s doing the night before the Sunken Tomb

This is an interesting scene on its own. Given what follows

in this episode, it seems like a Chekhov’s Gun, but there’s no all-knowing

author to place one there. It’s my favorite example of the crazy foreshadowing

that seems to organically happen in this series.

A note on punctuation: This scene has a lot of meaningful cadence,

pauses, silence, and drawn out words. English has terrible punctuation for showing

that. I’ve overextended the meaning of commas and dashes to try to compensate

in a way that makes sense to me. If the punctuation grammar looks really weird,

there’s a very good chance it’s deliberate, but I’m willing to doublecheck

things, because it got complicated.

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs 1:15:21 to 1:19:41

Vax, his tone is quiet, concerned, and sincere: “Percival.”

Percy, groggily: “Yes?”

Vax: “de Rollo”

Percy: Short laugh

Vax: “How you doin’?”

Percy: Long sigh

Vax: “A lot’s goin’ on. A lot. But, it hasn’t been that


Percy, masking: “No, I’m please for the distraction,

honestly. I feel, uh,” he pauses and sighs.

Vax, cautiously: “Has Orthax fully left the building?”

Percy: “I don’t- I don’t hear anything anymore, if that’s

what you’re asking. Uh-”

Vax: “‘Tis.”

Percy: “I think,” there is a long pause, “I

think all I’m manifesting at this point is scars. Honestly, I feel a little

lost now. I don’t- I’m really not entirely sure what I’m doing with myself.”

1:16:04 Vax, gently: “Can I tell you,” short pause

Percy: nods

Vax: “I believe, you are a good man,”

Percy, a bit surprised and flattered: “Thank you.”

Vax: “If you listen to your better angels,” pause,

“and they are, they’re within your friends.” Pause. “Listen to

them. I don’t want to be pushy, I’m sorry, but- You have a family if you want


1:16:35 Percy: “I know, I’ve been thinking a lot-

about,” pause, “why we’re together, and what we’re doing.”

Vax: “I think we all are, yeah.”

Percy, with a slight, thoughtful smile: “And the

conclusion I’ve been coming to so far,” short sigh, “and, Pike being

the exception to this rule as she is the exception to so many things,”

pause, “is I think we’re very broken people. But, I think together we are

far greater than the sum of our parts. And I like who we are together. And I

think that that’s important.”

Vax: “I agree with that.”

Percy smiling at Vax knowingly: “And I like the

influence that everyone has on each other. And this includes perhaps you, taking

some strides with yourself.”

Vax: looks at Percy quizzically.

Percy: sighs.

Vax: “How do you mean?”

1:17:44 Percy: “It is good to want things. It’s very

very good to want things. It’s also very very good to, uh,” pause, “have

things. It’s good t’-It’s good t’-” pause, “It’s good to find the

things that are important to you and move towards them. I’m in a place, where,

I’m realizing that I have to make decisions about what’s important, and I’m a

little envious, that, you seem to be ahead of the curve on that.”

[Vax’s body language through that set of lines suggests he

may be reading Percy and guessing at his deeper, personal meaning. But may also

be dismissing the thought at the end. For the record, though she isn’t part of

the scene, Laura is 100% reading Percy’s intent from her grin and look at Mary,

and especially her gape after he says “move towards them.”]

Vax: raises his eyebrows, “Wish it felt that way.”

Percy: “I know.”

Vax: “Well, I started talking to you, I just-”

pause, “I’m sorry if I’ve done anything to offend you. An’, uh,”

Percy: “Never.”

Vax: “We’re a bit of an awkward family, but, we are


1:18:37 Percy: “And I apologize, for any of the

mistakes I’ve made, and honestly any of the mistakes I’m likely to make. But, I

am starting to imagine a better version of myself. I’m not quite sure who that

is yet, but- There is a destiny. I think for us all. Together.”

Vax: “This is all a lot bigger than us individually


Percy: “We’ve been given mighty deeds to accomplish.”

small, hallow laugh, falling into a serious expression. “We will rise.”

His expression turns rye again, “Or if we fail, no one will ever know.”

Vax: laughs grimly, “There is comfort in that, yeah.”

Percy: sighs

Vax: “Alright, I’ve said my piece.”

Percy: nods.

Matt: “At which point you hear a voice say, ‘Good. I’m

trying to sleep.’ And the cranking or armor as Kima kinda rolls over on one of

the branches, and is, like, facepalming at the conversation.”


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