Transcript: Caduceus’ reaction to the romance novel reading – TM for CR C2 Ep50 0:36:36

This answer tells us a few things about Clay. It’s clear he knows sex is a thing, enough to know a colloquialism for it. Which suggests his knowledge isn’t textbook. Meaning he’s not just sheltered. You don’t pick up the word hanky-panky from people instructing you what sex is for the sole purpose of telling you not to engage in it.

We know he has nothing against sex. Other people having sex is “that’s great.” Just like he wasn’t uncomfortable about Marion’s profession. Instead, sex is “not really in his wheel house.” It doesn’t occur to him what the purpose of the romance novel is. That doesn’t sound like a choice he’s making to abstain, that sounds like how he is as a person.

My guess is there’s no reason why there would be a sex-shaming element to even a sect of Melora’s worship. First off, because given Matt and Taliesin’s clear beliefs they’d have no reason to want to introduce that element into their world after they’ve so clearly tried to normalize sexual freedom. Second, she’s the goddess of nature and the wilds. Sex is very normal in nature.

The most straightforward answer is that Caduceus is ace.

Scene runs: Alpha 0:36:36 to 0:37:33

Brian: “Taliesin, Gulstab wants to know, ‘What did Caduceus think about the romance novel as it was being read aloud? Did he enjoy it?'”

Taliesin: “He did not- Yeah, he did enjoy it. I don’t think he entirely understood what the point of it was.”

Brian: “I was gonna to say, does he know what they were talking- referencing.”

Taliesin: “No, I mean… He’s aware of it but it doesn’t- it hasn’t really- like it… No, it has not entirely clicked, no. He’s aware that, “Ah, they’re doing the hanky-panky stuff. That’s great.’ But like…” he gestures to a blank expression on his face.”

Brian: “Hey, that good old hanky-panky stuff.”

Taliesin: “Yeah, he’s like… yeah. It’s not really in his wheel house.”

Dani: “When two people really love each other…”

Taliesin: “Yeah…”

Dani: “Sometimes.”

Brain: “They hanky-panky all over each other.”

Caduceus: “That’s, uh, sounds complicated.”

Brain: “That’s what she meant.”

Dani: “And you turn yourself around.”


Brian: “Alright. Alright.”

Taliesin: “Wow! That’s hard!”

Brian: “Alright, alright, alright.”

Taliesin: “That got dark.”

Brian: “Let’s not go down that road. You put your left foot in…”


Taliesin: “Please, please don’t shake it all about.”

Dani: “That wasn’t even a good one to end it on, Brian.”

Brian: “The show’s not over, Dani.”


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