Research: Percy’s Guns

This is a compilation, as near as I can assemble it, of

every description Taliesin has ever given of Percy’s guns, in chronological order.

For any artists and gun enthusiasts, you now have you answers in one permalink.

If you have any corrections, additional citations, or other information to contribute, I’d love to hear from you. I can be reached on Twitter or Tumblr.

[WIP: Need to add references and descriptions from the

episodes themselves.]

This research project brought to you by strong tea, every

Trial of the Take episode, OCD, and poor impulse control.

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Transcript method notes:


2015-06-13 Gun type:

Jonathan Huggins: “Can you send me a description of Bad News, the

Pepperbox, and Percy. Looking for how they and he would look like?”

Taliesin: “he also carries a pepper box gun and a skull white physicians


2015-07-28 Gun type:

Joseph Pearce: “What type of guns are Bad News and Pepperbox?”

Taliesin: “pepperbox is the type of gun, not its name 🙂 it has 6

barrels’ 1 fire 1 ice. It has 2 sets of 3 auto ready flintlocks.”

2015-08-07 Visual description:

Trebeard: “could you describe of what the Pepper Box looks like as i’m

trying to build a scale model for you.”

Taliesin: “Pepperbox: 6 Barrel 6 Flintlock (3 on each side) with one blue

and one red shaded barrel.”

2015-08-22 How reload works:

Brent Blick: “Can you tell me how your reload works? Is the number for the

amount of bullets or guns used? How advanced are Percy’s guns?”

Taliesin: “per bullets. 6 & reload for the pepperbox, 1 & reload

for BN. I call them the best guns the 18th ish century had to offer.”

Brent: “ So the pepperbox takes 6 turns to load at a minimum?”

Taliesin: “ one turn. It’s got a load crank.”

Brent: “oh I have it, but my buddy is military & asking how a

pepperbox from olden days is reloaded so fast. I say ‘because fantasy!’”

Brent: “he would like to know what would a loading crank do to something

that ‘rotates freely with your off hand’?”

Taliesin: “PB is definitely considered a 2 hand weapon.”

2015-09-24 Pepperbox Enchantments:

Liam @techiecarer: “Two quick questions, what is the extra damage on the

Pepperbox’s fire/ice barrels and did Tiberius enchant it for the effect?”

Taliesin: “1D4 bonus and they were enchanted metals.”

2015-10-23 Percy’s always had the List:

Sean Robert Warren: “1. Keep doing what you do, which is kicking acting’s

ass. 2. Has Percy always had his gun from level 1, or something else?”

Taliesin: “1. Thanks man, glad you’re enjoying the ride. @. Yep, he’s had

the Pepperbox since day one.”

2015-11-20 Elemental Damage:

Jerry Jerrell: “I am sure you get annoyed with these questions, but I was

wondering how Percy was able to do elemental shots?”

Taliesin: “almost answered with a gif.. Two of the barrels of bad news are

infused with magic materials.”

(Typo: List has multiple barrels with elemental damage, Bad News has one barrel

and no enchantment.)

2015-12-11 Cost of The List:

Joe Ezon: “what was the GP value of the list? How much did Scanlan cost


Crit Role Stats: “Generic pepperbox: 450 GP. The List was enchanted, so…

a bit more.”

Joe Ezon: “a little bit or a lot abit?, say 100-200 GP maybe?”

Crit Role Stats: “Months of enchantments and years of repairs… Let’s try


2016-01-05 New pepperbox design:

Taliesin: “Love the handle inlay :-)”

2016-01-15 Lorenzoni mechanism:

Anton: “If you ever need another handgun for Percy or some NPC look up the

Lorenzoni repeating flintlock pistol Cheers”

Taliesin: “The Pepperbox actually had a modified Lorenzoni mechanism.


2016-11-01 Inlay design example:

Liam retweeted to Taliesin.

2016-12-07 List firing mechanism:

Taliesin: “List…: Flint lock with a modified spinning Ferguson…”

Bad News

2015-04-26 First tweet about Bad News (by name):

Huntmaster Summer: “ Percy and Bad News are a winning team #CriticalRole


2015-04-19 When was Bad News made:

MichaelS: “Did Percy’s ‘Bad News’ come about immediately or did he craft

it over time?”

Taliesin: “It was built during the conversion from Pathfinder to 5th.

@matthewmercer made sure it was both fair and unique as a weapon.”

2015-05-22 Image reference and gun type:

Taliesin: “definitely in that direction. It’s a single shot wheel lock

with custom optics :-)”

2015-06-13 Gun type:

Jonathan Huggins: “Can you send me a description of Bad News, the

Pepperbox, and Percy. Looking for how they and he would look like?”

Taliesin: “@AnemoneTea has perfected Percy. As for bad news, it’s an 8 ft.

