Wednesday Club “Culture is not a rocket ship”

I rewatched this episode a couple of times this week for self care, and boy does this quote from @executivegoth seem even more relevant. In truth, I’ve been thinking about it for months.

From the 2017-06-28 episode, Love is Love. Time stamp from Project Alpha. Art by @smidge-art

[Image depicts the quote below with a picture of a purple rocket ship with a rainbow fuel cloud.]

54:32 Taliesin:
“Culture is not a rocket ship. We all don’t get on the rocket ship to the
planet culture and go up to the moon. Culture is like life: it is chaotic, it
is violent, it is hungry… It is not normal for everything to just keep getting
better all at the same time. It’s normal for everything to get better over a
period of the long game. In any internal point, chaos—”

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