Venerable Series Critical Role Is Longer Than

What venerable series is Critical Role longer than? Most of them. (It was a chore collecting all this data so enjoy it if you’re fans of other shows, too.)

Critical Role is longer than The Simpsons, the original Law & Order series, all Dr. Who series combined, Gunsmoke, all Star Trek series and films combined, & all CSI series combined. It’ll pass all Law & Order series combined in 1.13 years. It is gaining on Sesame Street (though it’ll probably never pass it, but who knows, #Goals).

Critical Role runtime currently only includes cannon episodes and one-shots that aired in the usual 7 pm Thursday time slot. I may make a second graphic that includes all one-shots and Talks Machina.

It you liked this data, consider buying me a coffee. I’m disabled and anything helps (

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