Transcript: Caduceus likes talking to people – TM for CR C2 Ep59 Twitch 0:46:44

I thought of this image immediately as Taliesin was talking and had to put them together. Art by @smidge-art, used with permission.

Scene runs: Twitch 0:46:44 to 0:47:49

0:46:44 Brian: “Taliesin, HEB807 wants to know, ‘Because of the language barrier, Caduceus was forced to step up and be the negotiator and the face of the party this week. How does he feel about having such a role? Would he take it again if he didn’t have to?’”

Taliesin: “Oh yeah. He loves talking to people. He’s really into talking to people. He likes people. People are great. Especially people he hasn’t met before which is thankfully most people. So, most people are just people you haven’t met, and that’s great ’cause then you meet them, and once you’ve met them that’s great.”

Line drawing of Caduceus Clay in a simple robe holding a mug of tea with an open word bubble suggestively encompassing the text above.

Taliesin: “That’s the most Caduceus I can get right now.”

Brian: “It’s pretty good.”

Taliesin: “Thank you. Yeah no, he- I mean like, it’s part of the- it’s one of the things he actually enjoys is finding people who wanna converse and kind of having what a teenager would refer to as a meaningful conversation. Which is more just a conversation with stakes. He’s a big fan of a conversation with stakes. Whatever those stakes may be.”

Brain: “Rare, medium rare, right…”

Taliesin: “Rare, medium. Knew you were going there.”

Brian: “Yeah.”

Taliesin: “Yeah, and it’s a good opportunity, man.”

[They show Max’s bandaged left hand. He burned it making steaks. This is his second burn.]

0:48:41 Brain: “Did you feel like you finished that thought?”

Taliesin: “More or less. I mean, yeah, he’s always into it. He loves talking to people. He would be- If he felt that he better understood the stakes of what was happening, he would probably be more involved in these negotiations. It’s only when he really feels like he has a solid grasp, whether or not he does or not, of the situation. Which is most the, you know” he makes a back and forth gesture with his hands, “squishy stuff.”


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