Fiction: Lady and Lord de Rolo – CR C1 Epilogue

Based on this Twitter exchange.


Picture of a Twitter Exchange
Bitchy and Defiant to the Bitter End: “
Tired: Lord and Lady Briarwood. Wired: Lord and Lady de Rolo”
Deramin: “Galaxy brain: Lady and Lord de Rolo.“


It is commonly known in Whitestone that whenever Vex and
Percy list their names, Vex is first. They don’t make a thing of it for other
people, but it’s considered common courtesy to refer to them that way. Particularly
when Percy’s in a bad mood because that always seems to brighten him just a
little. Once, they wrote “Lady & Lord de Rolo” on a set of formal
invitations without thinking about it and it irritated so many nobles they made
a careful point of doing it afterwards.

A noble they talk about in code as That Bitch tried to
correct Percy on it as the “reasonable lord of the house who can’t let
these flights of fancy get out of hand.” Henceforth Percy has made sure to
say “Lady & Lord de Rolo” as many times as he can stuff into a conversation
with That Bitch, who is scandalized and affronted. Percy get a couple drinks in
him and starts very politely correcting the order of their names every single
time. Vex is trying not to cackle at this asshat getting more and more
flustered as Percy just casually sips his wine with a small smile and a
“We fought a demigod and won, what can you possibly do to us?” glint
in his eyes.

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