Transcript: Yasha struggles against her chains – Critical Role C2 Ep60 3:27:02

In light ep C2 Ep069, this seems like a good scene to bring back. There’s a lot of set-up here to what happened.

Scenes runs:

1. A Dream from the Stormlord 3:27:02 to 3:32:26

2. Yasha, Nott, Jester, and Caduceus talk it out 3:32:26 to 3:41:09

3. Yasha Confronts the Stormlord 3:41:09 to 3:54:13

1. A Dream from the Stormlord

3:27:02 Matt: “Yasha.”

Ashley, touching different parts of her face: “Huuu! Immediately red.” She hides in her hood.

Matt: “In your exhaustion, the darkness comes comfortably as a night’s rest, and an evening’s respite. And though you don’t awaken, you can feel the thunder. You can feel it roll and vibrate through your body. With each impact, there’s a flash of light behind your eyes, like a heartbeat of a dull blue glow.”

3:27:43 Matt makes three low rumbling thunder sounds and then a louder, sharper one. “A deafening blast of thunder shakes your eyes awake, and you are soaked, standing on the precipice of a mountain. You can see the heavy clouds before you with slight little breaches between where moonlight and stars are briefly visible before they are consumed once more by the storm.” Matt makes two more thunder noises mimicking lightening striking. “Arcs of lightening shoot across the Xhorhas sky. You’re cold, shivering, your hair matted over your face, you’re eyes barely peeking through.

3:28:34 Matt mimics another lightning strike and thunder. “Through another arc you think you see an arm through the clouds. And it’s gone.” Mimicked thunder. “Another flash of light, and you see what looks like a humanoid form reaching from the storm towards you. Your instinct is to turn and run, but you watch as the head kind of turns. Another flash of light and it’s gone. You sense a presence behind you. What do you do?”

3:29:27 Ashley: “I turn around and walk towards it.”

3:29:31 Matt: “You turn around from the space where you’re standing, and the opposite side of this mountain range is just bodies. Corpses littered and stretched out before you. Dozens and dozens of them. You can’t see their faces, you just see folded arms and legs, wounds. And there, standing behind you is a shaded figure.” Thunder. “The flash of light behind you emanates and briefly frames the face you see. A familiar male figure. his curved horns back from the front. His wings folded over his shoulders. His sly, grinning yellow eyes peering at you. And just looks, shakes his head, and walks away.”

Ashley: “Do I recognize any of the bodies? Anything on the bodies? Is anything about it familiar to me?”

Matt: “You go towards the bodies?”

Ashley: “Yeah.”

Matt: “Make a wisdom saving throw.”

[After the dice is cocked 3 times, Ashley rolls a 15.]

3:31:12 Matt: “15. This figure that is familiar to you, but you don’t know why or where, causes something in your heart to freeze, and you feel the fear kind of welling up in your throat, this heavy lump that’s making it hard to swallow. And you try and take a step, and you have to force yourself to move. And you take another step, and you go towards one of the bodies and turn it over, and it’s Mollymauk.”

Shocked gasps.

3:31:51 Matt: “And you go look to the left and there’s Jester. And you look past that, and you see Caleb. And you start to look around and every body is somebody who’s crossed your path, somebody you’ve let in. You glance up and that figure just keeps walking away shaking his head.” He tuts three times. Thunder. “You wake up, as the heavy thunder rolls through the hall.”

Ashley: “Oh fuck.”

2. Yasha, Nott, Jester, and Caduceus talk it out

3:32:26 Matt: “Nott, you kind of shake awake a little bit.”

Nott: “Hn! What are you doing? You okay?”

Ashley: “Is anyone else awake?”

Nott: “Are you okay?”

Taliesin: “I am quietly awake.”

Matt: “Jester’s awake technically, too.”

Nott: “What happened? Where are you? What’s going on? What’d you do?”

Jester: “Are you okay?”

0:32:44 Yasha: “Uh, I had a… I had a very bad dream.”

Nott: “Do you want some liquor?”

Jester: “Do you want to talk about it?”

Yasha: “No.”

Jester: “Do you want a massage?”

Nott: “They’re very hard.”

Yasha, sounding distressed: “Uh, I think I’m okay.”

3:33:08 Nott: “Is it a dream you’ve had before? Is it like one of Fjord’s dreams that keep coming?”

0:33:16 Yasha: “I do keep having… dreams, but sometimes they feel like… they’re very real or familiar. And I don’t know if… They make me very scared.”

Jester: “Is it about somebody you knew?”

Yasha: “Yes. Yes.”

3:33:51 Nott: “Well, do you think it’s something- sometimes dreams can be like a premonition, something in your future or could be something in your past. Did it feel like a past or a future?”

