Transcript Ep25 3:05:35 Percy kills the Broker and Keyleth is shocked

This transcript is dedicated to Izzymatic @IsabelKSilva (

for her gorgeous set of drawings depicting Keyleth’s emotional dynamic in the

scene. I have watched this scene a truly ridiculous number of times, and I thought

I really connected with it. But the scene is spread out, and it wasn’t until I

saw her set of drawings that I fully saw it through Keyleth’s eyes and felt the

full impact of her shock.If you’ve ever watched your friends break in front of you

from trauma, mental health, or both, or been in that terrible place yourself,

you know how accurate this drawing, and this scene, are. You remember all the

good, and you see very starkly the calamity of what’s happening right now. And

how very powerless you feel to stop it, even though you want to, to protect

someone you dearly love. A lot of people didn’t get that Keyleth acted

perfectly in character, & perfectly as real people do. Especially if

they’ve had a glimpse of that darkness in themselves. That Marisha was able to

hold that in her mind and act that out with all the chaos and laughter around

her is a great testament to her acting ability.

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs 3:05:35 to


RP-only scene cut:

Matt: “Alright, Percy, you’re up.”

Taliesin: “Okay. I’m going to walk to the very edge of

the spell, right here, so I’m standing one closer to our friend there. Not just

to you, I want to be close to the big, strong schmuck.”

Matt: “Okay, so right there?”

Taliesin: “Is the Broker holding anything? Is using

holding a weapon?”

Matt: “The Broker, you see, has what looks like a short

sword out, and he’s currently tossing and catching it.”

Taliesin: “Just a short sword?”

Matt: “Yeah. Or, he’s tossing and catching it, but… He’s

having a bad day. The Broker was not prepared for Vox Machina.”

3:06:14 Taliesin: “Okay. Before I start to do anything,

I’m going to look him in the eye and say,”

Percy, his tone escalating from indignation to shouting:

“What is wrong with you? Don’t you see there’s nothing here for you? Run

away before you die! There is no option!”

Taliesin: “And I’m going to start unloading. Natural


Liam: “Damn son!”

Taliesin: “Pepperbox.”

Marisha: “‘What is wrong with you?’”

Liam: “Percival de something something something

something Rollo III, you badass motherfucker!”

Taliesin: “That’s 16 points of damage.”

Matt: “This is to the Broker?”

Taliesin: “To the Broker. I’m just shooting at the


Matt: “Okay. 16 points?”

Taliesin: “16 points of damage.”

Matt: “That is doubling the dice?”

Taliesin: “That is doubling both the dice.”

Matt: “Okay.”

Taliesin: “Now a sharpshooter shot.”

Matt: “Uh, the Broker’s- No. The Broker can’t. He

already used his reaction.”

Taliesin: “Sharpshooter shot misses. And another shot…

A 7… 19?”

Matt: “19 hits.”

Taliesin: “Alright. That’s 8 points of damage.”

Matt: “Alright.”

Taliesin: “Blowing an action surge, and firing three

more times.”

Sam: “Three more? That seems terribly unfair.”

Taliesin: “That’s 25.”

Orion: “Wild West Percy.”

Taliesin: “That’s 10 points of damage plus 4 points of

fire damage.”

Liam: “Mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

Taliesin: “And a sharpshooter shot, that’s 22. That’s

21 points of damage. Another sharpshooter shot with ice-fire. And finally, I

get the breakdown on that one and I actually have a-”

Marisha: “Jam?”

Taliesin: “The gun jams,”

Matt: “Misfire?”

Taliesin: “and I put it away.”

Matt: “Okay.”

Marisha: “But that was awesome.

Orion, laughing: “Yeah.”

Marisha: “It was pretty dope.”

Taliesin: “Do I have one more? How many fired shots- 1,

2,3,4, was that 5 shots, or 6 shots?”

Matt: “That was 5 shots. All in all that was 6 shots,

but 5 hits.”

Taliesin: “6 shots. So I’m out of- I don’t have any

more actions.”

3:08:12 Matt: “That’s okay. First and foremost, how do you

want to do this?”

Cheering from everyone. Taliesin looks shocked.

Travis: “You see the nostrils? His little nostril


Matt: “I kind of feel bad for him.”

3:08:28 Taliesin: “Okay, I’m going to do something

weird here and I’m going to hold you onto this. I’m going to get a little

weird, and I’m just taking strait chest shots, and I’m just firing chest shots,

and I’m just making a hole the size of a baseball in his chest. And as it

happens, as I keep unloading, the gun still breaks, and I’m still pulling the


Matt mimics bullet impacts, and makes impact noises.

