Transcript: Caleb cleaned up because his cover’s blown – TM for CR C2 Ep58 0:16:29

Scene runs: 0:16:29 to 0:17:29

0:16:29 Brian: “Hey, Kiley Knott wants to know, ‘Liam: Caleb seemed to remake himself this episode in appearance; was that because of Nott’s self-acceptance recently or is Caleb more courageous to be his genuine self?”

Liam: “Caleb’s feeling a little blown, lately. No, his cover. there were people in that room. I mean, I think he’s just assumed that the filthy disguise that he’s maintained for so long is pointless now.”

Taliesin: “It is a new world, isn’t it?”

Liam: “Yeah. Yeah. So, he’s just now… they haven’t really sat down to talk as a group yet, but they need to.”

Taliesin: “Yeah, they’re bad at that.”

Liam: “And… They’re bad at that but they need to. And he is kind of, uh, I mean maybe it won’t be tomorrow or the day after that but he’s expecting somebody to come knocking at the door soonish. Before too long.”

Brian: “Yeah. It’s bound to happen.”

Liam: “Yeah.”

Brian: “It’s bound to happen.”


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