Analysis: Nott and Caleb remove their bandages – CR C2 Ep58 2:43:15

We’re seeing Caleb buy new clothes and clean up. He had them buy the razor, but it’s not until he sees Nott in a dress and free from her bandages that he commits to shaving. Part of why he removed his bandages may have been that she removed hers.

Nott’s felt like she had to hide her body to survive, but she’s not feeling that here. People don’t treat her like a monster in Xhorhas. Seeing that may be helping Caleb also feel he doesn’t have to hide. He’s not afraid of being identified as a monster by his scars.

C2 Ep057 was all the hard conversations they needed after two absolutely crazy days. After talking with Dairon, after fighting demons and each other, after gambling with the Bright Queen and winning, after freeing Yeza, they talked and reestablished a new center.

Nott saw a day come she didn’t dare dream about. Not only getting her husband back but getting his love and support. It freed her to see how she was actually being treated by the folks around her and let her start loving herself again.

Dairon told them forces within the Empire know the Cerberus Assembly needs to go. Caleb faced his worst fear of his friends turning on him and overcame it with renewed support. He gained the favor of powerful allies in Xhorhas who may also aid his vendetta.

“A week ago, killing that man seemed impossible to me, and now it does not.” (CR C2 Ep057 3:39:39) For the first time in years he’s not afraid. He doesn’t feel he’ll be captured or killed if recognized. He has some recourse if they come for him. “For the first time in a very long time, I feel… hopeful.” (CR C2 Ep057 0:54:42)

Scene runs:  2:43:15 to 2:47:23

2:43:15 Liam: “Do we also- Are we jumping past- clothes was bought already? Like, we’re saying that already happened?”

Sam: “We bought clothes. Do we need to- do you have some specific clothes?”

Liam: “No.”

Taliesin: “Well, we’ll figure that out later.”

Laura: “What? You don’t want to describe your clothes?”

2:43:28 Liam: “I just bought a cloak.”

Laura: “You just bought a cloak?”

Liam: “A cloak to cover the clothes I already have.

2:43:32 Laura: “I bought a fucking dress.”

2:43:34 Sam: “As did I.”

Laura, shocked: “Nott’s wearing a dress!?”

2:43:37 Sam, miming undoing bandages: “Took off all that shit. I don’t need that shit around here.”

Laura: “What about your mask?”

Sam: “No, I don’t need that here.”

Laura, inhaling with excitement: “Oh my god!”

2:43:46 Sam: “Around these parts I’m fucking beautiful.”

2:43:50 Liam: “Oh, well, we’ve got to do this, then.”

[Caleb gets a greatsword shave from Yasha, and it goes poorly. One inch cut under his ear and a point of damage.]

2:46:45 Caleb: “Okay. I’m feeling a little faint. I’ll be right back.”

2:46:47 Liam: “And I stumble off towards the water closet. And I do my best to stop the bleeding. 10 minutes goes by before you see me again. Before I come back, I take out the straight razor, and it hurts, but slowly shave away the entire beard clean.”

Matt: “Okay, yeah. You take the time for it. You manage to do so.”

Liam: “Okay.”

Matt: “But you got half of it. I mean, that’s good.”

Ashley: “Yeah, I got a good amount.”

2:47:15 Liam: “I also unwrap my arms and take those and throw them on the ground and rejoin the group.”


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