Transcript Critical Role C2 Ep014 0:13:00 Molly’s Backstory

This transcript is largely scaffolding for multiple analysis.

We learned an awful lot about Molly in this episode, both what he knows and

doesn’t know.

This post is one of a long series examining Molly’s story and character.

There will be an index on my blog collecting all of them.

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Scenes run

1. Introduction to Cree. 13:00 to 0:33:56

2. Blood for security. Cree is examined. 0:54:10 to 0:58:23

3. How did everything end? 1:04:01 to 1:12:11

4. Truth or Truth 1:55:03 to 2:22:00

1. Introduction to Cree & The Gentleman. Blood is drawn.

0:13:00 Matt:

“As you guys all watch, this dark furred tabaxi giving this big strong hug

around Mollymauk’s shoulders, pulls away and kind of looks at you and


0:13:08 Cree:

“It has been… it has been too long. Two-”

0:13:11 Molly:

“Far too long!”

0:13:13 Cree:

“Two years!” She reaches out to Molly. “Ah, look at you! You

grew out your hair.”

0:13:16 Molly,

laughing: “Yes, ah, it’s been, it’s been quite an interesting two


0:13:19 Cree:

“And you are covered in tattoos.”

0:13:21 Molly,

waving her off: “”We’ll catch up! We need a table, we need drinks,

for me and my compatriots.”

0:13:27 Cree:

“Of course. You, ah, you—These are your friends now?”

0:13:30 Molly:

“It’s a long story. I’ll get into it. I can’t tell you everything right

now. You know how it is.”

0:13:35 Cree,

with a short sigh: “Very well.”

Molly laughs.

0:13:38 Cree:

“Well…” She looks behind her.

0:13:40 Matt:

“And as the tabaxi turns around, you can see there’s posted right off to

the right and around the corner, a hulking figure that is leaned around the

edge that leads to this kind of L shaped tavern. A hefty, muscular-looking ogre

that is wearing patchwork hide armor and is holding a giant maul, just kind of

resting on the ground. Looks back around the corner with these beady, dark eyes

and large looming jaw with angry broken teeth protruding from underneath. Just

going,” he gives a growling exhale. “Just kind of looks at the rest

of you. Other folks around are looking a bit confused at your entry. Right

immediately to your left is a table with what looks to be a rough and tumble

cutthroat sitting there eating a sandwich with a half drunken drink whose kind

of chewing slowly with this glare of mistrust in your direction.

0:14:29 “There

are two balconies up above you in the chamber. You now get a better look up at

the top. There are a number of individuals posted in—some of them appear to be

drinking, but there are at least one of them immediately in your view has two

skulking individuals with kind of long dark cloaks and dark armor. Carrying

what almost looks like a heavy crossbow, but it’s a long metal rod. You’ve only

seen them used here and there, but these are some sort of a rifle-like


Taliesin looked concerned and quizzical at the start of the weapon


0:14:56 Taliesin,

silently, wincing: “Fuck!”

0:14:56 Matt: “That

are usually reserved for the armies in Bladegarden and to the far east of Xhorhas.

A recently emerging technology that has been largely guarded within use of the

Empire itself.”

0:15:08 Taliesin,

looking mildly dismayed: “This is literally everything coming back to

haunt me. Okay cool.”

0:15:11 Travis:

“If we had to ballpark it, how many persons would you say are in this-?”

0:15:14 Matt:

“Um, 13 or so people in this tavern. Including the bar tender, the

individual who rushed you as you entered, and various patrons around that you

can just get a quick bead on.”

0:15:26 Taliesin:

“The second she turns I’m going to just turn and give Fjord a little pat

on the back and make a whisper really quickly.”

0:15:33 Matt:


0:15:33 Sam:

“Make a whisper?”

0:15:34 Taliesin:

“Yeah, I’m just going to whisper in Fjord’s ear,”

0:15:35 Sam:

“Oh, okay.”

0:15:36 Molly,

quietly but intensely: “I’m sorry. This is my nightmare. Please just go

with it. It’s Lucian.”

0:15:39 Taliesin:

“And I’m just back around.”

0:15:41 Molly, in

a hissing whisper: “Pass it on!”

0:15:41 Matt:

“Okay. Which, as you say that, you back away and look right behind Fjord

as you all are standing there, and there’s Yasha.”

0:15:47 Sam:

“Oh, what!?”

Molly laughs nervously at her.

0:15:50 Sam:

“Just at the bar?”

0:15:51 Matt:

“Just- No, right behind you. As if she’d just come down the stairs with


0:15:54 Sam:


0:15:55 Molly:


0:15:56 Nott:


0:15:56 Yasha:

“Hey! So-”

0:15:58 Molly,

reaching towards her shoulder then stopping. “Yes. I’m apparently-

0:16:00 Yasha:


0:16:00 Molly:

“It’s Lucian from two years ago.”

0:16:03 Caleb:

“You are just-”

0:16:03 Molly,

subtly nodding at Yasha for her to go with it: “From two years ago. It’s

Lucian, remember?”

0:16:05 Yasha:


0:16:06 Fjord,

quietly to the group: “Hey, uh, it’s Lucian around here’s what we’re

supposed to call him.”

0:16:06 Molly:

“It’s been ages.”

0:16:07 Yasha:

“Okay. It’s been ages. It’s been a minute.”

0:16:08 Molly:

“Yeah. Right.”

0:16:09 Yasha:

“Uh, hey, you guys walked right past me in the bar upstairs, so I just

decided to-.”

0:16:14 Caleb:

“You are like a bad penny.”

0:16:15 Nott:

“We did not walk right past you. We looked around.”

0:16:16 Beau:

“You keep showing up.”

0:16:17 Yasha:

“Or a lucky one.”

0:16:19 Nott:

“You’re big. We would have seen you. Are you-”

0:16:21 Yasha:

“I’ve been right behind you the whole time. I don’t know how you didn’t

know I was here.”

0:16:24 Nott:

“She’s a shapeshifter.”

0:16:24 Molly,

relieved: “I’m so glad to see you. Hi.”

0:16:26 Yasha:

“I’m glad to see you, too, Mollymauk.”

0:16:27 Molly,

emphatically: “Lucian.”

0:16:29 Yasha:


0:16:29 Molly:

“It’s Lucian.”

0:16:31 Yasha:

“It’s Lucian.”

0:16:31 Fjord:

“Do you want—”

0:16:31 Liam:

“There’s nothing private about our situation at all, right? There’s people


0:16:35 Matt:

“Well, there’s people all throughout the tavern but there’s some music

playing. There’s two musicians that are in the process of plucking away at two

instruments. Everyone seems- Further in the chamber, rather absorbed in their

current rigmarole, but you guys have just stepped down the stairs. You haven’t

left the stairs. You’re literally standing right at the entrance of this

tavern, and you’ve all been kind of taken by that encounter, the realization

that Yasha had followed you down the stairs, and kind of whatever’s about to


0:17:01 Molly,

nervously grinning: “I’ll explain later. Just go with it please.”

0:17:02 Marisha:

“Oh, Yasha followed us, she wasn’t starting down here.

0:17:05 Matt:


0:17:05 Travis:

“Yeah, she-”

0:17:06 Marisha:

“Gotcha gotcha.”

0:17:07 Fjord:

“I don’t mind rolling with this name, Lucian, but does it bring any extra

trouble with it?”

0:17:11 Molly:

“I don’t know. We’ll find out.”

0:17:13 Fjord:

“Fair enough.”

0:17:13 Molly:

“Just go with it. I’ll explain later.”

0:17:15 Fjord:


0:17:16 Caleb:

“And it all makes sense to you?”

0:17:18 Molly,

very nervously, his voice raising in pitch: “I’ll explain later.”

0:17:21 Beau:

“This club is awesome!”

0:17:22 Molly,

faltering nervously, exasperated: “I hate you.”

0:17:23 Nott:

“Do I have to change my name in this club?”

Molly looks at him deadpan, and nervously laughs.

0:17:27 Beau:

“Are we all supposed to change our names?”

0:17:29 Nott:

“We should all come up with different names.”

Molly facepalms.

0:17:32 Molly,

nervously to himself: “It might be easier just to have them all killed

right—I didn’t say that out loud. I didn’t say that out loud. I’m just thinking

out loud. Oh god.”

0:17:37 Fjord:


0:17:37 Molly:

“It’s going to be fine. I’m not panicking.”

0:17:39 Beau:

“Let’s go get drinks.”

0:17:40 Molly:

“Let’s go get drinks.”

0:17:41 Matt:

“At this point, a hand claps,”

0:17:41 Nott:

“Do tieflings sweat?”

0:17:43 Molly:

“They do!”

0:17:43 Matt:

“and the tabaxi is now at one of the tables and has kind of shooed off one

of the drinks, and goes,”

0:17:49 Cree,

beaconing: “This way. I found a table for everyone.”

0:17:53 Taliesin:

“I come sit down. I give the Tabaxi another hug as we sit down.”

0:17:57 Molly:

“How have you been? It’s been ages.”

