Fiction: Something Will Be Here – CR C2 Ep030


post-Ep030 headcanon in response to these

transcripts from Ep028 & Ep030 observing what Decompose does.

The sad, hunched figures walk away from the grave. They look

back as the carriages roll away south along the road.

The next snow covers the disruption in the soil. Nothing can

be seen growing over the harsh winter, at least, not above ground. Spring

comes, and the melting snow reveals the bare, disrupted earth, the snow

mysteriously melting faster in this spot.

A few bulbs, crocuses, bluebells, native irises find their

way up. But as the soil warms, new flowers begin to sprout as well, strange

flowers. rainbow flowers in hues unlike those around them. They’d look more at

home in the Feywild than the side of this lonely road. They’re more vivid than

the dirty, fading, torn coat wafting above them was when it was new. Springy,

colorful mosses fill the space between flowers. Everything is a more vibrant

shade of green than what surrounds it. And weirdly, it feels just a bit warmer.

Oddly pale-blue flowers with wispy white petals form a

crescent around the sturdy, leaning limb planted at the head. A card sits among

them, strangely untouched. On it, a drawing of the two moons, slightly

different colors and sizes, with a fall of stars like white hair.

The limb has also turned strange: new growth is beginning to

spring from it, unlike the tree it came from. The bark has turned a grey,

almost purple, hue. The leaves a burgundy with strange linework traced on them

in bright colors like arcane symbols.

Over the years, an otherworldly tree surrounded by strange

flowers that seems to oddly push back against the cold comes to mark the spot.

It is a weird, and almost unsettling place. Forever different, and better than

it used to be.

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