Transcript Sagas of Sundry (Dread) Ep01, Ep03: Kayden – acknowledge you may be crazy, right, or wrong

[No spoilers]

Especially given the end of Dread Ep03, this set of
contrasting quotes really intrigued me. Kayden isn’t saying much about himself
directly, but there’s an awful lot of characterization in what he is and isn’t
saying to other people. There’s a shift in his tone of voice when his mask is
slipping. What struck me hearing both of these is that they were earnest.
Desperately earnest. I get the strong sense this is a debate he’s been having
with himself often over the last year.

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[Just before the ritual with the mirrors]

35:06 Kayden:
“For everybody’s sanity, I just want you to take one second and
acknowledge that you may be crazy, but you may be right.”


[When Darby proposes the summoning ritual.]

22:27 Kayden,
very closed in, not making eye contact: “Darby… did you ever think, maybe… for all the time you spent
telling people you were not crazy—and honestly
I don’t fucking know if you’re crazy or not, no idea—that maybe you spent so
much time saying that you’re not crazy that maybe you didn’t take a second—I’m not blaming—to ask if
you were right? Crazy or fucking
otherwise? Do you think that you might be wrong
about all this? Not crazy, just fucking wrong?”

24:32 Kayden,
holding his face again in clear emotional distress: “Have any of us been
right for this god fucking year?”

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