0:17:59 Cree:

“Too long. I…” She chuckles. “I apologize for using your old

name. Nonagon, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Molly smiles and nods graciously.

[They establish that Nonagon was a name she was calling

Molly, correcting herself from Lucian.]

0:18:42 Molly:

“Who can keep track these days? Again, a long story.”

0:18:44 Cree:

“Nonagon… what happened? We watched you die.”

0:18:51 Molly: “That…

is a story for another day and another drink. What did you see? God, what was…?

I don’t know what that looked like from the other end of things.”

0:18:59 Cree:

“Well, uh, it all went belly up two years ago. We, uh, you told us to

scatter and vanish if it didn’t, you know, if things went wrong wait until you

returned. We buried your ass in the woods outside of the hideout. I mean


9:19:17 Nott,

quietly: “Buried your ass?”

9:19:18 Molly:

“That may not have been, necessarily, my ass that you buried.” He


9:19:23 Cree:


9:19:25 Molly:

“I had a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Molly and Cree both quietly laugh.

9:19:29 Cree:

“Well, uh, that spell-spittle lady from the capital, she said you were

gone, and… she took the book and left. And her contract said she was in the

right, and that we knew better than to go toe to toe with her and her ilk,


9:19:43 Molly:

“Obviously. Is everybody else alright? I know I- it’s been a while; I had

to stay underground.”

0:19:49 Cree:

“Unfortunately, uh, Jorell met with the axe of the law shortly after you

left us.”

9:19:56 Molly:

“Damn shame.”

9:19:57 Cree:

“Zora and Otis and Tyfel have all scattered amongst the empire.”

0:20:03 Molly:

“Damn shame.”

0:20:03 Sam,

quietly, gesturing to his notes: “It’s too much!”

0:20:03 Cree,

pausing then eagerly: “Uh, but do you want me to find the others?”

0:20:05 Molly:

“No, no! No actually I’m still-”

0:20:06 Cree:

“I know where Tyfel is!”

0:20:08 Molly:

“Where is Tyfel? I would rather, obviously, deliver everything in person.

Honestly if I’d have known you were here, I’d have made arrangements. I didn’t

want to shock you.”

0:20:15 Cree,

intensely: “Well, she’s up in Nogvorat. We can travel there. I can send a

message and have her come down to us.”

0:20:20 Molly,

holding up his had to stop her: “I’m working on something very delicate. I

need everything to be very quiet.”

0:20:26 Cree:

“Very well, Nonagon.”

0:20:26 Caleb:

“I apologize, I’m not very observant, did you- I missed your name.”

0:20:31 Molly:

“Where are my manners?”

0:20:31 Cree:

“My apologies. My name is Cree.”

0:20:33 Caleb:


0:20:35 Cree:

“I am a member of the, well, the family around… Uh, how… how much do they


0:20:45 Nott, too

quickly and a little flat, definitely bullshitting: “We know a lot!”

0:20:46 Yasha,

also a little flat: “Pretty much all of it, so…”

0:20:47 Nott:

“We were told the name of the group that you traveled with, but I can’t

remember it now.”

0:20:52 Molly:

“You- They don’t know a lot, but they’re… they’re trustworthy. I’ve been

putting my trust in them, so far.”

0:21:00 Yasha: “I

do. I know all of it,”

0:21:02 Molly:


0:21:02 Yasha:

“so you could just tell me if you wanted.”

0:21:04 Molly: “That’s

actually fair.”

0:21:07 Matt: “Make

a deception check, both of you.”

0:21:09 Sam:


0:21:10 Matt:


0:21:11 Sam:

“I’m the worst!”

0:21:11 Liam:

“Actually fair.”

0:21:12 Sam:


0:21:15 Taliesin,

bargaining in a high voice: “Technically advantage cause it’s kind of the


0:21:17 Matt:

“Technically… alright, sure, I’ll give you that.”

0:21:18 Taliesin,

squeakily: “Thank you. It wasn’t entirely a lie?”

0:21:20 Travis:

“She gets advantage? You get advantage?”

0:21:21 Liam

mimicking Jester: “Technically…”

0:21:22 Ashley:

“I got a 10.”

0:21:22 Travis:

“You get advantage.”

0:21:23 Liam:

“You get advantage. Roll again!”

0:21:23 Ashley:

“But yeah, technically I know half of it. I’m rolling at advantage?”

0:21:25 Taliesin:

“Yeah, yeah, I think that’s advantage. I’m calling it- I beg for advantage

on that one.”

0:21:30 Matt:

“I’ll give you that.”

0:21:30 Ashley:


0:21:31 Taliesin:

“Okay, thank you.”

0:21:35 Matt:


0:21:35 Liam,

whispering, watching Marisha erase a bunch of notes: “Bad notes bad


0:21:37 Marisha:

“Bad notes! Get rid of those notes!”

Liam mimics flamethrowering the notes.

0:21:37 Cree:

“We, um, we were all part of the same order at one point, and, uh, we

splintered off. Luc- Nonagon, um, had a different path in mind for us. So, we

went north to Shady Creek Run and we started the Tomb Takers.”

0:22:01 Sam/Nott:

“Tomb Takers.”

0:22:03 Cree:

“And ah…”

0:22:04 Travis/Fjord:

“Grave robbers.”

0:22:05 Cree,

looking at Molly in awe: “It’s just so good to see you.”

0:22:07 Molly:

“It’s good to be seen again, but again, it’s got to be very quiet right


0:22:12 Cree:

“Very well.”

0:22:13 Molly,

with a laugh: “It’s been like three other names since the last time I saw


0:22:18 Cree,

softly laughs, then intently: “I should inform the other.”

0:22:21 Molly,

holding up his hand again: “Please, keep it quiet for now. That book

caused more trouble than you think, and it all laid on my shoulders. I was

trying to protect the rest of you from some of the worst elements of that. And

I don’t want…” He sighs. “I don’t necessarily want any heat

dropping on anybody who doesn’t know it’s coming yet.”

0:22:36 Cree:

“Of course.”

0:22:38 Molly:

“But yeah, let me know where they are, and I’ll get a hold of them. But

don’t let them know why, yet.”

0:22:43 Matt:

“The tabaxi kind of curls in a little bit, kind of leans over the table a

little bit with this big grin and says,”

0:22:47 Cree,

intensely: “Does this mean that it worked?”

0:22:50 Molly,

sighing: “That’s… again, mixed company and public company.”

0:22:57 Nott:

“No, you can tell us about the ritual. Ritual?”

Molly waves her off.

0:23:03 Matt:

“There’s a look of recognition.”

0:23:04 Nott:

“Yes, it was successful.”

Squeakily, “Remind me what it

was again? There’s been so many rituals lately.”

0:23:18 Molly:

“Mixed results.”

0:23:18 Caleb:

“Were- You are mentioning this group, the Tomb Takers, you had another

name before. Were you a group, and our friend joined you at some point?”

0:23:29 Cree:

“Um, well, uh, led us away from the original order. They were a bit, um… clouded.

We had a new path.”

0:23:40 Fjord,

deadpan: “Wow. Wow.”

0:23:41 Beau:

“And what was the name of the original order You were a part of.”

Cree looks suddenly very wary. “Once, uh, sorry just-”

0:23:46 Nott:

“Not the Tomb Takers. That was the splinter group, right?”

0:23:49 Caleb:

“The one that came before.”

0:23:51 Matt:

“There’s a few looks now of… kind of… the euphoria is washing away from

the face-”

0:23:56 Molly:

“You don’t have to tell them anything you don’t want to tell them; that’s


0:24:00 Cree:

“Of course.”

0:24:00 Yasha:

“Was he,” she points at Molly, “your new path?”

Molly nervously laughs.

0:24:03 Cree:

“He brought us onto a new path, yes.”

0:24:08 Molly,

yikes grinning: “Yeah…”

0:24:08 Caleb:

“What was your unifying trait, or pursuit?”

0:24:13 Molly

sighing: “Foolishness and thinking I knew what I was doing.”

0:24:15 Nott,

firmly: “That is not a good answer!”

0:24:17 Molly:

“That’s the answer you’re getting.”

0:24:19 Fjord:

“Yeah, this is all well and good and kinda fucking boring. I couldn’t help

but notice that surly looking crew up there. Who might that be?”

0:24:26 Cree:

“Oh, uh, these are all members of the Gentleman’s troop. As am I.”

0:24:31 Matt:

“At which point the tabaxi turns back, Cree turns back and looks, and you

can see in the far back right corner of the chamber, there is a long, dark,

kind of mahogany, well carved table. There you see standing arms crossed, a

very muscular looking goliath female. With a very short, almost like a leather

strap top, shaved sides of the head and what- kind of tuft of a mohawk that

curls down into a long ponytail that goes down the back. Who’s just kind of

glaring in your direction.

