From The Asexual – Thanks, Keyleth: Ace Representation in Critical Role

I wrote an article about ace representation in Critical Role Campaign 1 that was published in The Asexual journal.

“Epic as the story is, the characters are very complex, conflicted, and
often contradictory. Characters can be kind and also assholes, brave and
also scared, confident and insecure. It contains some of the best
portrayals of mental illness I’ve ever seen, especially anxiety,
depression, and PTSD. It’s also very queer. Of the main group, 2 are
confirmed bi, 1 pan, and 1 gay. Many of their friends are confirmed
queer. Almost everyone in the main party is at least queer- coded. And
then there’s Keyleth, who is semi-confirmed to be demisexual. Her
player, Marisha Ray, said only that Keyleth, at 21, is very new to
relationships and still figuring herself out. Matt Mercer, the GM and
Marisha’s husband, said that Keyleth’s eventual romantic relationship
was more asexual than the other major relationship between Vex and
Percy. While initially hesitant to call either character ace, when a fan
explained demisexuality he agreed that sounded pretty accurate.”

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