Transcript Ep78 Short quote collection

This is a collection of short scenes and quotes from Critical Role Ep78. This collection is unfinished. I’ll change the time-stamps to YouTube & add URLs at the current time to all of them once the archive is released.

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Transcript method notes:

Percy: We’re going

to need a painter

Twitch 0:49:23 to 0:49:21

Percy: “We’re going to need a painter. You know a

painter. We should bring a painter with us.”

Vex: “Why?”

Scanlan: “A painter? To paint our exploits?”

Percy: “Yes, to paint our exploits. You have that portrait.”

Keyleth: “Once again, Percy, I feel like that’s small picture.”

Scanlan: “Small potatoes.”

Percy: “Is it small potatoes? Is it really, though?”

Scanlan: “I mean…”

Vax: “We could find a jeweler right now.”

Percy: “We could.”

Vax: “If that’s what you’re into.”

Percy: “I’d like to purchase some furniture as well.”

Scanlan: “I have a man at a casino that I really need to get revenge


0:49:46 Percy: “You might as well get it all done now, because you’re not

going to be able to do it later.”



Twitch 0:51:05 to 0:51:17

Marisha: “I always think of a high-tech


Taliesin: “I know. Please don’t say that. That’s not funny.”

Liam: “Boy, that’s a metaphor for Vox Machina if I ever heard one.”

Matt: “If there ever was one, yeah.”

Will the Clasp hold

a grudge?

Twitch 0:54:14 to 0:54:26

[Vex replies quite flirtatiously in tone, and Percy changes

his tine in kind. It’s unmarked by the others.]

Percy on The Clasp: “They’re businessmen. I doubt they’ll hold grudges.

We’ll be fine.”

Vex: “I’m sure they hold grudges.”

Percy: “Not ‘til after the dragon’s been taken care of.”

Vex: “Then they’ll make us pay?”

Percy: “It’s not profitable to kill us before the dragon’s dead.”

Feast, Keep or

Sewers for old times sake

Twitch 0:54:26 to 0:55:00

[Have a hero’s Feast]

Vax: “In the keep? For old time’s sake?”

Percy: “Yes.”

Vex: “I don’t think that’s very smart.”

Percy: “Or in the sewers. For old time’s sake.”

Where are we going?

Twitch 0:55:00 to 0:55:24

Scanlan: “So we have a clear plan, then.”

Percy: “We have a plan for dinner.”

Vax: “Well there’s no guarantees, Scanlan.”

Scanlan: “Where are we going? That’s all I care about right now!”

Vax: “We’re going to hell! Where do you think we’re going? It’s going to

be fucking awful. You’re probably going to be dead in 48 hours.”

Scanlan: “Yeah, but we’ll be together. And I don’t think that I’ll die.”

Vax: “You’re adorable.”

Percy: “Yes, really. You’re going to be in front, if anything.”

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