There’s a big difference between being isolated from civilization and not understanding dick jokes or being able to relate to sexual euphemism and being ace… like Cad doesn’t get most figurative language or jokes…

In reply to the article
Analysis Caduceus Clay Ace/Aro – CR C2 Ep 028-032

I spent 6/14 paragraphs describing how body language was a bigger tell than specific text, so narrowly focusing on one example out of context with the whole feels disingenuous.

As for figurative language and jokes, my observation was that he does get figurative meaning, but then he also thinks about the literal meaning and gets distracted by it, which fits the contemplative nature of the character.

On it’s own, Caduceus not getting a joke isn’t enough evidence to base an analysis on, which is why I just filed it away without writing an analysis after Ep028. There are many reasons that Caduceus might not get a joke. There are fewer reasons why Taliesin would call attention to Caduceus not getting a joke. More importantly, that scene didn’t exist in isolation; it’s part of a pattern. We know from scene 4, Ep 032
0:21:36, that Caduceus has no sexual experience. We know from his body language in scene 3, Ep 030
2:58:38, that he is uncomfortable around even public displays of affections (PDAs). He does get the double entendre in scene 5, Ep 032
0:42:45, about the Starosta being a prick but not having much of one. We can use that basis to infer that the most likely reason he didn’t get Nott’s joke about insertion was because it’s about sex.

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