Transcript Description of Moro – Critical Role C2 Ep61 Twitch 3:02:08

For Amanda Lindsey Neil, @ALindseyNeil on Twitter

Scene runs: Twitch 3:02:08 to 3:03:26

3:02:08 Matt: “Across the room from you, you see clipping toenails with a small knife this kind of young goblin with her legs up on the edge of a desk, kind of table arrangement, & you can see these, like, long nails kind of curling forward that are darkened on the corners. And she just kind of like cutting it off with a blade like you’d cut a pear’s outer edge or skin an apple.” […]

3:03:02 Matt: “As she leans forward, you can see there is a faint underbite and the row of sharp teeth that kind of hook forward from under the upper lip.” He mimics teeth coming down from the top. “The ears look chewed a bit on the sides. This goblin’s seen some tougher days but seems to be positive and smiling in your direction, these kind of very bright yellow eyes.”


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