AskBox: Taliesin gave us all of Molly’s pronouns, and it was one set

In response to: Use Molly’s correct pronouns

As an enby myself: What Taliesin actually said about Molly was “he uses he/him but is cool with anything”. Nonbinary people who use multiple sets of pronouns are perfectly valid and fine, you know? I go by both they and she. There are real people in the real world who go by any and all sets of pronouns too. If Taliesin views Molly as okay with literally any pronouns, we should be honoring that, not dictating only one set can be used.

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Correction, what Taliesin actually said was “He. It’s a- pronoun’s he. But I don’t think that he would take offense at anything. He’s very- very chill, and yeah…” (TM 2018‑01‑16 0:06:07)

Nonbinary people who use multiple sets of pronouns are definitely valid and fine. The discussion that led to this post started in a group including a nonbinary person that uses multiple pronouns. But this is the difference: you gave me all your pronouns. Taliesin also gave us all of Molly’s pronouns, and it was one set of pronouns. The one and only person that gets to dictate Molly’s pronouns gave them to us, and that’s what I’m going to honor. Because to do otherwise is to erase the validity of nonbinary people who have one set of correct binary pronouns. You can still choose the pronouns that are correct for you and not correct people about it. That doesn’t diminish that those are your correct pronouns.

This matters because it is making nonbinary and genderqueer people in the Critter community uncomfortable to see the wrong pronouns used. More importantly to me, my nonbinary friend, who would love to read nonbinary Molly fics, is having to avoid them because people misusing his pronouns is triggering her dysphoria. She’s had to fight for people to call her what she asks and had to fight to feel like her gender identity is valid.

You can go ahead and do whatever makes you happy. But this is not a harmless headcannon. This is erasure, and I will keep beating this drum until y’all understand that.

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