Transcript Ep78 1:57:30 Percy knocks on Vex’s door

Here is my filthy trash gift to the Critter community this week. You’re welcome. While the crosstalk in this scene is hilarious, I’ve chosen to omit it during the interaction in order to focus on the main character development. After the interaction, it gives us some good clues on private character thoughts for Percy in … Continue reading Transcript Ep78 1:57:30 Percy knocks on Vex’s door

Transcript Ep78 Short quote collection

This is a collection of short scenes and quotes from Critical Role Ep78. This collection is unfinished. I’ll change the time-stamps to YouTube & add URLs at the current time to all of them once the archive is released. If you like this transcript, please consider donating to Critical Role Transcripts, @CRTranscript, to help them … Continue reading Transcript Ep78 Short quote collection