Transcript How Fjord looked as a kid – Critical Role C2 Ep011 3:04:42

This feels way more important after the encounter with Wursh the blacksmith in Ep058. How Fjord was perceived as a half-monster by the people who raised him defines so much of his current behavior.

Scene runs: 3:04:42 to 3:05:51

3:04:42 Fjord, clearing his throat: “I understand. I know what it feels like to be ashamed or worried about what you look like. I do.”

Nott: “But you’re pretty handsome, you know, for, like, a half-monster thing.” Whispering, “I think Jester likes you.”

Fjord nods, looking like that stung.

Fjord: “You think so?”

Nott: “Yeah.”

3:05:03 Fjord: “Well, I didn’t always look like this.”

Nott: “What?”

3:05:06 Fjord: “I wasn’t always a handsome half-monster thing.”

Nott, hesitantly: “What did you use to be?”

3:05:14 Fjord: “A kid, just like anyone else.”

3:05:16 Nott: “Still a monster thing, though.”

Fjord: “Yeah.”

3:05:21 Nott: “Oh. Just a less handsome one.”

3:05:23 Fjord: “Yeah. Stumpy, short. Big teeth.”

3:05:26 Nott: “Were you a fat kid?”

3:05:28 Fjord: “Little bit. Just sort of mis-proportioned. Listen, if we get to the-“

Nott: “Do you have any pictures or…?”


Fjord: “If my MySpace is still up, you could see them. Goes back a tick.”

Marisha: “Oh no!”

Nott: “Did you ever have braces or anything?”

3:05:47 Fjord: “Nope. No, I did my own dental work.”


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