Long version of the gun from Munchausen.”

2015-07-28 Gun type:

Joseph Pearce: “What type of guns are Bad News and Pepperbox?”

Taliesin: “Bad News is a wheel lock precision sniper musket with optics,

similar to the one in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.”

This is Adolphus from “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”

2015-07-30 Image Reference:

Taliesin: “that with about triple the barrel. Love it!”

2015-08-22 How reload works:

Brent Blick: “Can you tell me how your reload works? Is the number for the

amount of bullets or guns used? How advanced are Percy’s guns?”

Taliesin: “per bullets. 6 & reload for the pepperbox, 1 & reload

for BN. I call them the best guns the 18th ish century had to offer.”

2015-11-19 Does Taliesin have a description:

Darkervapid: “Do you have art of what “bad news” looks like

exactly. Or maybe a description?“

Taliesin: ” “there is an offical description that I haven’t shared,

but not offical art. I like to keep it vauge so that people take


2015-11-25 Wendy Sullivan Green Design in comic


“Critical Role: Winter’s Crest Festival #2:

2015-11-29 Gun Type:

Taliesin: ” a high caliber sniper rifle, basically.“

Misty Crom: “PepperBox range quoted as ‘150 ft’ if memory serves. Bad News

range quoted as ‘disgusting’.” (Taliesin liked the comment)

2016-04-18 Image reference liked by Taliesin:

2016-08-12 Joma Cuerto Bad News design:

Joma: “wonder if @executivegoth have any notes on how he thinks Bad News

should look!”

Taliesin: “I’ve always thought of it a bit like Adolphus’s Gun in

Munchausen without the tapered blunderbuss barrel.”

2015-10-15 Bad News Loading Mechanism:

Trebeard: just one query. BAD NEWS is a breach loader isn’t it? I hope it is,

cos i got one hell of a surprise for you if it is :-)“

Taliesin: “an old form of breach loader, yes :-)”

Trebeard: “The breach for bad news is based on this.”

2016-09-08 Bad News Loading Mechanism:

Jamie M: “Is Bad News a muzzleloader, or breach loader like a Smith

Carbine? Flint lock firing mechanism?”

Taliesin: “VERY early form of breechloader, with a dutch style wheel


2016-12-07 Bad News firing mechanism:

Taliesin: “Bad news is a Wheel Lock with a Rolling Block connected to a

break action.”

sotnaS èrdnA: “That sounds incredibly complicated/impractical/dangerous. I

love it. Thank you,”

Taliesin.“ yes. So much yes. But surpringly fast to load. With a 1/10 –

1/7 failure rate.”

2017-01-11 Video example of a 1625 Breechloading Wheellock



Taliesin: “ It’s actually even more complicated, but that’s part of the

main description, yes. It’s a mess.”

Taliesin: “ GREAT FIND BTW”

Taliesin: “ Boy his breach is WAY better than Percy’s….”

Christopher Mayfield: “Will Percy ever “create” the cartridge or

shell like modern firearms or will it be more primitive like now.“

Taliesin: “My plan is to keep it Ball shot. Don’t wanna break the game



2016-04-21 screenshot from the Ep50 opening:

Retort was the only pepperbox Percy had when the opening was filmed.

2016-05-01 Retort name origin:

Stephen Dugan: “i heard you mention “retort”. is that the new

gun’s name? as in “Well allow me to____” from Pulp Fiction?“

Taliesin liked the tweet

2016-12-07 Retort firing mechanism:

Taliesin: “Retort…: Flint lock with a modified… Breach…”


2016-12-01 – Joma Cueto design:

rasnac: “Mr.Jaffe I’d be glad if you please finalize this discussion among

us: Are Percy’s guns muzzleloader matchlocks?”

Taliesin: “I always want to encourage artistic licenses, and these guns

are obviously not real. That being said…”

Taliesin: “… Animus: Flint lock with a modified spinning Ferguson…”

2017-01-09 Animus 3D model:

Liked by Taliesin


2015-08-31 You can’t duel wield pepperboxes:

Stephen Dugan: “would Percy be able to wield a second pepperbox in his

offhand, or are firearms not able to be dual wielded?”

Taliesin: “They can’t. You need two hands to reload.”

Dugan: “ also, since you now have 3 attacks, does that mean you can fire

bad news twice a round?”

Taliesin: “Yep 🙂 every other round.”

Dugan: “that’s right. Fire, reload, fire. then reload, fire, reload.

although having ammo will help lol”

2015-10-22 The Birthplace of Percy’s style:

Taliesin: “Also, see Plunkett & Macleane. It’s the birthplace

of Percy’s style.”

2015-10-23 Action type to switch guns:

Jason Waddle: “is it an action/bonus action for Percy to switch from

Pepperbox to Bad News?”