0:25:02 “Sitting

beside this burly looking goliath, you see a high back chair, with a red velvet

mat. And sitting feet crossed up on the table in like a nice, long, deep blue

coat, leather gloved hands, what appears to be a light teal skin, jet black

hair that’s long just past the shoulders, with like a widow’s peak in the

center, and bit of a dark goatee, a male figure standing there, hands kind of

entwined and crossed, just looking at you from across the way with a curious


0:25:41 Cree,

gesturing to him: “The Gentleman.”

0:25:42 Molly:

“You work for the Gentleman these days?”

0:25:44 Cree:

“We had to find work, and we didn’t know if you were ever coming back. We

thought… so we had to move on. We knew- you’d eventually return, I just did not

know how long, and we had to make ends meet.”

0:25:57 Molly:

“How is it working for the gentleman?”

0:25:59 Cree:

“Work is fine…”

0:26:00 Matt:

“You hear a,” he claps three times. “From the Gentleman.”

0:26:04 The

Gentleman: “So! We have company. Strangers in our midst.” He


0:26:12 Matt:

“Rights himself in the chair.”

0:26:14 The

Gentleman: “Please, come before me. Present yourselves. I want to know

who has graced us with their majestic presence. Come, come!”

0:26:26 Matt:

“The finger goes up and you watch as everyone holding the rifles cock them

and point down at you.”

0:26:29 Sam:

“Oh, Jesus.”

0:26:31 Nott:

“Fjord, say something!”

Molly gestures “What is this?” or “Is this

really necessary?”

0:26:32 Taliesin:

“I’m looking at our friend.”

0:26:36 Matt:

“Cree. Cree goes,”

Cree gives a reassuring gesture.

Molly opens his hands in a gesture of “I don’t know

what this is about.”

0:26:41 Taliesin:

“Alright. I’ll saunter over with my drink and sit down at the table.”

0:26:41 Fjord:

“After you, Lucian. Nonagon.”

0:26:49 Molly:

“C’mon everyone.”

0:26:50 Fjord:


0:26:50 Molly:

Let’s do this.“

[They start their conversation with The Gentleman.]

0:30:11 The

Gentleman: “Alright. So, interesting. Now you know the way in. That’s…

dangerous. As we’ve just made acquaintances, and you now know the direct path

into my domain. So, to make this a comfortable conversation, and possibly an

arrangement going forward that we can all agree upon, I have one small


0:30:35 Fjord:

“Oh, I’m sure we’d be all ears.”

0:30:38 The

Gentleman: “Cree! Please.”

0:30:41 Matt:

“And the tabaxi who was in the back goes,”

0:30:42 Cree:

“Yes, of course.”

0:30:44 Matt:

“Steps over to the side of the bar and picks up a small leather satchel.

Kind of puts it over her shoulder, walks up behind the table, opens it, and

pulls out what looks to be an alchemist rack of a bunch of corked vials, like

small vials, and kind of opens it. Says,”

0:30:59 The

Gentleman: “I need, and bear with me please, just a small bit of your

blood. The reasoning being, if I can’t trust you, and you can’t trust me, how am

I to know you aren’t going to turn me in immediately upside to the King’s Hall.

And I need some means in case you just abscond with this information, perhaps

make an arrangement with me, and then leave town. I need to find you.”

0:31:23 Fjord:

“Oh, of course, and forgive my ignorance, this would be used to locate us?

Is that what this would be for?”

0:31:28 The

Gentleman: “Oh, that is Cree’s specialty.”

0:31:32 Molly:

“It is definitely Cree’s specialty.”

0:31:35 Fjord:

“Yeah, fuck it.” He bites his finger.“

0:31:37 Matt:

“Alright. As you put your hand out, Cree kind of does a flick of the

finger, and you watch as the blood kind of trails off on its own like a small

serpent of mercury. And just ” swooshing sound. “And for a second,

even though it was a small wound, it’s bleeding quite a bit. And you’re like,

‘Uh…?’ It makes you a little uncomfortable, and then all of a sudden, the blood

flow stops. The vial is filled about an inch full. Then she caps it.”

0:32:00 Cree:

“Thank you so much.”

0:32:02 Fjord:

“How’d you…? How did you do that?”

0:32:05 Cree:

“It’s, um… the gift that I

learned, uh… in the same place where the Nonagon’s gifts were found.”

0:32:12 Molly:

“Lucian at the table is fine.”

0:32:14 Cree,

with a small laugh: “Lucian.”

0:32:16 Fjord:


0:32:17 Cree:


0:32:21 Molly:

“I trust you with this. Don’t get… fancy.” He cuts his finger on his


0:32:26 Matt:

“Same thing. Fills the next vial. A strange, almost an arc, of crimson

finds its way and fills a secondary tube. And there’s, like, twelve tubes

there, but she’ll fill as many as needed for this one.”

0:32:39 Fjord

laughs, looking at Nott’s uncomfortable posture: “Don’t like it do


0:32:42 Nott,

squirming a bit, nervously laughing: “Nuh-uh, no.”

0:32:43 Beau:

“Can I borrow a tusk.”

0:32:44 Fjord:


Beau cuts her finger on Fjord’s tusk.

0:32:48 Matt:

“Goes ahead and acquires the blood from you. Jester goes,”

0:32:51 Jester,

excitedly: “Me! Me, me, me too!”

0:32:51 Matt:

“Feeling left out in the moment. Gives her blood as well.”

0:32:58 Nott,

hesitantly: “Caleb? Are we doing this?”

Caleb looks around suspiciously.

0:33:02 The

Gentleman: “No harm will come to you unless you bring harm to me, so

this is… this is just a precautionary measure. I appreciate your, uh, trust.”

0:33:10 Fjord/Travis,

counting: “Three to go?”

Caleb cuts his finger.

0:33:20 Matt:

“With that, your blood is taken into a vial.”

0:33:25 Nott: “Alright,

I’ll follow suit.”

0:33:27 Matt:

“Your blood is also taken into a vial.”

Nott hisses as she bites into her finger.

0:33:29 Matt,

laughing: “Easy enough to do.” He mimics a blood spurt.

0:33:36 Yasha, sighing:

“Fair enough.”

0:33:37 Ashley:

“I just take my finger and I just run it across my blade as I stare at


0:33:40 Sam:


0:33:41 Matt:

“The blood is drawn into the vial. The final vial is capped. Cree closes

the satchel, places it on the shoulder, and then bows and steps back, paying

direct attention to The Gentleman, and then out of the corner of her eye

towards you.” Indicating Molly.

0:33:54 The

Gentleman: “Fantastic. I really appreciate that.”


[Description of The Gentleman. Card Game with Fjord. Learn

Lord Sutan is in prison, and Molly and Beau are being looked for. Nott tests

the Gentleman and he pulls off the ultimate power move. Agree to the task with

The Gentleman to prove themselves and get Horace out of the city.]

2. Blood for security. Cree is examined.

0:54:10 Yasha:

“How long do you keep our blood for?”

0:54:12 The

Gentleman: “Oh, as long as we have our arrangements.”

0:54:15 Yasha:

“But we get it back when we’re done? Or if we decide to not work with you


0:54:19 The

Gentleman: “If… If you’ve proven yourself trustworthy enough, in the

long term, perhaps. But understand, this is just a, uh… precaution. Who’s to

know, perhaps things go sour in a few months? I want to make sure you don’t

double cross me and send the guard down.”

0:54:41 Yasha:


0:54:41 Marisha:

“Does he look like he’s speaking from experience? He’s a little twitchy.”

0:54:45 Matt:

“Make an insight check.”

0:54:50 Marisha,

grumbling: “14.”

0:54:53 Matt:

“It seems that he’s exis- It’s more that he’s lived this long by being

careful. And when a bunch of strangers suddenly find the secret pass into his

lair, he wants to be damn well sure that he knows where to find you if need


0:55:11 Ashley:

“Okay. Okay.”

0:54:14 Fjord:

“Fair enough.”

0:54:14 Yasha:

“Fair enough.”

0:55:15 Molly:

“Remember, the name Lucian doesn’t leave this bar. Outside, I never want

to hear it uttered.”

0:55:21 The

Gentleman, with a soft laugh: “I don’t know who any of you are outside

of this bar.”

0:55:23 Molly:


0:55:23 The

Gentleman: “Don’t worry. Anyway…”

0:54:25 Matt:

“And he throws his feet back on the table. Drinks are on me until you make

your leave.”

[They look around at the other patrons.]

0:57:46 Taliesin:

“I’m taking a long look at Cree and I want to see if I see any of the things

that I expect to see when I look at her.”

Taliesin indicates upper jaw, temple, and shoulder.

0:57:52 Travis:

“What so you expect to see there, T?”

0:57:54 Sam:

“You know, dander.”

0:57:56 Taliesin:

“Yeah, yeah. I wanna- I wanna see if there’s any markings or any- otherwise

that I would expect to see.”

0:58:01 Matt:

“Oh. Make a perception check.”

0:58:03 Taliesin:


0:58:06 Liam:

“We’ll find out in episode 102.”

0:58:07 Travis:


0:58:08 Sam:

“Why are you lock your iPad between every move!?”

