Analysis: Molly’s Backstory Part 3: The Tomb Takers, Critical Role C2 Ep014

This post is part 3 in a 7-part series examining everything
we learned about Molly’s backstory in Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 014.
They are meant to be read together in sequence, but 9 pages seemed a little
long for Tumblr, so I’ve broken them up into separate posts. You can also find
links to this series, as well as further reading, on my Molly

The Tomb Takers

Hundreds of years ago, a fell power brought a scourge of undeath to Wildemount. A priest named Trence Orman was gifted blood magic by the Matron of Ravens, and he founded the Claret Orders with the first Blood Clerics and Blood Hunters (Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, page 33). The original order where Cree and Lucian met (CR C2 Ep014 0:21:37) and learned their gifts (CR C2 Ep014 0:32:05) was almost certainly one of the Claret Orders.

But some of them felt the order had become “a bit clouded.” Lucian believed they had a different path, and led a group of them away including Cree, Jorell, Zora, Otis, and Tyfel. They “went north to Shady Creek Run and we started the Tomb Takers.” (CR C2 Ep014 0:19:49-0:24:00). Darrow describes the reputation of Shady Creek Run, “Well, if you want to go illegal, you can actually go just beyond the boundaries of the empire to Shady Creek Run. Entire haven for murderers, thieves, and all sorts of strange people.” (CR C2 Ep018 1:42:32) This seems like a likely time for Lucian to have started going by Nonagon (CR C2 Ep014 0:17:59) or The Nonagon (CR C2 Ep014 0:32:05), which may have been a name or a title.

We don’t know why the Tomb Takers believed the original order was clouded, but page 33 of the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting give us some possibilities.

“The Orders strive to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the shadows, taking no credit for their deeds or reward for their services, beyond the means to live and travel. Some have strayed, focusing on building a fortune for themselves, but should word of such intent make it back to the heads of the Orders, and their actions begin to threaten the innocents they’ve sworn to protect, they may find themselves hunted.”

They may have believed the original order had become corrupt, or they might have thought the original order wasn’t fully utilizing its power, either not being aggressive enough against the shadows or not taking advantage of power they believed was their due. It’s possible that the acquisition of the tome (CR C2 Ep014 1:04:59) led to the schism.

The Claret Orders work in secrecy to avoid persecution, and they work for “the continued existence of purity and good in the world.” (Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, page 33) It seems notable then that “ Jorell met with the axe of the law shortly after…” Lucian left them, and that Cree is works for The Gentleman now. She says, “We had to find work, and we didn’t know if you were ever coming back. We thought- so we had to move on.” (CR C2 Ep014 0:25:44) The dubious reputation of Shady Creek Run also raises questions. The Tomb Takers may have been up to some shifty and illegal business, possible grave robbing, as Travis suggested (CR C2 Ep014 0:22:04).

1: Separating Molly and Lucian

2: Cree

3: The Tomb Takers

4: The Ritual

5: Molly Awakens

6: Disciple of The Moonweaver

7: Weird Blood Powers

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