How to support me

I’m sure you’ve all see my pitches on all my blog posts for suggested donations. This page rounds up how you can support me an why you should consider it.

Why Support Me

I’m severely disabled. I have a severe chronic migraine condition. I’ve had a bad headache since May 2015. I’m usually around a 5/10, never below a 3, Often up to an 8, and sometimes as high as 10. I can’t work and I struggle to fulfill even the most basic tasks. I travel 100 miles to see a specialist now and it’s been resistant to even the new advanced drugs. It really sucks.

Critical Role is something that gets me out of my head and is very comforting to me, so I watch it and think about it a lot. This blog represents the majority of the labor I’m able to contribute to the world. Getting donations for it makes that labor feel valued, and always helps with bills. It’s nice to feel like more than just a leech on my loved ones.


My Shop: Majestic Mess Designs

Support me and get something cool. I make 2d0 Pride flag patches for $6, and white a Brief History of Pride Flags zine for $8 (also available on my website). I can also make these in custom colors for no additional cost, including solid colors. Everything is high quality and I make the patches myself. Iron on backing is available if requested. I ship cheap to anywhere.

Embroidery patches shaped like a d20 with different pride flag colors. The asexual, aromantic, bi, rainbow, genderfluid, genderqueer, Anurtransyl lesbian, Dawn lesbian, lipstick lesbian, nonbinary, pan, Philadelphia City Hall, and trans flags are ll represented.


Ko-fi lets you make a small one-time donation in $3 increments. It’s a great way to show your support if you value a particular post or are feeling generous that day.


If you keep like my continued labor adds consistent value to life, consider supporting me on Patreon. I try to remember to cross post good Twitter threads that are often early sketches of thoughts I turn into blog posts. Even a donation of $1 a month helps a bit. It all adds up. Here are the tiers:

$1 – My gratitude. Know you helped validate my existence.

$5 – Brain dump. Access to my WIPs and notes.

$7 – Suggest a topic. I will make you a transcript or analyze something that’s been puzzling you.

$10 – Sponsored . I’ll thank you at the bottom of any blog post I make during the month (unless you ask me not to).

$20 – Happy Winter’s Crest. I will mail you a Winder’s Crest card, hand drawn by me around the winter holidays.

Share My Work

Sharing and linking to my work makes me feel valued and increases the likelihood it will get in front of someone who will pay. It’s nice to feel like the void is listening to my yammering. If this is all you can do, I still value it.

You can also follow me on Twitter and share my work there. I share a lot of Critical Role fanart and meta, share shorter sketches of meta thoughts and transcripts, talk about disability, share some social justice voices, and occasionally talk about other media (like my recent Terry Gilliam binge and cross-analysis).

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