Transcript Ep78 1:57:30 Percy knocks on Vex’s door

Here is my filthy trash gift to the Critter community this

week. You’re welcome.

While the crosstalk in this scene is hilarious, I’ve chosen

to omit it during the interaction in order to focus on the main

character development. After the interaction, it gives us some good clues on

private character thoughts for Percy in particular.

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Transcript method notes:


runs: 1:57:30 to 1:59:15

Taliesin: “I have a quick thing. I knock on Vex’s door.

I have a bag. I go to Vex’s door and knock on her door.”

Vex: “Um, hello? Who is it?”

Percy: “It’s me. I have something to show you.”

Vex, sing-songy: “Percy? Oh!”

Percy: “No, I’m an evil green dragon. Let me in.”

Vex: “Are you here for our later talk?”

Percy: “No. This is a very- Open the door, I have

something to show you.”

Vex, quietly, sounding disappointed: “Fine.”

Laura: “I open the door. Completely naked!”

Vex, tauntingly: “What was it, dear?”

Percy, looking stunned: “I don’t remember, but it was

mostly to head in this direction. Can I come in?”

Vex, grinning: “Sure, of course. Would you like to talk

before or after?”

Percy looks at her agape.

Taliesin: “I open the bag. I pull out the first

bottle.” He mimics taking bottles out of a bag and setting them on a


Percy: “This’s called Direheart”

Taliesin: “I pull out the second one.”

Percy: “This we simply call Courage.”

Taliesin: “I pull out the third one.”

Percy: “This is a snow mead.”

Taliesin: “I put it on-”

Percy: “And this is Green Tear whiskey. We’re going to

start with the Courage. And not talk about dragons.”

Taliesin: “And I run in and shut the door.”

1:58:47 Taliesin: “You just stepped on the whole thing,

didn’t you? Stepped on the whole thing.”

Laura is laughing her ass off.

Mary, excitedly clapping her hands: “I can’t wait for

the artwork!”

Taliesin: “I will be expecting labels for all of


Liam: You can’t always be in control, Percy.“

Taliesin: “Nope!”

Matt: “That’s beautiful.”

Mary: “Not when Vex is around.”

Matt: “Awesome. As you guys rest, most of you rest for

the evening, we’re going to take a restroom break. We’ll be back in a few

minutes to continue the story.”


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