Analysis: What Caleb’s appearance means to him – CR C2 Ep61

Caleb’s recent change of appearance shows how far he’s come. It’s as important as any new magic item or ability. It’s not just an aesthetic change, it’s full of subtext about how he’s started overcoming his trauma. Scruffy, dirty hobo Caleb with arm bandages represents the traumatized place he started from, but he’s moving past that. He’s had an existential epiphany that changed him. No more dirt, beard, bandages, or rags. He’s free of them. He shaved, isn’t hiding his scars, and bought stylish new clothes in the style of his new home. (CR C2 Ep58 2:43:15, Ep 61 3:09:49)

We know Caleb was using the dirty hobo guise as cover (TM for CR C2 Ep61 0:16:29). It was mainly a mask and now that mask is useless. His depression also contributed to his appearance, but even there he’s doing better. Feeling hopeful. (CR C2 Ep047 0:54:27). He’s found a purpose again. A home. Powerful allies. There’s still the long-term goal of bending reality to his will, but now he has as shorter-term goal: destroy the Cerberus Assembly, hopefully with the aid of the Kryn and the Cobalt Soul. He’s not alone now.

He doesn’t want back the years of being alone, scared, and hopeless that look represented. This is an important new era for him. He doesn’t want to match the description of the man who betrayed the Empire in that throne room. He’s safer blending in here, reimagining himself.

He’s been trapped in the guise of his trauma and now he’s working very hard to get better. To see himself and care for himself differently. This is an important change that shows his growth and victories as a character. It’s an aesthetic change that carries a lot of weight. This is a new, more polished, more confident, and more stable Caleb.

This is a chance for artists to have fun with a new look and break away from the safe but deprecated official art. I look forward to seeing new costume designs as artists have a chance to put them together. Art with his old look is about the place he came from that he’s trying to put behind him. Art with new looks is about his brighter future.

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