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In mid April 2018, I lost my mind. I’d recently

to myself that I hadn’t written anything about Critical Role Campaign 2 since it started, and maybe I actually had nothing to say. And then Ep014 happened, and Molly dumped a lot of his backstory. Around this time I was also hit with a very debilitating bout of pain that confined me to bed for two weeks. I had very little to do except turn over analyze everything we got. As I started getting better, I vowed to thoroughly analyze it.

This started with transcribing it, which ended up taking three weeks and 36 pages to do. Along the way I deciphered a sentence Taliesin mumbled under Matt that started to really click everything into place. This was the first in a series of observations and additional transcripts that started dribbling out as I continued to work on the main analysis. To say that it got a bit out of hand would be a gross understatement. Over the course of all of Campaign 1, I wrote approximately 17 article (transcripts &/or analysis) on Percy. From April 2018 to May 2018 when I’m writing this, I have written 11 articles on Molly, and am nearing completion of that one Ep014 analysis that will now be a 7-part series. Apparently this is my life now.

So here is my collection of everything I’ve written about Molly. I’ll try to keep this updated as I add things. Most transcripts also include analysis and will have entries in both sections with the same article name.

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How Molly manipulates the way people see him 

2018-05-17 How Molly uses appearance to assess people

2018-05-21 Analysis
Critical Role C2 Ep014 Molly’s Backstory
1: Separating Molly and Lucian

2: Cree

3: The Tomb Takers

4: The Ritual

5: Molly Awakens

6: Disciple of The Moonweaver

7: Weird Blood Powers

Gender and Pronouns

Use Molly’s correct pronouns

Taliesin gives Molly’s pronouns

2018-05-11 QA:
Taliesin gave
us all of Molly’s pronouns, and it was one set

2018-05-11 QA: It’s rude to
erase a character’s queer identity with one you like better

Use Molly’s correct pronouns, part 2

2018-05-13 HippieGeekGirl shares why Molly using binary pronouns is important to her (response by a person I got in this argument for)

Use Molly’s correct pronouns, part 3

2018-11-09 QA: Power dynamics of queer headcanons 

2018-11-10 QA:
i always thought that “they/them” was gender neutral


Critical Role

Ep014 Fleeting Memories
Molly’s Backstory (extended transcript)

How Molly manipulates the way people see him

(deciphering a really important hidden line)

Talks Machina

2018-01-16 for Ep001 Curious Beginnings
Taliesin gives Molly’s pronouns

2018-02-20 for Ep006 The Howling Mines
0:20:50 How Molly uses appearance to assess people

2018-04-17 for Ep0014
Fleeting Memories

Molly’s notion of identity

Fanart & Fanfiction


2018-05-15 New identity, who dis?

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