Use Molly’s correct pronouns, part 3

I’m so tired of being angry about this, but here we still

are, apparently still needing remedial pronoun lessons for nonbinary people

like Molly. So here it is AGAIN. (The answer to “When will you shut up about this?” is “When I stop seeing people get it wrong.”)

People get to choose their own pronouns and NO ONE ELSE gets

to decide that for them. That INCLUDES nonbinary people using binary pronouns.

You’re not making a character more validly nonbinary by changing their pronouns

to ones YOU feel are more nonbinay.

“But I’m nonbinary and changing Molly’s pronouns to

‘they/them’ helps me relate better.” Congratulations, you are STILL

participating in nonbinary erasure and perpetuating ideas that harm other

nonbinary people. Using binary pronouns doesn’t make someone less nonbinary.

Nonbinary isn’t a third gender box people sit in neatly.

It’s all the space around two metropolises and the freedom to move between

them. Pronouns are more like where people get their mail.

Road Model Of Gender

We can’t make the argument that people should use pronouns

like they/them or xe/xem when requested, and then turn around and tell other

nonbinary people their chosen pronouns are wrong. That’s not remotely how this


Taliesin was specifically ASKED about Molly’s pronouns &

gave us one set, he/him. (Talks Machina 2018-01-16 0:06:07) Not taking offense

at any pronouns is not the same as those pronouns being correct. Overwriting

someone’s agency is ALWAYS rude. There’s no loophole for that.

I have written about this 5 fucking times already, and I

will keep writing about it until people start minding their bloody manners.

Tealeaf Index See: “Gender and Pronouns” section

If you have clarifying questions, I am open to answering

them, although I do ask that you read what I’ve already written on the subject.

If you’d like to argue about the validity of nonbinary

identities, I’m open to blocking your bitch ass.

If you would like to continue the existence of the Correct Pronouns

Gremlin, consider buying me a coffee ( because I am

severely disabled and could use the help.

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