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Ask box question: Hey, really like your blog, but on your picture you’ve got the elvish letters for W and M? Is that intentional or is the first one supposed to be a V?


I wrote it in Quenya, which uses vala for ‘v’. Sindarin (and Beleriand) use ampa. Wikipedia has a great table showing the differences.

From the Player’s Handbook description of High Elves vs. Wood Elves,

Syngorn sounded like a city of High Elves. Metropolitan rather than rural, commonly interacting with other races, and haughty. Wood Elves are more wild. Those that joined Kevdak’s herd fit the description of Wood Elves. So based on that assumption I guessed they’d speak and write in Quenya than Sindarin.

But thank you for getting me to check my work. I did make it without a lot of research, and I don’t know much Elven, so it was good to verify it. If you have other information I missed, or a better grasp of the language, I’m open to an explanation.

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