Transcript Ep89 Twitch 2:01:46 Percy Apologizes to Grog

This transcript is dedicated to Tess Fowler

so she can do wonderful things with it, and to mental health problems that lead

to poor choices. This’ll get tidied up when the archive is released.

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs: Twitch 2:01:46 to 2:04:46


regretfully: “I think I’m too cruel

to lead.” He sighs. “Regardless, speaking of which…” Sighing,

“Oh boy. Grog?”

Grog: “Huh, yes?”

Percy, hesitating: “I have something to say.” He breathes

deeply, steeling himself. Stiffly resolute, but haltingly, “In a moment of

panic, I may have influenced your decision to save Taryon from the kraken. I instantly regretted it; not because of

you, Taryon, I do apologize for that. I instantly regretted it, it was a poor decision.” Hesitating, “I

fully apologize, and if you wish to

keep my glasses, I totally understand, and, at the very least…”Increasingly

rapid, remorseful, and with a hint of mild self-loathing panic, “If I have

a swift punch in the face coming, I completely understand; I’m so sorry. And I wish I could say I would never do it again, but I honestly don’t trust myself that much, but I’m really, really sorry, and if

anything had happened, I would have run into save you as best I could.”

Grog: “You look so constipated right now.”

Percy, ruefully: “I think you’re going to punch


Grog, looking confused: “How did you influence my decision?”

Percy, flinchingly, struggling for words: “It’s– I

don’t know. Sometimes I can just… I can just… be unnaturally convincing.”

Grog: “Is that a bad thing?”

Percy: “Ye– Uh, well… In the wrong hand, which are my

hands, on occasion… I felt bad; I feel bad; I feel like I was not a good– I

feel like I made a poor decision, and put you in peril, and subverted your free will. Does that

make– Uh, no.” He steeples his hands against his forehead trying to

think. “Small words.”

Matt: “You do, Grog, recall, as you guys were swimming

up to Vesrah, and you were following up to the path, you thought, ‘Why did I

save Taryon?’”

Grog: “Yeah, why did I save Taryon?”

Percy, downcast: “Because… Because I’m a jerk. That’s why you saved Taryon.

Because I can be a bad friend.”

Grog: “What does that have to do with me?”

Percy: “I just am trying to be honest with you because

I respect you, and I would hate for you to think that– Aye! Ah!” He

covers his face in his hands. Forlornly, “I’m terrible at this!”

Keyleth: “Are you alright, Percy?”

Percy, shaking his head, his tone both implying it’s obvious

and recriminating himself: “No,

I’m not alright. I’ve made some bad

decisions today,” he covers his eyes with his hand, “and I’ve terrible thoughts, and I’m so tired.”

Grog: “Tary?”

Tary: “Yes, sir?”

Grog: “Are you glad you’re alive?”

Tary: “Extremely.”

Grog, sounding satisfied: “Well, there you go.”

Percy: “How about we just say, ‘I owe you one?’”

Grog: “I owe

you one?”

Percy, pointing at himself: “I owe you one.”

Grog: “I thought you said I say, ‘I owe you one?’”

Percy: “I, no– Well, you can that too, but just know that

I owe you one. I owe you– What– It’s–”

Grog: “How would that even work? We’d just be owing

each other forever.”

Percy: “That would work– I just– Have some sea

shells,” hands them off, “and a skipping rock,” hands it off.

Grog, happily looking at them: “Ooo!”

Percy: “I feel better. That’s all I needed. That’s all

I needed, I feel better.”

Vex: “Don’t worry, Percy.”

Matt: “As Grog walks away with the skipping rock…”


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