Scene Cut Ep25 3:06:14 Percy kills the Broker and Keyleth is shocked

Trying something new. RP scenes in combat are hard because

they’re broken up by the mechanics & chatter. Sometimes it’s difficult to

get the full impact. I’ll be doing scene cuts to pare scenes down to the core

roleplaying that makes them powerful, based on transcripts I’ve finished.

Exactly how necessary this is was made clear to me by Izzymatic’s fabulous

drawing that I discussed in the full transcript.

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Transcript method notes:

Full Scene runs 3:05:35 to 3:12:49

Full Scene Transcript:

3:06:14 Taliesin: “Okay. Before I start to do anything,

I’m going to look him in the eye and say,”

Percy, his tone escalating from indignation to shouting:

“What is wrong with you? Don’t you see there’s nothing here for you? Run

away before you die! There is no option!”

[Attack: 6 shots, 4 hits, one miss, one jam: crit 16 damage,

sharpshooter miss, 8 damage, action surge, 10 + 4 fire damage, sharpshooter 21

damage, sharpshooter with ice – gun jam.]

3:08:12 Matt: “First and foremost, how do you want to

do this?”

3:08:28 Taliesin: “Okay, I’m going to do something

weird here and I’m going to hold you onto this. I’m going to get a little

weird, and I’m just taking strait chest shots, and I’m just firing chest shots,

and I’m just making a hole the size of a baseball in his chest. And as it

happens, as I keep unloading, the gun still breaks, and I’m still pulling the


3:08:51 Percy, screaming: “You fool! Your soul is

forfeit! Die! Die!”

Taliesin: “And I’m going to look at the other two, and

start pulling out my bigger gun.”

3:09:05 Taliesin: “And putting on the fucking


2:09:26 Taliesin: “So mask, gun, fuck it.”

2:09:28 Matt: “He’s standing there, smoking, giant

hole, center, Tomb Stone style, in the center of the chest. Oh no, there would

be no dripping, except for the cauterization of the heat around the explosion

in his chest, and it’s just a blackened, cinderous tube, where once there was a

chest cavity. The Broker kinda,” choking noises and Matt mimics falling

back. “And just falls onto his back. With this smoldering spiral of black

smoke pouring forth from the chest wound, on the ground. As you stare at the

other two, screaming that out, you can see the old woman, who’s still on the

ground, looks extremely out of place and freaked out. The masked individual,

from what you can tell behind the eyes of the mask, does not seem to be

emotionally effected by this.”

3:12:25 Marisha: “Upon seeing Percy going absolutely

insane, and screaming, ‘Your soul is now forfeit,’ out of shock, my anti-life

shell dissipates, and I spend my action staring at him.”

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