Transcript Ep56 0:47:19 Vex talks to Keyleth about Vax, & how Vex views romance

Coming across this scene again today, I was struck by how

much it tells us about how Vex views romantic relationships.

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs: 0:47:19 to 0:53:32

0:47:19 Laura:

“I go find Keyleth.”

0:47: 25 Matt:

“Alright, so you guys have made your way comfortable into the hot spring.

Vex saunters over to you with a look of intention on her face.”

0:47:38 Keyleth, tensing:

“You look so intent.”

0:47:39 Vex:

“Yes. Do… Do you like the hot springs?”

0:47:44 Keyleth:

“I love to hot springs! I think

they’re fantastic.”

0:47:45 Vex:

“Yes, me too.”

0:47:46 Laura:

“I sit down next to her.”

0:47:48 Vex:

“So… My brother.”

0:47:51 Keyleth

coughs nervously.

0:47:52 Vex, flippantly,

intensely, and with a hint of derisiveness: “What’s, uh, what’s going on

with you guys? ‘Cause I just asked him and he got really awkward. I mean, is it

for real? Is it definitely happening? Are you guys in love? Are you getting married?

Having babies; little druid babies?

Keyleth looks increasingly overwhelmed and slightly terrified

as Vex speaks.

0:48:06 Keyleth,

anxiously and overwhelmed: “Oh wow. You just said a lot of things in a

very short amount of time. Guhh… Hahh… You know, we just killed a


0:48:18 Vex:

“We did.”

0:48:19 Keyleth,

nervously: “We just killed a dragon.”

0:48:20 Vex,

invigorated: “I know! I feel so alive!” Small laugh.

0:48:24 Keyleth, flatly,

nodding, still overwhelmed: “’Kay. Um…” She nervously brushes her

hair back. “So, that’s about as far as I got? I wasn’t sure if I was gonna,

you know, live past that. I wasn’t

sure if he was going to live past

that. I wasn’t sure if you were going

to live past that. Really, any of us.”

0:48:36 Vex, cheerfully:

“But we did.”

0:48:36 Keyleth:

“So, uh, yeah, we did. We did, and now there’s three more. Um… and… uh… I

have a lot that I still have to do, and still have to figure out, you know?

About my, you know, myself? Um…”

0:48:57 Vex,

flatly: “So, um, do you like him? Do you love him? That’s an answer, you

can just answer it. It’s not a big deal, you just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

0:49:05 Keyleth,

bobs her head, smiles and laughs very nervously and goofily: “Uh…”

She sighs, and gets very serious. “I’m afraid what will happen if I say


0:49:19 Vex,

mildly annoyed: “Okay, that’s not what I asked, though.”

0:49:20 Keyleth:

“I know.”

0:49:21 Vex:

“Don’t think about the fear, just think about what you’re feeling.”

0:49:29 Keyleth:


0:49:31 Vex, in

an excited whisper: “I think that’s a yes.”

0:49:35 Keyleth:

“Will you hate me if I do?”

0:49:40 Vex:


0:49:42 Keyleth:


0:49:45 Vex, annoyed:


0:49:45 Keyleth:

“’Cause I kind of thought you might for a very long time.”

0:49:48 Vex, frankly:

“You know, I thought I might as well, but here’s the thing. We’ve been

through a lot. We face death on a very regular basis,” she sighs, “and

I see the way he looks at you, and I

see the way you look at him, and… happiness is fleeting in this world; we don’t

know when it will end. Take advantage of it while you can, and stop living in


0:50:18 Keyleth:

“Maybe we’re not people who are allowed happiness.”

0:50:21 Vex:

“That’s bullshit, Keyleth.”

0:50:28 Keyleth:

“And what happens if I lose either of you?”

0:50:34 Vex:

“Well… You go on.”

Keyleth sighs.

0:50:43 Vex, earnestly

and with a smile: “You can’t think about that.”

0:50:46 Keyleth:

“You’ve been to the other side.”

0:50:48 Vex,

confidently: “I have.”

0:50:49 Keyleth: “What

did you see? Anything? If there an afterlife?”

0:50:54 Vex:

“Well, I wasn’t there for very long, but… I think there can be.” She

shrugs, looking at Keyleth earnestly. “My brother serves death, Keyleth.”

0:51:10 Keyleth:

“And death is a natural thing—”

0:51:11 Vex:

“It is.”

0:51:11 Keyleth:

“—that happens with or without him.”

0:51:13 Vex:

“This is true.”

0:51:19 Keyleth:

“Do you believe in the gods? Do you believe that Vax actually serves


0:51:32 Vex:

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

0:51:37 Keyleth:

“What do you think that means for the rest of us?”

0:51:43 Vex:

“I think it means that… I think it means that what we do has a purpose. Regardless of the outcome, there is a


0:51:59 Keyleth:

“You don’t think we’re just destroying everything everywhere we go?”

0:52:01 Vex:

“No. No! Are you kidding!? We saved an entire town today. More dragons may

come, but for the time being, the people are safe. And we are safe. If we’re successful,

we could save this entire fucking world.”

0:52:19 Keyleth,

quietly laughing: “I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a hero.”

0:52:23 Vex,

proudly: “You already are.”

0:52:24 Keyleth:

“Ugh… I dunno about that.”

0:52:28 Vex:

“Anyway, be happy. Go to him. Just, live in the moment. Don’t worry about it right now.”

0:52:40 Keyleth:

“Maybe there’s another time, and another place where we don’t have to. But

now I feel like we do.”

0:52:50 Vex looks

around her, then leans emphatically towards Keyleth: “We’re in a mansion right now. Fucking cannonball!”

0:52:54 Laura:

“And I get up and I cannonball.”

0:52:56 Matt:

“Big splash; hot water across your face.”

0:53:16 Marisha:

“I cast Breathing Underwater on myself, and I just sink to the bottom of

the pool. I stay there for a really long time at the bottom of the pool.”


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