Transcript: Taliesin gives Molly’s pronouns, Talks Machina for C2 Ep 01 0:06:07

I’m profoundly over seeing this misquoted, so here is what Taliesin specifically said about Molly’s pronouns. He said “he” without hesitation, other pronouns, or qualification. He shrugs off Molly taking no offense at anything because he’s very chill. Just because he’s not offended by it in passing doesn’t mean another answer is right. The subtext was pretty clearly deflection language for “he doesn’t care enough to want to deal with it.” You can still choose the pronouns that are correct for you and not correct people about it. That doesn’t diminish that those are your correct pronouns. Molly has repeatedly blown off or antagonized people that try to force on him their ideas of who they think he should be. See CR C2 Ep014 and literally every time Nott has tried to gatekeep gender.

Thank you to the sensitivity readers who have been helping me make sure I’m articulating issues around pronouns well.

Scene runs: 0:06:07 to 0:06:20

0:06:07 Brian: “Mollymauk is next.”

Taliesin: “Mollymauk!”

Brain: “Help us with the pronouns, ‘cause I get a lot of tweets. What’s your official pronouns?”

0:06:12 Taliesin: “He.”

Brain: “A he? Okay good.”

Taliesin: “It’s a- pronoun’s he.” Taliesin shrugs. “But I don’t think that he would take offense at anything. He’s very- very chill and…”


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