0:58:10 Taliesin:

“Because it’s better that way. Uh, perception check?”

0:58:12 Liam:

“Because he’s got [all of us?]”

0:58:13 Travis:

“Trust no one.”

0:58:14 Taliesin:

“Wow! That’s a terrible roll. Uh… That’s a 5.”

0:58:19 Matt: “A

fur-covered tabaxi, it’s hard to make any details out beyond the fun,


0:58:22 Taliesin:

“Alright. That’s fair.”


[They interview the guys that failed the mission.]


3. How did everything end?

1:04:01 Molly:

“Yasha? Do I do this? Or do I not deal with this?”

1:04:05 Yasha:

“Well, I think you should deal with this.”

1:04:06 Molly,

with an exasperated sigh: “I don’t want to deal with this.”

1:04:07 Yasha:

“Does any of this sound familiar to you from your past?”

Molly gives a stressed sigh and taps the table.

1:04:13 Molly:

“I hate this.”

1:04:14 Taliesin:

“I’m going to stand up and walk over to Cree.”

1:04:16 Matt:

“Okay. Cree is kinda of still standing by the bar with the satchel on. And

as you stand up and start approaching, she kind of smiles.”

1:04:24 Molly:

“A lifetime ago.”

1:04:27 Cree:

“Indeed. I can’t tell you… it’s so good to see you.”

1:04:30 Molly:

“I have a- I have a weird question.”

1:04:32 Cree:


1:04:32 Molly:

“And I apologize for it. The spell I used to get away, it- meant I wasn’t

there for as long as you- thought I was. I missed… how a bit of everything

ended in the end. I hate to ask, but… I was long gone before anything really

started to go down. How did- How did everything end? Can you just-? I just-?

I’ll explain why in a moment.”

1:04:59 Cree:

“Well, uh, I mean… You had acquired the tome with the ritual spell that

you required to- to attempt to reach the city. And that- that lady, I don’t

remember her name,”

1:05:15 Molly:

“I don’t either.”

1:05:16 Cree: “the

spell-slinger from the capital-”

1:05:18 Molly:


1:05:19 Cree:

“she came and oversaw and performed the ritual for you that- Eh, I don’t

trust those folk, but I trust you, and if you trusted them that was enough for

me. And you gave us a speech, we had a fine meal, and we all got ready there in

the forest.”

1:05:40 Molly:

“That’s where I lost you, then.”

1:05:43 Cree:

“And, uh… She said it would be hard for us to tell whether or not it

worked at first, but we went and checked, and you were not breathing. For a

good hour you are not breathing, and you were gone cold. So, we… we knew then

that we… that we had lost you. We checked—and I, I’m very attuned to vitals, as

you know, so—there was no heartbeat. So, we waited longer. And… The sun rose,

nothing. So, as you told us, if anything were to go wrong, we had to… get rid

of any… sign, any trace. So, not far from the… Tomb Taker Hideout, we buried

you, and we went our separate ways. She took the tome, the mage woman. That was

part of the arrangement you had with her.”

1:06:50 Molly:

“Going to have to find her again at some point. The reason I’ve stayed

quiet… It was never going to work. Somebody was working against me. I don’t

know who, but I can’t trust anyone. I saw how you reacted to seeing me and it

was… I’m willing to believe it wasn’t you who turned. But it could have been-

It could have been her, but it could have been one of us. That’s why I need you

to keep it quiet, please.”

1:07:20 Matt:

“Make a deception check.”

1:07:21 Taliesin:

“Thank you.”

1:07:21 Matt:

“You’re starting to get in deep into this, now.”

1:07:23 Taliesin:


1:07:23 Travis,

suspiciously: “Deception check?”

1:06:26 Taliesin:

“Uh… 13.”

1:07:28 Sam:

“Can I wander over to see if I can overhead anything?”

1:07:32 Matt:

“Make a perception check.”

1:07:34 Molly:

“I can’t…”

1:07:36 Sam:


1:07:38 Matt:

“You start wandering over, but there’s too much noise and general din in

the chamber around you to make anything out.”

1:07:43 Molly:

“There’ll come a moment where I can tell you everything, but… it’s so

complicated. Please just keep it quiet for now.”

1:07:50 Cree,

unsure: “Of course.”

1:07:51 Molly:

“Until I know that everyone’s going to react the way that you did to

seeing me.”

1:07:57 Cree:

“Right. Of course, Lucian. I…”

1:08:01 Molly:

“I will tell you everything


1:08:04 Cree:

“Please. Please do.”

Molly sighs.

1:08:07 Taliesin:

“I give a hug.”

1:08:09 Matt:

“There’s like a moment’s pause and Cree then kind of takes in the hug

too.” Cree nods.

1:08:14 Molly:

“Too long.”

1:08:14 Matt:

“Kind of, there’s like a faint purr in the ear. And then you hear the

voice, kind of whisper, say,”

1:08:19 Cree:

“It’s good to see you.”

Molly nods.

1:08:22 Molly:

I’m sorry for everything.“

1:08:24 Taliesin:

“And I give the pat and head back to the table.

1:08:27 Cree:

“Me too.”

1:08:2 Matt:

“As you walk away.”

[Caleb confronts Fjord about gambling]

1:10:18 Taliesin:

“I’m gonna to walk over with a new round of drinks.”

1:10:21 Molly:

“Here, drink this. I’m told they’re stupid.”

Molly downs one and sets it down hard.

1:10:26 Beau:

“Molly, you have- sorry,” she laughs, “Lucian.”

1:10:30 Fjord: “Naw,

that’s not it, either.”

1:10:31 Beau:

“Sorry, Nonnonnongatek.”

1:10:34 Fjord:


1:10:35 Molly:

“It’s Lucian for the moment. We’ll talk about it later.”

1:10:36 Yasha: “Would

you- Would you like us to call you Lucian, or do you want us to call you


1:10:39 Molly:

“In here we’re Lucian.”

1:10:40 Caleb:

“How many names are there? Is it over ten or under?”

1:10:43 Molly:

“Uhh… Let’s have that conversation somewhere else. I don’t know who’s

listening here.”

1:10:48 Beau:

“She seemed like… real into you.”

1:10:42 Fjord:


1:10:43 Beau:

“But not like an into you like, ‘Oh I’m gonna tap that!’ kind of into you,

but in like an ‘I’ve seen you walk on water’ into you.”

1:11:01 Molly:

“Yeah. That was a weird amount of into you, wasn’t it?”

1:11:02 Beau:


1:11:03 Molly:


1:11:04 Fjord:

“Can you change that alcohol into wine?”

1:11:07 Beau:


1:11:09 Taliesin:

“I’m going to cut my finger, just a bit, and bleed into it.”

1:11:14 Liam:

“With one of your long finger nails?”

1:11:16 Beau:

“Holy shit. You know, to a dumbass that’s actually is kind of


1:11:21 Fjord:

“It’s alcohol one way or the other. I’ll fucking drink it.”

1:11:24 Sam,

grossed out: “Ugh!”

1:11:26 Taliesin:

“Is it wine?”

1:11:28 Matt:


1:11:28 Taliesin,

laughing: “Well, that-.”

1:11:28 Matt:

“It’s bloody water. It’s water with a hint of iron.”

1:11:33 Travis:

“Achievement unlocked!”

1:11:35 Taliesin:

“Well, worth a try.”

1:11:36 Liam:

“Write what you know, Taliesin.”

1:11:38 Fjord:

“Molly, oh excuse me, Lucian,”

1:11:43 Beau:


1:11:44 Fjord:

“Yeah. How many others around here might we expect to have that same

reaction towards you?”

1:11:48 Molly,

increasingly on edge: “We will have- We will have this conversation

outside this bar.”

1:11:52 Marisha:

“This is basically Taliesin at Ren Faire.”

1:11:53 Molly:


1:11:54 Travis:

“Yeah! Yeah! ‘Oh, Lord Taliesin, oh Lord Taliesin!’ ‘What the fuck?’”

1:12:01 Taliesin,

facepalms: “This is not- This is not untrue.”

1:12:01 Liam:

“Taliesin there’s fucking tabaxis coming out of every stall! What the

hell, man!”

1:12:07 Taliesin:

“Lucian’s not going to answer any questions. Molly will answer every

question you have later.”


[They ask Yasha about why she leaves. Nott says everything

that happened with the Drow. Yasha is from Xhorhas. Molly points out that people

in the bar are listening to everything they say. They confront Kara.]


[They talk to Horace.]

4. Truth or Truth

1:55:03 Fjord:

“Anything we want to do before we go out on this errand?”

1:55:07 Nott:

“Oh yeah, I think there was one thing.” To Molly, “Tell us

everything about you!”

Molly points to Horace.

1:55:13 Fjord:


1:55:14 Nott,

annoyed: “Oh! Are you fucking kidding me!? Leave! Leave, Horace!


1:55:17 Fjord:

“Horace, do you mind going upstairs for a second?”

1:55:20 Horace:

“Uh, yeah, I’ll- I’ll step in one of the other rooms Do you have a key I


1:55:24 Beau:


1:55:25 Marisha:

“I toss him mine and Jester’s key.”

