[SPOILERS] Fanfiction Ep102 Poem: All Quiet on the Green Pool Shore

[SPOILERS] for Critical Role EP102

Set a moment after Ep102 ends.

All Quiet on the Green Pool Shore

“Where is he?” She begged,
With a hope that fell
Through the silence of their pain,
Unanswered, on Fey grass.

Was his hand still there?
Resting on her hip above,
Numb, as he stared down
At that vile green eye?

“Revenge!” “Forgive!”
Roar of shadow against light
Dragging him under
The blooded tides of shock.

Darkness returning
Cryptic answers
Of the Raven Bitch
Who let her faithful die.

“Do you know what I’ve done?”
“I’ve watched.”
“Can we stop what’s been released?
Is there something I can do?”

“Many things are released.
Many terrible,
Many wonderful.
Many things.

“Your deeds will guide your path.
To salvation or damnation.
The choice is yours.
You skirt that line still.

"I’ve already helped.
Your path goes not unseen.
There are many deeds ahead of you.
It is your choice to take them.

There are many in this war
That represent the will of us,
And the will of those that combat us,
And always have.

Should you not watch yourself
You may not find yourself
On our side.”
“I know.”

“All life is inherently broken.
There is no perfection in life.
Or what would be the purpose,
Of death?

"It’s to better yourself before the end
That gives us purpose.
You’re all broken.
But mortals can achieve great things.”

Was it her screaming
That brought him back
From shadows of his mind,
Blinking into day?

Was it always that cryptic,
For him that was chosen,
As he who was damned?
Did it mean anything at all?

He clutched at her.
Smashed his face into her thigh,
That he’d thought lost,

It was wonderful, it was terrible,
It was funny, it was worth it.
Always mocking,
What scared him most.

He’d screamed, defiant,
Aiming his pain,
“Even if we die,
it would be fucking worth it!”

She whispered, “There,”
And set his hand,
In radiant light
To end it.

Still alive, who had no right,
His hand outstretched.
To the vile abomination.

As she sank to his side,
And buried her face,
As he turned his face away.

When fate was dust,
And the mad lich lived,
And to this field they fled.

When all his deeds,
To fix the world,
Still came to ruin.

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