Transcript: Percy repairs the trebuchet, CR C1 Ep74 1:10:01

I was working on something in depth for the first post, but scene transcripts will be a part of this blog, too, and this scene was too ridiculous not to immediately transcribe.

Scene runs 1:10:01 to 1:10:41

Liam: “Shirtless, covered in soot.”

1:10:01 Matt: “While the rest of you are finishing up your events for the evening and preparing to go to sleep, Percy is working tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning. You finish probably two hours after midnight with the rest of your crew. Sore, sweaty, but you have one functional trebuchet that looks like it could handle many, many shots within one battle and still be serviceable.”

Sam: “Wipes his brow.”

Matt: “As he slowly takes his glasses off.”

Taliesin: “Diet Coke.” He mimes pressing a cold can to his temple and neck.

Travis: “Takes the water skin and vww.” Mimes pouring a water skin over his head while sexily shaking his head under it.

Matt: “All the soldier are like.” Awkward, pulling away, what the fuck, wide eyed stare. “Or.” Fans himself with an oh my look.


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