Analysis: Molly’s Backstory Part 2: Cree, Critical Role C2 Ep014

This post is part 2 in a 7-part series examining everything
we learned about Molly’s backstory in Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 014.
They are meant to be read together in sequence, but 9 pages seemed a little
long for Tumblr, so I’ve broken them up into separate posts. You can also find
links to this series, as well as further reading, on my Molly


Cree is probably a Blood Domain Cleric. Matt Mercer developed this class option, and it’s published in the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (page 101). It’s reasonable to assume Matt would use a blood magic class he created over someone else’s homebrew. He advises, “When casting divine spells as a Blood Domain cleric, consider ways to occasionally flavor your descriptions to tailor the magic’s effect on the opponent’s blood and vitality.” He then gives some examples that are thematically similar to how Matt flavored Cree drawing Fjord’s blood.

“As you put your hand out, Cree kind of does a flick of the finger, and you watch as the blood kind of trails off on its own like a small serpent of mercury. […] And for a second, even though it was a small wound, it’s bleeding quite a bit. And you’re like, ‘Uh?’ It makes you a little uncomfortable, and then all of a sudden, the blood flow stops. The vial is filled about an inch full. Then she caps it.” (CR C2 Ep014 0:31:37)

The Gentleman intends to use the blood to track them if they become a liability (CR C2 Ep014 0:30:59), which sounds like the Blood Domain cleric’s Channel Divinity: Crimson Bond ability.

“[You] can focus on the blood of the creature to form a bond and gain information about their current circumstances. You know their approximate distance and direction from you, as well as their general state of health, as long as they are within 10 miles of you.” (Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting page 101)

Chanel Divinity: Crimson Bond is an ability gained at 6th level. Beau points out to Molly that Cree “seemed like real into you. But not like an into you like, ‘Oh I’m gonna tap that!’ kind of into you, but in like an ‘I’ve seen you walk on water’ into you.” (CR C2 Ep014 1:10:48) They started the Wildemount campaign at level two, and it seems unlikely that Cree would so idealize the powers of someone so much less powerful than her. Either she has gained four levels over the last two years, or Molly effectively lost levels with his memory.

The Gentleman is using the lack of knowledge around blood magic to manipulate people into thinking he has more power than he actually does. He says he’ll keep the blood for “as long as we have our arrangements” (CR C2 Ep014 0:54:12) and cites the possibility of things going “sour in a few months” (CR C2 Ep014 0:54:19). However, Channel Divinity: Crimson Bond only works on “a sample of blood from a creature that is at least 2 ounces, and that has been spilt no longer than a week ago.” (Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting page 101) He also gives the impression that he’ll be able to find them beyond the 10-mile limit. It’s a fine bit of lying by omission where he uses his imposing presence and the general lack of knowledge to get people to imagine the worst about his capabilities. As Hitchcock put it, “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.

1: Separating Molly and Lucian

2: Cree

3: The Tomb Takers

4: The Ritual

5: Molly Awakens

6: Disciple of The Moonweaver

7: Weird Blood Powers

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Mercer, M. (2018). Blood Hunter Class Details.
Retrieved from D&D Beyond

Mercer, M., & Haeck, J. (2017). Tal’Dorei
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Transcript Critical Role C2 Ep014 0:13:00 Molly’s Backstory

Transcript Talks Machina 2018-04-17 Alpha 0:35:07 Molly’s notion of identity

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