Transcript: Clay Family History – Critical Role C2 Ep70 3:31:05

This was such a beautiful Clay family lore drop. Husky firbolg ASMR story time. Transcript by @DarkwaterSmidge, posted with permission.

Scene runs: 3:31:05 to 3:34:41

3:31:05 Caduceus: “The day after the Raven Queen ascended, three of her champions were given the task of dealing with one of the heroes of the war. And his body could not be maintained within a city for reasons that are lost. He had to be vanished. And these three heroes were named Clay, Stone, and Dust.

3:31:39 Caduceus: “They argued for many days what to do. And Stone said they should give him to the air so that the beasts of the realm may carry his memory. And Clay said that we should give him to the earth and what grows from them will be a monument to his glory. And Dust said that we should give him to the fire, from the ashes of that fire great works would arise.

3:32:08 Caduceus: “And they prayed to the Raven Queen for guidance in these early days, and the Raven Queen eventually answered. She said that she had already taken what belonged to her, and that we were to- these three heroes were to find the Wildmother and ask her guidance for what to do with what was left.

3:32:33 Caduceus: “And they traveled far into the woods and waited for their visions. And eventually she spoke to each of them in turn. And she told Stone that he should take the limbs of this hero and walk the plains until he found an oasis and a red and gold veined cave and the beasts would gather there. That he would feed the limbs of the hero to the beasts that would water there. And upon that site would be a menagerie whose creatures would be a gift to the Changebringer from the Wildmother, to remind her that nature is infinite.

3:33:13 Caduceus: “And then Clay entered into a forest until he found a spring. Water surrounded by a circle of crystal and stone. And there should he plant the head of the hero. And upon that site will be a garden, whose flora shall be my gift to the Archeart to remind her that nature is beautiful.

3:33:33 Caduceus: “And then Dust, took all that was left. And walked into the mountains to the north, and found a cave with a black onyx pool of fire and magma. And was told to burn what remained. That the ashes would be mixed into the brick and ink and steel and everything that is made there will hold that hero’s mark. In this kiln will be the creations as a gift to the Allhammer to remind him that nature is the origin of material.

3:34:10 Caduceus: “And these three families have guarded and accepted the dead for all this time in these three temples. Each of us, on occasion, making a pilgrimage but very rarely. Somewhere there is a member of the Dust in the north, ready to help.


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