3:08:51 Percy, screaming: “You fool! Your soul is

forfeit! Die! Die!”

Taliesin: “And I’m going to look at the other two, and

start pulling out my bigger gun.”

Laura: “Oh, shit!”

Matt: “Make an intimidation check. With


Taliesin: “And putting on the fucking mask.”

Marisha: “With advantage.”

Matt: “With a d6 inspiration dice.”

Vax: “You picked a bad day to do your job, son!”

Grog: “Oh, he’s putting the mask on.”

Taliesin: “With a d6 inspiration?”

Marisha: “And advantage, with advantage.”

Taliesin: “Oh, advantage.”

Marisha: “And a d6.”

Taliesin: “Oh. This is embarrassing.”

Marisha: “Yeah, take that one.”

Taliesin: “17. Oh, wait, intimidation 17? 19.”

Liam: “Percival!”

Matt: “Okay.”

2:09:26 Taliesin: “So mask, gun, fuck it.”

2:09:28 Matt: “He’s standing there, smoking, giant

hole, center, Tomb Stone style, in the center of the chest. Oh no, there would

be no dripping, except for the cauterization of the heat around the explosion

in his chest, and it’s just a blackened, cinderous tube, where once there was a

chest cavity. The Broker kinda,” choking noises and Matt mimics falling

back. “And just falls onto his back. With this smoldering spiral of black

smoke pouring forth from the chest wound, on the ground. As you stare at the

other two, screaming that out, you can see the old woman, who’s still on the

ground, looks extremely out of place and freaked out. The masked individual,

from what you can tell behind the eyes of the mask, does not seem to be

emotionally effected by this.”

Marisha: “The guy in front of Vax?” Matt nods.

Taliesin: “Also, just checking, does my glove still

have a charge by the way?”

Matt: “It may.”

Taliesin: “Okay, I mean, is there any indication that

it would have, like a slight glow?”

Matt: “There is a slight vibration to it, yeah.”

Taliesin: “Okay, cool.”

Matt: “Alright, that ends your turn?”

Taliesin: “That is the end of my turn.”

3:10:36 Matt: “Alright. The old woman gets up.”

Liam: “I feel happy! I feel alive!”

Orion: “Did we get the lotto tickets?”

Sam: “You’re in Atlantic City. Everything’s okay.”

Matt: “Is going to-”

Laura: “This is going to be amazing in my


Matt: “As a bonus action casts Misty Step.”

Sam: “Misty Step?”

Matt: “Appearing 30 over here.”

Travis: “Do I get to swing?”

Matt: “No. Because Misty Step is just- it happens


Travis: “Damn Misty and her steps!”

Matt: “She stands up and fwof! vanishes in a swirl of

vapor. Appears a little ways a way in the field and immediately just,”

spellcasting gibberish.

Orion: “Counterspell! 5th level! Fuck it.”

Matt: “You would be able to because it has been your

turn since, you would have your reaction back. So yes, you could. Go ahead and

roll a d20.”

Marisha: “Poor old woman.”

Laura: “Matt’s like, ‘Damn you and your Counterspell!

You’re ruining my plans!’”

Liam: “Declare a war against these counter spells. I

need a counter-Counterspell.”

Sam: “It’s not good.”

Marisha: “It’s not good for the old woman.”

Orion: “23.”

Matt, laughs: “So she,” spellcasting gibberish,

then stops with a look of surprise, and mimics turning around and running away.

“So she starts bolting.”

Marisha: “Amazing!”

Travis: “That’s the best running… I’ve ever seen! Her

little gate!”

Matt: “She tries to run away-”

Laura: “That poor old lady!”

Matt: “The slippery, wet grass, the kind of slips a

little bit as she’s trying to just get away now.”

Laura: “I feel bad for her.”

Marisha: “I should’ve retired.”

Liam: “A job’s a job.”

3:12:22 Matt: “That ends her turn. Keyleth, you’re


Marisha: “Upon seeing Percy going absolutely insane,

and screaming, ‘Your soul is now forfeit,’”

Taliesin: “Yeah, that did come out, didn’t it?


Marisha: “out of shock, my anti-life shell dissipates,

and I spend my action staring at him.”

Laura: “Oh.”

Matt: “Alright.”


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