Matt: “Stowing/Drawing weapons is included in the attack action.”

2015-10-24 Mask Description:

Brandi: “Finally caught up on #CriticalRole. @executivegoth Is Percy’s

mask a plague dr’s mask? Bird motif and all. Or something else?”

Taliesin: “it’s a plague doctor with a bit more of a skull motif and the

beak swept down rather than out.”

Cashew!: “Thank you for asking and answering! This is on my to-do list for

this week.What color is the mask? Skulltoned?”

Taliesin: “The one I’m building will be skull toned with brown and silver


2016-02-27 Firearms and stealth:

John Appleton: “How do you handle firearms in relation to stealth? What’s

the range on the noise each shot makes?”

Matt: “Its pretty damn loud regardless, so they’ll break stealth in most


John: “I’m asking more in the terms of, ‘Do the bandits further in the

dungeon hear it?’”

Matt: “For a pistol, it’s possible (you can roll their perception), but

Bad News? That’s gonna echo for awhile!”

Mathew Michalak: “is it possible to enchant weapons (gun,bows) like with

(heavy) armour (silent moves)?”

Matt: “It would indeed be possible, IMO.”

2017-01-10 Talks Machina Ep8:

Twitch 0:54:58

[Alpha time + link, someone please?]

Brian: “Taliesin, aisle5 on Reddit… Cleanup on aisle 5.

What a great name! ‘Taliesin, Percy has recently had an unfortunate string of

his weapons breaking in really bad moments, does this weigh on his conscious or

does he think of it as an acceptable risk?’”

Taliesin: “It’s interesting, because he doesn’t blame

himself when they break, at all, it’s not his fault. That’s just bad luck, even

though it’s entirely his fault. Yeah, he hasn’t taken any of that into heart,

other than getting really, really frustrated at his tools, and feeling like he

needs to- He’ll probably upgrade something while there’s breathing room of any

kind. But it’s part of the fun of that kind of character class, though, is that

everything can go horribly wrong so quickly.”

Brian: “Was it Bad News that broke down? You had to

bust out Retort?”

Taliesin: “Retort broke, and then Bad News came out.

Which is funny because Bad News breaks down much more easily. I occasionally

have a couple gun nerds, who every now and then, text me to get a more complete

description of these guns. And every now and then they’re like, ‘I kind of

imagine it like this.’ And I’m like, ‘You’ve just described a functional tool.

I’m going to describe something to you, and you’re going to have to look up

some of these words for really early technology that by its nature kills the

person using it 1 out of 9 times.’


are not highly, well made machines.


are terrible.”

Travis: “Those guns took right turns when they


Taliesin: “It was a Loony Toon gun, yeah.”

Travis mimics a gun firing to the side: “Whoops! I’m


Laura: “Oh geez.”

Travis: “Oh, damn.”

Brian: “Every third shot it just shoots balloons for

some reason.”

Taliesin: “It’s a breech load wheel lock. These things

explode. Yeah, I’ve made a few gun nerds cry going, ‘Who would build that? It’s

so dumb!’ This asshole! It’s really dumb, I know! It’s got a 1 in 7 chance of

failing every shot. God!”

Brian: “Let’s roll those dice.”

Taliesin: “Yeah. They’re designed to fail, and so I

kind of- But he’s definitely way too egotistical to think it’s his fault.”

Brian: “Will you tell us what the upgrades are, or

should we wait?”

Taliesin: “I haven’t really figured it out yet. I don’t

want to get more powerful, I’m not interested in getting more powerful, it’s

all about streamlining the notion of the character at this point.”

Brian: “Interesting. What do you mean by that?”

Taliesin: “He’s had several epiphanies over the last-

few games, and we haven’t really had time to stop and think about ourselves,

but he’s… yeah…”

Brian: “Do what I do: make time every day.”

Taliesin: “Make time every day. He’s got a much clearer

idea of who he wants to be, and one of those is he wants to stop relying so

much- He wants, especially in combat and things of that nature, he feels like

he’s relying on things he can’t control, and is very much about the idea of

creating bubbles of control. And so, a lot of it will be like, ‘Oh look at this

weird little magical thing that does this for me. Well, we can’t have that

anymore, I don’t understand how that works, get rid of it.’ It’s a lot of, ‘If

you can’t explain to me how it works, I want it gone.’”

Brian: “Yeah.”

Travis: “Interesting.”

Taliesin: “So, there’s a lot of that. It’s a very

Batman thing.”

Brian: “Yeah, it’s going to make the next few – -”

Taliesin: “He’s doesn’t have a Green Lantern ring

because he’s like, ‘I don’t get it.’”

2017-09-26 Bullet


type for all guns

Taliesin: “I’ve

kept it vague (I may get more precise after the game) But it’s a modified cap

and ball that doesn’t need a ramrod except for cleaning.”

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