Transcript: Things you do are good, people are just people – Critical Role C2 Ep029 4:10:04

The companion transcript to this analysis on The Philosophy of Caduceus Clay and how it contrasts traditional D&D.

Scene runs: 4:10:04 to 4:11:16


Keg: “What

did you say to me, Nott? ‘Some people are just good.’”


“Maybe? I may have been drunk at the time.”

Keg: “I was,


4:10:21 Caduceus:

“I mean, really? I mean, people aren’t good.

That’s not how this works. I mean, Things that you do are good, or bad, but people are just people. And you guys just keep doing

good things, and all I’ve seen is you

doing good things. I’m not sure what the confusion is about.”

Nott: “Well,

we used to be— No, you’re right.”


“Yeah, I know.”

4:10:57 Shakäste: “Every once in a whole, I run into

people, and I find that a lot of people do a lot of talking, but I’ve always

found it’s the people who hush and do good things are the best ones, and I’d

say you’re in that class.”


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