Transcript Ep69 0:17:29, Ep70 3:01:29 Initial descriptions of Animus

This collection is part on my ongoing effort to consolidate all descriptions of

Percy’s guns. This is a collection of the initial information, stated in the

episodes, about Animus.

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Transcript method notes:


Full Episodes:

Ep69 Passed Through Fire

Ep70 Trust:


1. (Ep69) Initial description of Animus – 0:17:29 to 0:23:13

2. (Ep69) Orthax banished from Animus – 1:09:05 to 1:09:15

3. (Ep70) Percy attunes Animus – 3:01:29 to 3:02:06

1. (Ep69) Initial description of


[Vex is inspecting Ripley’s body.]

0:17:29 Matt: “You

also find what appears to be a small leather case, a long, thin case about that

long,” he gestures about 18 in. or 46 cm. long, “that is latched up.

And her gun, which is similar to Percy’s pepperbox, but thinner, longer,” he

gestures about 18 in. or 46 cm. long, “more refined, it’s a deep gunmetal

grey color with brass sections, and what appear to be portions of whitestone

built into it. As she pulls the gun out, you,” he points to Vax, “immediate

know that’s the source of the fiendish energy.

0:22:28 Matt: “You

also do notice, Vex, on the gun, it has across the handle, the bottom of the

handle, the name of the weapon, which is named ‘Animus.’”

0:22:42 Laura:


0:22:43 Matt:

“And across the barrels, you now see there are three empty barrels, and

three that still have names.”

0:22: Laura:

“Can I read the names?”

0:22:50 Matt:

“The names are Richter Wells, Oz Grud, and King Bertrand Dwendell.”

23:07 Matt:

“Apparently, all people that Ripley, in some way, shape, or form, felt

vengeful towards.”


2. (Ep69) Orthax banished from


[After Greater Restoration was used on Animus to banish

Orthax and allow Percy to be resurrected.]

1:09:05 Matt: “The spell finishes. The gun

itself, you guys see a flash of shadow around it dulls.”

1:09:10 Keyleth:

“Pike! Go!”

1:09:11 Matt:

“All the names on the side vanish as well. The barrels are now



3. (Ep70) Percy attunes Animus

3:01:29 Taliesin:

“I’m going to attune… Oh, Animus. I’m going to attune Animus and drop the

gloves of missile snaring for this fight.”

3:01:36 Liam:

“Free wet willies.”

3:01:37 Taliesin:


3:01:38 Matt:

“As you attune the weapon, there’s a brief, familiar, dark glow on the

weapon, and all the three names that exist on the barrel, all dissipate. It’s

now a clean barrel.”

3:01:56 Percy:


3:01:95 Laura:

“Oh no.”

3:02:01 Percy,

examining it: “Well, alright. I’ll have to have a talk about that.”


[Since the names vanished in Ep69 at 0:09:11, this is either an

error, a way of making sure Percy knows Orthax was in Animus, or a way of

showing that Orthax is still lurking around. Any of those is equally likely.]

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