Transcript: Taliesin hints as Caduceus’ sexuality and discusses Fjord’s “bad decision” – TM for CR C2 Ep41 1:04:07

This wasn’t the answer on Caduceus’ sexuality I was hoping for,
but I’m so grateful for it. Taliesin knows what this means to people, and he wants
to make sure he has time and space to explore it properly rather than give a
short, incomplete answer. “We’re not there yet, but definitely…” He wants to talk about it and he’s thought
about how. He intends for it to come up
in canon as something integral to the character. I look forward to how this
plays out.

“Clay’s feelings
about sex and intimacy” meaning how he personally feels. Not necessarily his
world view, or his family’s view, but his own feelings. That’s a specific, and
potentially very meaningful, way to phrase it. Caduceus isn’t again Fjord
getting laid, he just thinks this was a bad decision that’s going to create

Scene runs: Alpha uncut 1:04:07
1:04:07 to 1:05:42

1:04:07 Dani: “So,
let’s distract ourselves from Brian’s just general self with @MissSunFlower94,
who has a question for Taliesin. ‘How does Caduceus feel about Fjord’s
"bad decisions” affecting the group dynamic? What makes him think it
was a bad decision to begin with?’ Just some light schtupping. Ain’t no thing.“

1:04:31 Taliesin:
"It was politically inconvenient schtupping.”

1:04:34 Dani:
“Ooo. ‘Inconvenient.’”

1:37:37 Taliesin:
“Yeah… I mean… Definitely—I don’t want to get too far into Clay’s feelings
about sex and intimacy because we’re not there yet, but definitely… He’s aware of the friction that’s going to
make—that’s going to create with Jester, he’s also aware that this woman is…”

1:04:58 Dani:
“Batshit crazy?”

1:04:59 Taliesin:
Batshit fucking crazy, and unbelievably

1:05:01 Dani:
“And as the old saying goes, you don’t put your dick in crazy.”

1:05:04 Taliesin:
“You don’t put—no, and like…”


1:05:12 Taliesin:
“We’re already walking a very, very close, like difficult, line, and… Yeah…
That’s—that was an interesting decision he made there, as opposed to…”

1:05:29 Dani:
“Happens when you think with your dick.”

1:05:30 Liam:
“D.P.B. D.P.B.”

1:05:31 Taliesin:
“Yeah. And I will also say that Clay is a little judgmental. He’s a little

1:05:37 Dani: "Oh

1:05:37 Taliesin:
“He’s a bit of a judgmental motherfucker.”

1:05:39 Dani:
“I mean, that seems clear.”

1:05:41 Taliesin:
“Comes with the homeschooling.


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