1:55:26 Matt:

“He heads into the next chamber.”

1:55:28 Beau,

accusingly: “Just don’t steal any of the pillow cases or go through any of

our luggage.”

1:55:32 Fjord:

“Yeah, they’re booby-trapped.”

1:55:33 Horace:


1:55:35 Matt:

“He leaves the room. Soon as he’s gone from there, Jester asks,”

1:55:37 Jester:

“Okay, so, tell us about you! Each!”

1:55:44 Yasha,

looking surprised and incredulous: “I mean, this is not about me right


1:55:47 Nott:

“It could be!”

1:55:48 Yasha:

“It doesn’t need to be.”

1:55:50 Nott:

“Well, you have secrets, too!”

1:55:52 Molly:

“So do you.”

1:55:53 Nott:

“And you’re a pair! You know, I distinctly remember a moment when we were the shady pair of this group,

but now it looks like you guys are.”

1:56:02 Molly:

Everyone’s a shady pair in this

group. Somehow even as individuals we

are all somehow shady pairs. It is just inevitable.”

1:56:09 Nott,

Molly joining at the end: “Now I’m hungry for pears.”

1:56:12 Travis:

“Sounds like a retirement home. Shady Pears.”

1:56:14 Marisha:

“Shady Pears!”

1:56:21 Liam:

“Just outside of Whitestone.”

1:56:22 Marisha:


1:56:25 Fjord:

“I mean, Lucian, Noganon,”

1:56:28 Molly

with a sigh and cringe: “Oh god.”

1:56:29 Fjord:

“what the fuck?”

1:56:29 Molly,

covering his eyes in frustrations. “Alright.”

1:56:30 Beau:

“Lucian sounds very, like, ‘I’m trying to find myself,’ by the way; just

throwing it out there.”

1:56:35 Molly:

“No, That’s fair.”

1:56:36 Nott:

“Angsty teen.”

1:56:37 Beau,

with a laugh: “Yeah, it’s very angsty teen, yeah!”

1:56:40 Fjord:

“Is your real name Peter?”

1:56:41 Beau:

“I dated a few Lucians. Like, way too many Lucians.”

1:56:46 Taliesin,

quizzically: “Is this… Marisha? Or is this- this?”

1:56:50 Marisha:

“This was- this was… Beau”

1:56:51 Taliesin:

“Okay, okay, never mind. I don’t want to know. Too much.”

1:56:53 Marisha:

“Beau, but it’s still not necessarily untrue.” Taliesin echoes her in


1:56:58 Liam:

“Reality in story.”

1:57:00 Travis:

“An undetermined percentage is still,” he gestures up and down on


1:57:00 Taliesin:

“I have been the Lucian in a relationship before, I feel you. We’ve all

been Lucian.”

1:57:03 Liam:

“Six of one, half a dozen of another. Forward of the story.”

1:57:09 Marisha:

“A lot of guys in bands, yeah.”

1:57:12 Molly, struggling

for words: “So, uh… Well I was born on the continent of Em-” He

sighs. “I- I really-” He signs again and covers his mouth in


1:57:20 Fjord:

“No, no, don’t stop; just keep going.”

1:57:21 Nott:

“Would you like a drink?”

1:57:23 Molly:

“Yes, please.”

1:57:23 Beau:

“This was super epic, yeah.”

1:57:24 Nott,

holding out her flask: “Here. It’s filled with many alcohols from

different taverns.”

1:57:25 Molly, to

Yasha: “I genuinely thought I would have some bullshit together by now,

and I’m really sort of stuck.”

1:57:33 Yasha:

“Listen, I know I never pushed you to talk about anything, and don’t- if

you don’t feel comfortable…”

Molly sighs and rubs his temple.

1:57:37 Yasha:

“You don’t owe any of us anything.

1:57:40 Molly:

“It’s dangerous, though. It’s officially dangerous.”

1:57:43 Fjord:

“What? To tell us what you’re about to tell us? For us or for you?”

1:57:48 Molly:

“At this point, what’s the difference?”

1:57:51 Fjord:

“Well, one’s us, and one’s you.”

1:57:52 Beau:

“We definitely left our vials in a shady cellar with a bunch of

underground criminals. I don’t…”

1:57:58 Nott:

“I… I stole 3 empty vials from that place. I’m very excited about them.

They’re empty, but they’re still really shiny.”

1:58:05 Liam

mimics blowing on vials to make music.

1:58:10 Travis:

“They’re all the same note ’cause they’re all fucking empty.”

Travis mimics playing vials that are the same note and

botches the end.

1:58:15 Travis:

“Oh no, I went up.”

1:58:22 Nott: “But


1:58:24 Molly:

“But seriously. I have- I have- I have been part of a shady group- I have

been dealing with shady friends for as long as I can remember. If there’s one

thing I’ve learned about dealing with people that you can’t trust is that you…

kind of have to trust them where you can, and not trust them where you can’t.

And… I’m not saying I have- I’m not saying I’m- I know what I’m doing, or

anything, but…” He sighs. “I don’t want anybody- I want this to work.

I need this to work. So…” Looking at Yasha, but mostly to himself, with increasing

resignation, “I’ve not done this in a while… alright.”

1:59:00 Fjord:

“I noticed that she, uh, kinda had the same influence over the blood that

you have. But different.”

1:59:07 Molly:

“Yeah, that’s uh… that’s interesting, isn’t it? This might even be easier

if you just ask questions. I really don’t know how to tell this story.”

1:59:13 Caleb: “Why

do you have so many names?”

Molly sighs.

1:59:22 Molly,

struggling for words, looking more resigned and frank: “I woke up without

any names, or any past, buried in the ground two years ago.”

1:59:31 Fjord:

“Buried in the ground?”

1:59:32 Caleb: “You

woke of buried in the ground?”

1:59:34 Nott:

“Were you dead?”

1:59:35 Molly:

“Obviously not.”

1:59:37 Fjord:

“In a- in a box? In the dirt?”

1:59:38 Molly:

“In the dirt.”

1:59:39 Caleb: “And

you are saying that you have no memory?”

1:59:42 Molly:

“My first memory, my oldest memory, is dirt in my face underground.”

1:59:47 Beau:

“Is that what that-”

1:59:48 Sam,

mimicking Jester’s voice: “Jester would like to cast Zone of Truth.”

1:59:51 Travis,

drawn out: “Ooo!”

1:59:52 Marisha:

“Oh snap!”

1:59:54 Travis:

“Oh no!”

1:59:56 Matt:


1:59:57 Ashley:

“Good girl.”

1:59:57 Liam:

“Keeping it real for the field line!”

2:00:00 Sam:

“She says,”

2:00:01 Marisha:

“Let’s play Truth…”

2:00:01 Sam!Jester:

“I would like to play Truth or Dare, but without the dare.”

2:00:05 Taliesin:

“How honest do I have to be?”

2:00:07 Matt: “We’ll

find out in a second.”

2:00:08 Taliesin:


2:00:08 Liam: “Well,

you can say whatever you want, but whatever you say has to be true.

2:00:12 Sam: “You

cannot speak a lie.”

2:00:12 Liam:

“ That’s how it works. You can also just say, ‘I don’t feel like


2:00:14 Matt:

“Alright, all of you, who are in

the 15-foot radius it’s being cast in, which would probably be…”

2:00:22 Sam:


2:00:22 Matt:


2:00:23 Marisha:

“It’s not a big hotel room.”

2:00:23 Travis:

“I take 16 steps away.”

2:00:23 Matt:

“if you’re all standing close on this, everybody please make a charisma

saving throw.”

2:00:26 Liam:


2:00:27 Sam:

“Oh boy.”

2:00:29 Marisha:

“Saving throw?”

2:00:29 Travis:

Charisma saving throw.”

2:00:30 Matt:

“Charisma saving throw.”

2:00:30 Sam:

“I got a 1. Hey natural 1! $10 to 826 LA!”

2:00:34 All:


2:00:36 Marisha:

“It’s $100!”

2:00:37 Ashley:


2:00:38 Sam:

“Oh, what!? That’s even better!”

2:00:39 Marisha:

“$100 for every natural 1.”

2:00:41 Taliesin,

disappointed: “I rolled a 4.”

2:00:42 Matt:


2:00:43 Sam:

“Oh, you’re in.”

2:00:43 Ashley:


2:00:45 Liam:


2:00:46 Marisha:


2:00:47 Travis:


2:00:47 Matt,

indicating Marisha and Travis: “You are the only two who succeeded.”

2:00:49 Liam:


2:00:49 Matt:

“Everyone else, you have to speak the truth for the next…”

2:00:51 Marisha,

quietly to Travis: “Good cop, bad cop. Bad cop, good cop. Hard to


2:00:52 Liam:

But, if I’m- DM, we know that

that’s- we feel it, according to the spell.”

2:00:57 Travis,

quietly to Marisha: “Sure.”

