Transcript Talks Machina Ep3 55:37 Percy and Vex’s romantic interest, and Percy’s mood after resurrection

I transcribed this for a couple things:

Vex doesn’t often show her insecurities (and Laura rarely discusses them). She masks and bottles up her emotions big time (and far more effectively than Percy does). So I liked seeing the glimpse, around 59:43, of Vex working through her insecurities, and Percy’s kindness towards her encouraging her.

Taliesin directly says an awful lot about Percy’s mental

health that I’d been guessing at for a long time. The language he uses is

precise. I think it is very, very important that Taliesin says Percy isn’t

healthy, and he isn’t happy. How he has played Percy exactly matches what that

language describes. Every explanation you need for why he kissed Vex and then

walked away, why he stabbed Raishan, why he doesn’t care about the psychic

damage recoil from Animus, virtually every conversation he’s had with Vax, why

he broke down in the Briarwood arch the way he did, how why and when he

tinkers, how he reacts under severe strain, and more is all right here without

rooting around in the subtext.

Also, Percy and Vax shippers, you’re welcome (58:24).

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs: 55:37 to 1:00:58

Brian: “Laura.”

Laura: “What?”

Brian: “There’s a question for you here on this paper.

DS wants you to speak true.”

Laura, laughing: “Okay.”

Brian: “That’s how it starts. ‘Were you really in love

with Percy? or was there someone else, prior to the Resurrection?’”

Laura: “What? No, it was, I mean-”

Marisha: “Why are they saying it past tense?”

Taliesin: “What are you guys just like- and is this

like a whole? Yeah…”

Laura: “Were you really in love with Percy?”

Brain: “I think what they’re asking is, because we got

almost this exact question a lot.”

Laura: “Okay.”

Brian: “I think they’re not saying past tense, I think

they’re saying, ‘Was it someone else prior to the resurrection?’”

Laura: “Because I had just said, ‘My heart is someone

else’s.” No, my heart- she meant Percy when she said that.

Taliesin nods.

Brian: “Okay. Thank you for clearing that up.”

Laura: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.”

Taliesin, pointing between Laura and himself with a grin:

“Don’t box us in. Don’t box this in.” Laughs.

Laura: “No, yeah, and honestly, I don’t think that if

Percy hadn’t died, she probably wouldn’t have admitted it-

Taliesin: “You probably wouldn’t have said it.”

Laura: “anytime soon. It’s just the fact that he

couldn’t hear her that made it okay.”

56:37 Brian:


“Yeah. Speaking of the resurrection from a few weeks ago,”

Liam: “Let’s get serious.”

Laura: “Let’s get real.”

Taliesin, resonant: “Yeees.”

Brian: “Speaking of the resurrection… Taliesin, we got

a lot of questions about this. Mandy asks, ‘are we seeing a happier-’ this is

kinda what you were talking about earlier, ‘are we seeing a happier, less

stressed and/or more chill percy after resurrection? He seems in better


Taliesin: “Yeah. It wasn’t even the resurrection, I

mean, the resurrection was- we haven’t really talked about it yet, but it was

not pleasant. There was a lot of weird involved that he hasn’t really talked

about, and it confirmed and cemented- I’m sorry for being vague, everybody, I

just don’t want to give you too much, I don’t want to spoil things. It

confirmed a lot of notions he had about the universe and his place in it, and

left him feeling very committed to his current manic phase that he’s going

through. There will probably be a, you know, a depressive phase at the end of


Laura: “Oh, no.”

Taliesin: “I mean, He’s not healthy, but he’s

definitely healthier than he’s ever been in this whole game at this point.


Laura: “The problem with all of the stuff that we go

through as the characters, is that there’s all this other shit happening, so

there’s never a time to really sort that shit out and deal with it, and it’s

just constantly like, ‘Oh no! Now there’s another fucking dragon attacking


Marisha: “We’re like a walking metaphor for bottling

your emotions.”

Taliesin: “Oh, and it makes better storytelling,


Laura: “Really, yeah. I wouldn’t want to just talk

about our emotions all the time.”

Taliesin: “No, and if he were going to be totally

happy, I would have let him die.”

Brian: “Yeah.”

Taliesin: “The only reason he actually lived is because

I was like- we talked with Matt, and was like, is there a reason to bring him-

Is there more torture we can put this kid through, and yeah!”

Liam: “The complication is what makes it interesting.

If it were just simple and straightforward, meh.”

Laura: “Yeah, that’s no fun.”

58:24 Brain:


“A lot of people asked, ‘When did Percy and Vax- Vex- goddamnit.

Taliesin: “Percy and Vax, yeah.”

Brain: “I usually get it right every time.”

Liam: “You got it right, c’mon.”

Brian: “All of us get it wrong… All of us get it wrong

all of the time.

Laura: I call myself Vax sometimes.

Taliesin: “I call myself Vax sometimes.”

Laura: I know, right?“

Brian: “When did Percy and Vex first realize they cared

for the other?”

Taliesin: “Uhhh…”

Laura: “You go first.”

Taliesin: “Okay, I’ll go first, this is mine. Percy-”

Marisha, cutesy: “No, you go first.”

Laura, cutesy: “No you

go first!”

Brian, cutesy: “No you hang up first! No, you hang up first. No, you hang up first.”

Marisha, cutesy: “No, love you.”

Taliesin: “Percy figured out he had a thing ages, and

ages, and ages ago, but also realized that he was A, really, really, really

unhealthy, and that that would end really poorly, and so just put it away, I’ll

say. But he put that completely away because it was one of those- As a kid who

was a punk kid, I definitely a couple of time dated that girl who I dated

specifically because they were a bad idea, and I was a bad idea, and together

we’d almost be a daring of worse ideas until one of us got arrested or


Laura: “That makes sense.”

Taliesin: “But now that he’s not in that pit, it kind’ve-

and having this, ‘Oh! This is a-’ it’s just sort of realizing that maybe you’re

healthy enough to maybe be a human being. We’ll see how that goes. I dunno.

Marisha: “She kind of is like the girl at the rock

show, though.”

Taliesin: “Oh yeah, no, really they would have been

terrible together.”

Laura: “Oh yeah.”

Marisha: “Yeah.”

59:43 Laura:


“Yeah, definitely. I think Vex- It was around the time that you made the

first arrow. And I think it’s just all the little nice things, that nobody had

really done for her outside of her brother, just added up, and it was amazing

just to see somebody be giving in any way.”

Brian: “Yeah.”

Taliesin: “The arrows were totally flirting. That’s


Laura: “The arrows were flirting.”

Taliesin: “Yeah, the arrows were totally flirting.”

Brain: “Big time.”

Laura: “And I think she’s actually at a place, finally,

where she’s working through it, but realizing that she can actually be a good

person, as opposed to that self-doubt that’s she’s been suffering


Brian: “God, I love this fucking show.”

Taliesin: “We’ll drag each other down. It’ll be great”

Laura: “Yeah.”

Brian: “There’s just so much to it story wise. It’s

like- Fuck Game of Thrones.”

Marisha: “I love that your murdering projectiles were

your way of flirting.”

Taliesin: “I also made you your bro-stick. That was


Marisha: “Some people give roses, you give


Laura: “Yeah.”

Liam: “Common ground with projectiles.”

Marisha: “Projectile weapons.”

Laura: “You made a saddle for a broom, I mean, c’mon


Taliesin: “Yeah, no, there’s a lot. There’s a


Laura: “That was great! That was clutch.”

Brian: “Don’t bring up Broomgate. We don’t have time to

get into Broomgate.”


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