Transcript: Decomposition Cantrip – CR C2 Ep028 & Ep030

I noticed some interesting things about the spell

Decomposition that Caduceus used in Ep030. It spawned a bit of fiction based on

these transcripts.

Episode 028

The Mighty Nein approach Caduceus’ graveyard for the first


0:43:05 Matt:

“Frumpkin begins to return, and a passing of one of the clouds gives more

sunlight that breaks through what was previously a very dense, grey sky. As the

light kind of passes between the small breaks in the tree canopies, the green

comes to light with color, numerous types of color. A rainbow of flowers, of

pigments you’ve never really seen before, begin to emerge as the light hits it.

Nearly every inch of these grave sites contain just a smattering scatter of

rainbow colors across petal & stamen.”

Episode 30

They stop at Molly’s grave on their way south again.
(Alpha uncut VOD times)

2:55:41 Beau:

“You know, I uh… I grabbed his stupid cards.” She mimics holding them


Jester: “I

love those cards.”

Beau: “You

want to draw one?”

Jester, softly:


Liam: “Caleb

scoops Nott up out of the cart that she’s in, and, just, we watch from a


Laura mimics reaching across for a card and looks at it.

Laura, to Matt:

“What did I pull?”

Matt, to Taliesin:

“What did she pull?”

Taliesin, after a

long pause thinking: “Mmm… Oh god, I’ve got to think about this… I think

you pulled The Moon again.”

Jester, smiling

at the card: “I pulled this the first time I met him.”

Beau: “Old


Jester, after

staring at it a long time: “Well, this is his card.” She mimics

placing the card on the ground.

Laura: “I

put it next to the little stick.”


3:02:49 Caduceus:

“May I?”


“I’m going to walk up, move a little bit of the snow, and dig my hand as

deep into the ground as I can. And attempt to do the full casting of Decompose

and see what I get.”

3:03:09 Matt:


Jester, upset:

“Are you going to make Molly tea!?”

Taliesin mimics quietly concentrating on the spell.

Matt: “You

finish focusing on the cantrip. It feels like it sufficiently took root, though

you do not see any difference, as it is a bit beneath the dirt.”

Caduceus:Something will be here.”

Beau: “What

did you just do?”

Caduceus: “I

made the earth remember him. Something will be here.”

Taliesin: “I

get back on the cart, and leave them.”

Decompose Cantrip

Decompose is a mainly-flavor cantrip Matt wrote for Caduceus.
(Twitter @matthewmercer 2018-08-09 11:02 PM [why can’t I put

links in the tags, Tumblr??])

Spell text: “You reach out and touch the corpse of a

creature. Over the next minute, the corpse begins to rapidly decompose,

sprouting fungus & moss as it begins to degrade into compost and mulch. An

off-colored flower or two may also spring from the corpse in this time.

Applicable requirements for resurrection are unaffected by this


I’m unsure what that last sentence will really mean for the

current situation, but it’s certainly a clear signal from Taliesin to let

things be as they are and watch the next beautiful thing bloom.


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