2:00:57 Matt:


2:00:57 Liam:


2:00:57 Matt:

“You all sense the kind of, the energy come over you, and for a second

you’re a little confused by it.”

2:00:58 Travis,

quietly to Marisha: “Dumb cop.”

2:01:00 Marisha,

quietly to Travis: “Yeah. Posturing cop, posturing cop.”

2:01:04 Molly:

“Alright that’s not- that’s not entirely true; it’s a vague memory. I

don’t really remember it. It’s kind of all jumbled. It’s what I’ve been told…

about some of it. I- It’s…”

2:01:14 Beau:

“Is this that ritual that she was rambling about?”

2:01:17 Molly:

“I don’t know.”

2:01:19 Fjord:

“So, before you woke up in the dirt, nothing?”

2:01:21 Molly,

slightly agitated: “There is no before. Whatever happened before is not

me. It’s not part of anything-” He sighs with frustration.

2:01:28 Nott:

“Like your life reset somehow? Or you just don’t remember?”

2:01:36 Molly,

internally struggling: “Some asshole got buried in the dirt. Fuck him. I

am enjoying what I’m doing. I want nothing to do with that. Anything that came

before, I was happy to just leave it be.”

2:01:47 Caleb:

“Yeah, but do you have any theories for what happened before.”

2:01:50 Molly,

pointedly: “No.”

2:01:51 Beau:

“Did you… look… the same, or did you come back…”

2:01:58 Molly,

mildly incredulous: “How would I know?”

2:02:00 Nott:

“So everything before two years ago is nothing

to you. Black.”

2:02:03 Molly:

“Yeah. That’s somebody else.” He shrugs.

2:02:05 Fjord:

“Two years ago, did you have all those tattoos?”

2:02:08 Molly,

thinking: “No… Not exactly…”

2:02:10 Nott:

“Any of them?”

2:02:11 Molly,

covering his eyes again and looking pained: “Some of them, yes.”

2:02:12 Caleb:

“How much time passed between waking up in a dirt box and the


2:02:17 Molly, looking

dejected: “Days.”

2:02:18 Caleb,

surprised, quietly, nodding: “Days.”

2:02:18 Molly:

“I was a bit out of it. Uh, it’s hard to remember; I wasn’t… speaking…

really. It’s all… Do you have memories from your childhood?”

2:02:27 Caleb:

“Yeah, many.”

2:02:28 Fjord:


2:02:29 Molly:

“It felt like that? It’s all… bright? And…” He sighs, searching for

words. “More meaningful than it should be. There was just nothing- I, uh…

I was practically catatonic; I was barely speaking.”

2:02:47 Beau:

“Did you wake up to people? Or alone?”

2:02:51 Molly,

wide-eyed and closed in: “Alone.”

2:02:52 Caleb:

“Are you a good guy?”

Molly takes a long time contemplating this.

2:02:59 Molly:

“I’d like to think so.” He smirks, but it collapses quickly.

2:03:03 Fjord,

nodding: “Why did she seem like she looked up to you so much?”

2:03:07 Molly,

shaking his head, getting more agitated: “I don’t know. I don’t know who that was, I’ve never heard the name

Lucian before, or that other name. I-”

2:03:18 Caleb,

quietly: “Nonagon.”

2:03:18 Molly:

“I’ve never heard of any of it.”

2:03:21 Yasha:

“I didn’t realize you didn’t- You did a good job at pretending.”

2:03:26 Molly:

“Yeah, well, I like pretending. Pretending’s great. I… Who cares where anybody came from?”

2:03:34 Beau:

“How do you know she actually thinks it’s… you, and not, you know, maybe

she just mistook you for someone actually

named Lucian.”

2:03:42 Molly:

“That’s possible, except, of course, she had weird… blood powers.”

2:03:46 Beau:

“So, this happens to you a lot?”

2:03:49 Molly:

“A few… A few months after I came to, uh… I started noticing I could do

things. I- knew things that I didn’t necessarily know I knew.”

2:04:00 Caleb:

“Are you talking about your abilities?”

2:04:03 Molly:

“Yeah… I can… Um…” To Nott, “Pass me that dagger?”

2:04:10 Nott:

“I have three of them.”

2:04:11 Molly:

“Pick one.”

2:04:12 Sam,

mimicking passing Molly a dagger: “Dink!”

Molly cuts his arm and stabs the dagger into the table.

2:04:15 Molly:


2:04:17 Matt:

“You watch as this large cluster of moisture all of a sudden solidifies

around the outside of the blade, and the blade is now encrusted in jagged ice

shards that just kind of stick out. The steam coming off of it. Mist.”

2:04:29 Fjord:

“That’s menacing.”

2:04:30 Nott:

“That’s amazing; I would- I would ask about how you discovered that,

because that would not be something that I would ever just do, just to just see, but we’ll leave that for another day.”

2:04:41 Molly:

“Oh no, I can- we’re here, this

is happening, that’s fine. Umm…”

2:04:48 Nott:

“Question. Go back two- two beats. You said, ‘Who care about what happened


2:04:56 Molly,

incredulously with an “obviously” gesture: “Yeah.”

2:04:57 Nott:

“Do you really not want to know

your past? Answer truthfully.”

2:05:05 Molly,

very pointedly, looking annoyed and frustrated: “I really don’t. I… Whoever that was… came to that end. And I want

nothing to do with that. Whatever it was, it doesn’t feel good when I- the

moments when something creeps through, I don’t like it. I don’t want anything

to do with it. I was happy. I… I

liked the circus. The circus was great.”

Liam!Jester slaps her hands on the table and leans forward


2:05:30 Liam!Jester,

coyly: “Ooo! I have a question? Is there anyone in the group that you find

super attractive?”

2:05:38 Liam:

“It’s a text from Laura.”

2:05:39 Travis:


2:05:40 Molly,

deadpan: “Yes.”

2:05:41 Matt:

“I think she was asking Yasha.”

2:05:45 Liam,

reading the text: “Oh! Ask Yasha; oh.”

2:05:47 Ashley:

“Too late!”

2:05:51 Liam!Jester

to Yasha, leaning forward again: “What about you?”

2:05:52 Matt:

“And as the nature of the spell, you know you’re under the effect of it,

and you can be dodgy if you need to, but it’s up to you.”

2:06:00 Liam!Jester,

sing-song: “You can tell me!”

2:06:03 Taliesin,

laughing: “That’s a good Laura.”

2:06:04 Yasha:

“I feel like I-”

2:06:05 Ashley,

laughing: “That’s a very good Laura.”

2:06:07 Yasha:

“Uh… yes, of course there are people here that I think are very attractive

and charming. But, that doesn’t mean that I will act on that.”

2:06:19 Molly:

“I- You can be monosyllabic if you like with these people.”

2:06:23 Fjord,

clearing his throat: “Molly?”

2:06:24 Molly:


2:06:24 Fjord:

“In the years that have gone by-”

2:06:27 Nott,

quietly: “Yasha has a crush on me.”

2:06:31 Fjord:

“Has anyone called you any other names besides Molly, Lucian, or…”

2:06:36 Nott:


2:06:37 Fjord:

“Yeah. Mahna mahna.”

2:06:37 Molly:

“Nonagon; whatever that was. Not without me feeding it to them first. I

mean, I’ve… I mean I’ve conned

people. We’ve all conned people. I’ve

used other names before. And-”

2:06:48 Fjord:

“No, but did they know you? Did they come up and give you a name?”

2:06:50 Molly, shaking

his head and looking troubled: “Never.”

2:06:51 Yasha:

“This was the first time that’s happened.”

Molly points at her in agreement.


Molly: “I…” He gestures to himself up and down. “A lot of

this was in the hopes that maybe it would never happen. Keep moving. Keep

quiet.” He shrugs.

2:07:02 Fjord:

“You don’t know anything about the ritual that she was talking


2:07:04 Molly,

shaking his head: “Nothing. But… I’ll say this,”

2:07:07 Taliesin:

“And I’m going to put the- put the knife down, and uh, is- is there

anything sharp around? Anything at all?”

2:07:20 Matt:

“Uh, I mean-”

2:07:21 Travis,

laughing: “This group?”

2:07:21 Matt:

“Yeah. Plenty of things that are…”

2:07:23 Taliesin:

“Something that’s even ridiculous. Like something not normal.”

2:07:27 Matt:

“Uh, yeah, there- well, there are jagged parts of the wood frame of the


2:07:32 Taliesin:

“Perfect! I’m going to just cut myself again on the wood frame, and grab

it, and use Radiance.”

Sam winces hard.

2:07:37 Matt:

“Okay. You watch as this bright, vibrant light just billows out of it.

Kind of glowing in the vicinity. Similar that you’ve seen it encase the


2:07:47 Molly:

“I’ll admit, this is new.”

2:07:50 Fjord:

“Huh, yeah, that’s a hell of a thing.”

2:07:51 Molly:

“You all got to see the first time this happened.”

2:07:53 Fjord:


2:07:54 Caleb:

“And how much of this was under wraps? You knew none- any of this? In you

time in the circus with him?”

