Transcript Ep103 to Ep104 How Percy and Keyleth are feeling about gods

Watching Ep104 tonight I found Percy’s hesitant answer to

Keyleth about gods rather interesting given that he’d tacitly said how he felt

in Ep104. “I think what Vax is trying to say is we need patrons. … We

are going to owe favors, we are going to owe our lives, we are going to lose…”

[everything]. “Patron” is a word used in D&D to describe the entity a

warlock makes a pact with to gain their powers. Orthax was Percy’s patron.

Percy is talking about gods as if they were no different

from “fey nobles, demons, devils, hags, and alien entities of the Far

Realm” (PHB5e 106). Beings to be revered, but not trusted, powerful enough to

squash you like a bug, who manipulate mortals for their own ends and gain. He’s

struck bargains with a demon, a fey noble, and a devil already. Every time it’s

been a sacrifice of himself to the greater good. Every time he felt he was

damning himself further, but was already too damned for it to really matter. If

Vax will give his life for his friends, Percy will give his soul. All his

discomfort around the gods, increasing as his friends give themselves further

to such patrons, comes down to that belief.

But I’m also struck by the similarity to Urðr in ‘The Wicked

+ The Divine.’ The last god of the pantheon. Always the difficult one. On the periphery

of all the others looking in. (Consider it if you’ve read the comic. I may

explore it in a later post with a giant spoiler warning for WicDiv hung on it.)

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Transcript method notes:

Scenes run:

[1] Ep103 – We need patrons 2:06:12

[2] Ep104 – How do you feel about gods? (Alpha Part

1 (unedited)) 1:22:32


[1] Ep103 – We need


2:06:12 Percy: “I think what Vax is trying to say is we need


Vex: “Patrons?”

Percy: “We need patronage. We’re going

to need…”

Grog: “What you mean?”

Percy: “We’re not enough. We are not

enough for this. We are going to all die

horribly if we try anything like that again.”

Grog: “Like, we need them with us? Or

they’re going to imbue us with…”

Percy: “I don’t know.”

2:06:36 Vax to Percy, slowly, emphatically

intoned: “Pelor lives here.”

Grog: “Oof.”

Vex: “Lives here in the Feywild?”

Vax, emphatically to Percy:


Percy, wincing and deflating: “Oh

god…” Rubbing his face with his hand in irritation, “Pelor.”

Vax, softly nodding: “Pelor. All of us. Your


Percy, resigned: “We have to deal with this.”

Keyleth: “Okay, so we have a short list, is what we’re


2:07:02 Percy, in planning mode, looking increasingly

haunted: “We need to get a slightly longer list. We have to start…

begging. We are going to owe favors, we are going to owe our lives, we are

going to lose…”

Vex: “Are we really going to pledge allegiance to a

bunch of different gods?”

Percy, with a grimacing smile: “We’ll see.”

Vex: “That’s what we’re going to do?”

Grog: “That’d be pretty cool.”

Percy, emphatically: “We’ll see.” He looks sadly

lost in thought and haunted.

[2] Ep104 – How do

you feel about gods?

Times: Alpha Episode 104: Part 1 (unedited)

1:22:32 Vex:

“Percy, have you done a lot of talking to Pelor?”

Percy: “Not really,


Keyleth: “Percy, how do you feel about gods these days?

Last time we talked we were both… not optimistic, I feel like.”

1:22:46 Percy, hesitating: “I know how to be


Keyleth: “Yeah.”

Percy: “I’m very reasonable at that. This…”

Keyleth: “Reverence.”

Percy: “Reverence.”

Vax: “You can certainly acknowledge when someone can

squash you like a bug.”

Percy: “Yes.”

Keyleth: “But a lot of things can squish us like


Percy: “Yes.”

Keyleth: “I don’t know, this is complicated.”

Percy: “Yes.”

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