Image Description: Widowgast’s Super Clutch Counterspell – TM for CR C2 Ep98

Screenshot from Talks Machina of the Emotional Support kit with a closeup of Widowgast's Super Clutch Counterspell. Text of spell on the page. There's a wooden box with a sign reading Emotional Support Kit in the lid. It contains a loaf of bread, a pint of ice cream, a pocket thing of tissues, a gigantic fake diamond (3-4 inches), a bottle of bourbon, a brown coffee bag of critter hugs, and the spell card. In the lower left it says Coming Up: Talks Machina.

Widowgast’s Super Clutch Counterspell

Level: 3rd
Casting Time: 1 Reaction
Range/Area: 60 ft.
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Abjuration
Attack/Save: None
Damage/Effect: Negation

Caleb attempts to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell. If the creature is casting a spell of 3rd level or lower, its spell fails and has no effect. If the target is casting a spell of 4th level or higher, make an ability check using you spellcasting ability. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a success, the creature’s spell fails and has no effect.

(In large bold letters) Additionally, any attempt by Sam Riegel to name a spell after Nott or Veth is immediately countered and there’s nothing Sam can do about it.

[In the upper right corner is a grey symbol on a blue wash background. It looks like a horseshoe with flared out and slightly hooked ends, with the opening up, with two horizontal bars under it and a vertical bar running through all of them.]

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