2:07:59 Yasha:

“I… knew that he woke up and he did not know who he was.” Molly takes

his hand off the bed and releases Radiance. “But this is the first time

this has happened when someone has come… to us and recognized him from his


2:08:14 Liam!Jester,

boisterously: “Molly! What have you ever pooped your pants!?”

2:08:17 Travis,

looking at his phone: “That’s actually in the text thread, too.”

2:08:18 Liam!Jester:

“Ever any time?”

2:08:21 Taliesin,

quietly with a smile: “This is art.”

2:08:22 Molly,

looking perplexed: “Not that I’m- Well, no… That’s fair. Sure.”

2:08:26 Fjord:

“Did you ever gamble on a fart and loose?”

2:08:27 Molly:

“It was worth it every time.”

2:08:29 Jester,

triumphantly sing-song: “Thought so!”

2:08:30 Nott:

“I’m sorry to belabor this, but… what if you had a good life before this?

What if you were famous or rich or had friends or family?”

2:08:41 Yasha:

“She seems to think you were quite an amazing person.”

2:08:45 Molly,

very pointedly, looking really annoyed again: “Okay. Here’s the thing that

you’re not catching: that wasn’t me. This is mine. I don’t want

anything from that other person anymore. That person is someone else. I don’t

want anything to do with it. I did not feel

good coming out of that. I- I… was…” He pinches the bridge of his node in

frustration. “uh… I’m in for a penny, might as well. I am told, although I

don’t entirely remember this part, that I… only said the word ’empty’ over and

over again for the first week.”

2:09:18 Fjord, Beau,

Caleb, and Nott: “Empty?”

2:09:21 Molly,

shrugging: “I don’t know what that means.”

2:09:22 Caleb:

“’Empty’ or M T?”

2:09:23 Molly:


2:09:24 Caleb:


2:09:25 Molly:

“I don’t know! I can barely remember.”

2:09:27 Caleb:

“Jester, I feel your touch on this conversation. Is this all


2:09:34 Matt!Jester:

“As far as I can tell, yes. He did indeed poop his pants.”

2:09:39 Caleb:

“And the rest?”

2:09:40 Matt!Jester:

“Oh that, too, yes.”

2:09:41 Caleb:


2:09:41 Nott:


2:09:45 Molly:

“That sounds terrible. I… I

don’t want anybody- I don’t want to remember anything, I don’t want anybody

else’s baggage in my head, I don’t want anybody else’s problems, thoughts,

ideas.” Tapping the table for emphasis, “I like this person right now, is a good person, is a fine person, is a

happy person.”

2:10:05 Beau:

“She kept referencing a book.”

Molly shrugs.

2:10:08 Fjord:

“No idea?”

2:10:09 Molly:

“Sounds shifty.”

2:10:09 Beau:

“What if we could find the book.”

2:10:12 Molly,

firmly: “I don’t want it.”

2:10:14 Caleb:

“Well, I will say, I’m a little concerned about, you know, loose ends

coming to bite you and us in the butt. However…”

2:10:27 Molly:

“We all have a few, I assume.”

2:10:28 Caleb:

“I believe in second starts, and uh… that’s enough for me.”

2:10:35 Molly:


2:10:36 Beau:

“You know-”

2:10:36 Molly:

“Can you imagine what it would feel like to not feel anything about

anything that had happened to you so far?”

2:10:41 Fjord:


2:10:41 Caleb:


2:10:42 Beau:


2:10:44 Molly:

“Why am I not surprised?

2:10:46 Nott,

incredulously: “What do you mean, ‘yes’?”

Beau gives a “yeah, what?” shrug.

2:10:49 Nott:

“You can imagine what it’s like to not feel anything before this


2:10:55 Beau,

shrugging: “Yeah.”

2:10:55 Nott:

“Have you died before?”

2:10:57 Beau:

“No. Doesn’t mean you have to find meaning in meaningless things.”


Molly: “It’s very freeing. It’s…

the best thing… It’s the thing that happened to me. it’s not the best thing

that happened to me, it’s the thing that happened to me. I- I found… Peace? in…

building a new person. The Moonweaver…”

2:11:26 Beau: “You know, just

because if you know about your past doesn’t mean you have to be beholden to


2:11:32 Nott: “That’s true.”

2:11:35 Beau: “If you…”

2:11:35 Yasha: “It’s not that


2:11:36 Molly: “What if it feels

that it- that I owe it


2:11:40 Beau: “You don’t owe your

past shit. if I don’t feel anything about my past, but I still remember it, and

I still don’t give a fuck about where I came from, then why should you care

about shit that you don’t even remember?”

Molly sighs, and grins

somewhere between “you get it,” and “you are so naïve.”

2:11:56 Fjord:

“That’s a layered question.”

2:11:57 Molly:


2:11:57 Nott:

“I don’t know about that.”


Molly: “I… spent two years, before I met you all… cajoling people…

occasionally ripping them off, occasionally doing a good turn here or there;

never trust the truth. Truth is vicious; the truth thinks that you owe it

something; none of that. I like my bullshit. It’s good, it’s happy, it makes

other people happy.”

2:12:30 Nott: “But it’s not who you


2:12:32 Molly: “It is exactly who I am!”

2:12:34 Fjord:

“Can I ask you, when you’re praying over your swords at night, are you

actually doing anything?”

2:12:39 Molly:

“Uh, well, do you know who the Moonweaver is?”

2:12:42 Fjord:


2:12:43 Molly:

“Excellent. Uh…” He shrugs. “The swords are… cheap carnival

glass. There’s nothing special about them.”

2:12:51 Liam:

“May I make a check to see if I have ever heard of the Moonweaver?”

2:12:54 Matt:

“Make a religion check.”

2:12:54 Yasha:


2:12:56 Molly,

muted: “Eh, fuck it.”

2:13:00 Nott:

“Is the Moonweaver not real?”

2:13:01 Fjord,

quietly: “cheap carnival glass?”

2:13:03 Liam:


2:13:04 Matt:

“Oh yeah, you’ve definitely heard of the Moonweaver.”

2:13:04 Molly:

“I literally decorated a pair of swords to make them look special.”

2:13:09 Matt:

“The Moonweaver is, uh, classically more of an Elven deity, but is… kind-”

2:13:14 Molly,

quietly, mumbled, frank and dejected: “Thought maybe I’d make it less

likely they’d think there’s something special about me.”

2:13:15 Matt:

“They are a god over the night, of shadow, music, there’s a lot of

variations to what they go over, but they’re definitely not one of the approved

religions in the empire, and is considered- not considered one of the Betrayer

Gods classically. But is an inspiration for a lot of art in classic elven

history, and even some modern. The caretaker of evening trysts. Has a lot of- a

lot of unique history to the Moonweaver.”

2:13:48 Fjord:

“So it’s you that’s special, not your swords.”

2:13:51 Molly,

with a soft smile: “That’s true.”

2:13:52 Beau:

“Molly, you seem like you have a pretty solidified identity for someone

who has only had consciousness for two years.”

2:14:02 Molly,

with a half shrug: “Things came back quick, and the circus helped.” A

bit sadly, “They were good people. They did a lot for me. And joy can fill an awful lot of a person’s


2:14:12 Beau:

“If things came back quick, do you feel like there are still remnants of

whoever you once were that help- informed who you are now?”

2:14:19 Molly,

after thinking about it: “Maybe. I feel tinges of things on occasion.

Nothing I like.”

2:14:27 Beau:


2:14:28 Nott:

“If you always lie and bullshit, how are we ever going to believe


2:14:32 Molly,

flatly, mildly annoyed: “Because I always lie and bullshit.”

2:14:36 Beau:

“I can kind of agree with that. Cheers to bullshit!”

Beau and Molly clink mugs.

2:14:41 Molly,

increasingly irritated: “I’m not a- I may be a liar, but I’m never a

betrayer. I’m always honest in my work, and I believe in doing a good

turn.” He takes a swig. “I’ve never cheated you out of money.”

He pointedly looks at Nott. “I’ve never robbed from you.” Again, pointedly looks at Nott. “I know

how- I stayed with that circus for two years and I know how people treat each

other. It’s important.” To Nott,

“And all that stuff you told me before, I gotta admit I didn’t listen to

any bit of it; I was just trying to teach you a lesson. I don’t care where

you’ve been; I don’t care what terrible things any of you have done; you’re

here now; this is how it works.”

2:15:14 Liam!Jester,

coyly resting her head on her laced fingers: “Molly?”

2:15:18 Molly,

grinning: “Yes, darling?”

2:15:19 Liam!Jester:

“I have a question.”

2:15:20 Molly,

leaning in, mirroring her conspiratorial body language: “Of course.”

2:15:22 Fjord/Travis:

“Oh no.”

2:15:22 Liam!Jester:

“Can you really read fortunes?”

Molly’s grin falls away, his body language closes in a bit,

and he looks just a bit dispirited and contemplative. He very briefly winces.

2:15:28 Molly,

measured: “I use fortunes… to tell… people what I see in them.”

