what was the shit storm on twitter?

what was the shit storm on twitter?

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It was “Unpopular Opinion Day” on all of Twitter. Quite a few people decided that meant we needed to hear every negative opinion they’ve ever had about Critical Role all at once. Even the fair criticism I did read was layered in between so much of the poster’s petty bullshit, biases, and bigotry that it also sounded like petty bullshit. The biphobia and acephobia being shown by several queer people in how they framed their grievances was particularly gross to me (lots of “not queer enough” bullshit).

There was no attempt at discourse or constructive criticism that I saw. As @eponymous-rose​ put it, “Fundamentally, people who take pride in being ‘brutally honest’ have far more interest in being brutal than in being honest.” This was every argument people were having against strawmen in their heads in the shower vomited up in public. It was the opposite of productive.

It also started a wave of completely unacceptable backlash harassment against people for their opinions. Even people acting like insufferable assholes whose opinions I no longer give two shits about forevermore don’t ever deserve targeted harassment. The “mute” and “block” features exist for a reason. Bullying is not okay.

Here was my unpopular opinion:
Unpopular opinion: most people’s unpopular opinions just show their unexamined biases, failure to think through the implications of what they’re saying, and egotistically privilege their preferences as the One True Answer. Furthermore, that framing pits purple against each other, usually aren’t that unpopular just shitty to people, and makes a target out of people who have correct but unpopular grievances. Maybe examine why your opinion is unpopular and tackle the root causes. Check your biases.

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