Brighter, “But sometimes,

sometimes… I feel like maybe there’s something… that tickles the back of my

head, I will admit.”

2:15:46 Liam!Jester,

eagerly: “You have a feeling?”

2:15:47 Molly:

sitting back with a small smile: “Some days.”

2:15:50 Beau,

looking at Molly distrustfully: “Don’t believe him, Jester.”

2:15:52 Taliesin/Molly,

defensively toward Matt: “Am I telling-? Am I lying?”

2:15:53 Nott/Sam:

“No, he has to be telling the truth.”

2:15:55 Matt:


2:15:55 Taliesin,

smugly: “Thank you.”

2:15:56 Fjord/Travis:

“That’s why she asked him.”

2:15:56 Yasha:

“I do feel like you actually, weirdly, have a gift for that.”

2:16:02 Molly,

frankly: “I always try to be helpful with- when I turn cards for


2:16:05 Beau:

“You ever think you could be doing damage, though?”

2:16:08 Molly:


2:16:08 Beau:

“Setting people on false paths?”

2:16:12 Molly,

shrugging: “If people are looking for a path, they’re looking for a path.

And I’ll tell you—and this is true—I did my best every town I went to and every

town I left, no matter how they treated me, and a lot of them treated me,

” a pang of anger flashes across his face, “with deep disrespect,”

2:16:25 Beau:

“Some people are vulnerable and looking for answers.”

2:16:27 Molly,

measured and insistent: “I left every

town better than I found it.”

2:16:32 Nott:

“Which- Which tattoos are the old ones?”

Molly considers, tapping some of his frustration on the


2:16:39 Nott,

waving him off: “I mean, you don’t have to- I don’t want to see your naked

body or anything.”

Molly briefly reaches towards his pants and then laughs,

waving off the joke and his frustration.

2:16:46 Molly,

glancing at Yasha for help then sounding resigned: “Is it- Yeah, no.”

2:16:50 Taliesin:

“Um, so, I show off the peacock a little bit, and one of the peacock

feathers on the neck.”

2:16:58 Liam,

cheekily: “What about your tattoos, though?”

Taliesin sticks his tongue out at Liam.

2:17:01 Taliesin,

grinning: “Thank you, Liam. Um, one of the eyes in one of the peacock

feathers is a bright crimson read. Which any of you if you’d ever made a

fucking insight check would have noticed. Gah! You!” He points to Travis?

“I was waiting for you to fuck with me. It’s also the same place that he

bleeds every time that he uses any of his powers. There’s also a red eye on the

snake on the palm, and there’s a red eye on the snake on the opposite side of

the head.”

2:17:23 Nott:

“What does that mean? What does it mean!? Caleb! What does it mean!?”

2:17:27 Caleb:

“That’s a lot of ink, man.”

2:17:30 Nott:

“Red eyes, or something?”

2:17:31 Molly:

“There are various- there are various- Not in-”

2:17:33 Liam, to

Matt: “Hey, does any of that symbology mean anything to me?”

2:17:36 Matt:

“Not at the moment. How much do you show?”

2:17:37 Taliesin:

“I’m just showing- I’m showing the snake, the two snake eyes, I’m showing

the peacock eye, and then I’m going to show the eye in the floral


2:17:45 Matt:


1:17:46 Marisha,

clapping, to Ashley: “C’mon Patterson, c’mon. Help us out here right now!

This is your day job! Okay!”

2:17:52 Ashley:

“Okay, let me look at my tattoo database…”

2:17:57 Molly:

“I tried to cover them, but they wouldn’t take ink. So, I just… did my


2:18:02 Nott,

surprised: “They’re not tattoos!?”

2:18:03 Molly:

“No. I don’t know what they are.”

2:18:08 Nott:

“They’re just markings?”

Molly examines his hand and arm.

2:18:12 Fjord:

“But you…”

2:18:12 Molly:

“I don’t know.”

2:18:13 Fjord:

“You don’t remember getting them, or you… They just appeared?”

Molly shakes his head.

2:18:16 Nott:

“They were just there.”

2:18:17 Liam!Jester,

clearing her throat: “Caleb? I have a question.”

2:18:23 Travis:

“You don’t have to just do every one of these that she’s gonna fucking


2:18:23 Liam!Jester:

“Do you shave your butt?”

2:18:31 Marisha,

laughing: “You do yours.”

2:18:31 Caleb,

looking at her quizzically: “Uh… I can truthfully say…”

2:18:32 Molly:

“I don’t.”

2:18:34 Caleb:

“No! That was for-

2:18:34 Molly:

“But now that you bring it up because I’d never occurred to it, I might


2:18:38 Fjord/Travis:

“It was to Caleb.”

2:18:39 Molly/Taliesin:

“Oh, that was for Caleb. Never mind; sorry.”

2:18:40 Beau/Marisha:

“Well, that’s good. Now we know.

2:18:40 Nott/Sam:

“No, that’s very interesting! Good to know!

2:18:41 Matt:

“But you’ve learned!”

2:18:44 Caleb:

“Now you know that neither Molly or I shave our butt.”

2:18:47 Molly:

“Who butt shaves?”

2:18:48 Caleb:

“And also, there’s not a lot of hair there anyway.”

2:18:49 Nott:

“You wax your butt! You don’t shave it.”

2:18:52 Matt:

“And also, there’s only a couple minutes more left on the spell, so…”

2:18:55 Molly:

“Anything else before we’re done here?”

2:18:57 Beau:

“Did you ever know anyone who did used to try and set people on wrong

paths with their fortune telling?”

2:19:06 Molly,

earnestly, shaking his head: “No. We tried…” He shrugs. “That’s…

that’s dangerous work and it’ll usually backfire. No interest in that. It’s

mostly just trying to help people get their shit together.” With realization,

“Did someone send you on the wrong path?”

2:19:23 Beau:


2:19:25 Molly,

mildly disappointed: “That’s fair. I don’t care, to be fair.”

2:19:28 Beau:

“Still in zone of truth, no.”

2:19:29 Fjord:

“Is there anything about you that you don’t want us to know?”

2:19:32 Molly:

“Yes.” After a long pause, “Everything. I like… the safety of

it, but… And if I had had my way, this would have been a conversation for a

later date. But… I need… to protect you and myself from whatever that is, so

you need to know that… that is a wild card.”

2:19:52 Fjord:

“I appreciate that. I appreciate that.”

2:19:58 Beau,

brightly but sarcastically: “Well, this was fun.”

2:20:00 Nott: “I

feel like we should do this every night. But I will say this… Lucian?” She


2:20:06 Molly:

“That’s a terrible name.”

2:20:07 Nott:

“It’s terrible!”

2:20:08 Molly:

“I don’t want to ever know who that person is.”

2:20:10 Nott:

“It’s like a kid with a soft mustache that’s not like a real, you know,

like a real…”

2:20:10 Caleb:

“You’re sticking with Mollymauk?”

2:20:12 Molly:

I’m Molly!”

2:20:15 Travis:

“All the Lucians out there are super pissed right now.”

2:20:16 Molly,

firmly: “Let me make this abundantly clear: my name is Molly. That person

is dead and not me. That’s just a

person who had this body. They abandoned it, it’s mine now.”

2:20:30 Nott:

“I think that you need to know where you’ve been to know where you’re

going, and… I am… I respect your… your feelings. But I feel-

2:20:41 Molly,

bitterly: “And I feel you are frightfully ignorant and filled with

platitudes. But I still like you regardless.”

2:20:46 Nott:

“I feel like, when you’re ready to know your past, I would- I would

support that, and I would help you find it.”

2:20:58 Molly,

very irritated, goading: “Maybe he killed goblins. Maybe he was a goblin

hunter. Maybe he ate them. Raw.

2:21:07 Nott:

“As long as he didn’t- eat me.”

2:21:07 Caleb:

“I think perhaps we have learned all we need to learn from this

conversation. Maybe it is time to turn in. We have some things to do tomorrow.

I am satisfied, Mollymauk Tealeaf. For now.”

2:21:21 Molly,

resigned: “This was not how I expected this to go.” He runs his hand

down his face. “Thank you.”

2:21:29 Beau:

“For what it’s worth, I like you a little better now.”

2:21:31 Nott:

“Me too.”

2:21:34 Beau:

“You don’t have to reciprocate it.”

2:21:35 Molly,

flatly, with a laugh at the end: “I’m waiting for the spell to dissipate

before I say anything.”

2:21:40 Matt:

“About now, the spell has dissipated.”

2:21:42 Molly:

“I both like you more and less

at the same time.”

2:21:46 Beau:

“I get that a lot.”

2:21:47 Nott:

“Is the spell gone?”

2:21:48 Matt:

“The spell’s gone.”

2:21:49 Nott:

“Goddamnit! Yasha! Tell us everything! Fuck!”

2:21:53 Matt:

“I mean, you can still press her.”

2:21:55 Molly,

laying a hand on Yasha’s shoulder: “Thank you, dear.”

Molly gives a long sigh.


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