3:34:01 Yasha: “Well sometimes, they’re both, but this one felt like… this was definitely not in the past, and I’m hoping that it’s not in the future.”

Jester: “Tell us about it. What happened?”

Nott: “We’re good listeners. And also, you’ve woken us up.”

Jester, softly giggling: “I was already awake. Don’t worry about it.”

3:34:30 Yasha, after a long pause: “I think I’ve done something very bad.”

Jester: “What do you mean?”

Yasha: “I think I’ve done something very bad and I don’t remember.”

Nott: “You don’t remember?”

Yasha: “Well…”

3:34:46 Jester: “Is this about when you left your- when you left your village?”

Yasha: “I don’t know.” She sighs. “I don’t know. I’m very confused.”

0:34:56 Caduceus, sleepily with his eyes closed: “What does the lord require of thee?”

Jester, poking him: “Are you asleep?”

Caduceus: “No.”

Jester: “Oh.”

3:35:08 Caduceus: “It’s raining and there’s lightening and thunder. Someone’s trying to send you a message.”

Yasha: “It’s not a very positive message.”

3:35:18 Caduceus: “That all depends on interpretations. What does the lord require of thee? Thunder and lightning. That’s how I’d talk to you if I was a Stormlord.”

Jester: “Is this storm just for you, Yasha?”

Yasha: “I don’t think so, but if it is, I saw a…”

Jester, grinning: “Just say it. What was it?”

Nott: “Whatever it was, I’m sure it’s fine.”

Jester: “We can handle it.”

3:35:57 Yasha: “I saw a lot of… dead bodies, and I saw… Mollymauk, and a lot of other people that I’ve known.”

Jester: “That’s very sad, Yasha.”

Nott: “That’s super fucked up.”

Jester: “Maybe it’s because we just fought a bunch of undead things, you know? Maybe you’re just trying to process it.”

Yasha: “It could be. It could be. It might be something that’s just…”

Nott: “Do you think it could be that maybe you’re doing something right or wrong or-?

Yasha: “I don’t know. I think that’s- that’s- I…”

Nott: “Was it a warning? Was it a punishment?”

Yasha: “I feel like every time I have it it’s very scary and I… It feels like I’ve caused something.”

Jester: “Do you ever talk to the Stormlord and say like, ‘Hey, what are you trying to tell me?'”

Nott: “Jester talks to her god all the time, yeah.”

Jester: “Yeah.”

Yasha: “No. I could try. I never really have.”

Jester: “Yeah, give it a go.”

3:37:05 Yasha: “But I have- I think… you both have very different relationships with your gods, and it feels much more personal, and I feel that with me it’s- I’ve… I’m not scared of a lot of things but I’m a little bit scared of him.”

Jester: “Really?”

Yasha: “But maybe that’s just ’cause-“

Jester: “But you worship him?”

3:37:33 Yasha: “Well… I think he just… He pulled be out of something and saved my life so I feel like I owe him that.”

Jester: “Well he seems to be paying a lot of attention to you.”

Yasha, taking a nervous deep breath: “Yeah. I think I should maybe try to have some conversations-“

Nott: “Yeah, next time you have a dream, maybe you should, like, plan what you’re going to say now, so you know.”

Yasha: “Okay. Yeah.”

0:38:02 Nott: “Like, what’s your opening? You’ve got to have a strong opener.”

Jester: “Yeah.”

Yasha: “Ah…”

Nott: “‘What do you want with me!'”

Yasha: “Okay.”

Jester, yelling: ‘” Why are you being so creepy!? Just be nice, okay?”

Caduceus, making a lowering gesture: “Shh. Too loud, too loud, too loud.”

0:38:16 Jester, quietly: “No I’m just kidding, I’m just… What if, Yasha, what if we- it’s raining right now, it’s stormy, what if we go outside and we, like, yell up at the sky right now, and you know, you can just like let it out and say like, ‘Why are you trying to be creepy?'”

Nott: “He might hear you. He might hear you if he’s part of the storm or something.”

Yasha: “Yeah, yeah.”

Jester: “Just say, ‘Be nice to me! I just want to, you know…”

Nott, loudly: “Respect me!”

Jester: “Yeah. ‘I’m here for you!'”

Yasha: “‘Respect me! Witness me!'”

Nott & Jester: “Yeah.”

Yasha: “‘Why are you doing this to me?'”

Nott & Jester: “Yeah.”

Yasha: “Yeah, well, okay, I’ll think about it. If you guys want to sleep, I can take a watch, or, you know.”

Nott: “Are you going to go out and stare- and scream at the sky?”

Jester: “If you do it, we’ll just go with you just to be safe.”

Nott: “Just to watch.”

Yasha: “Yeah? Okay. Yeah, should we go?”

Jester: “Okay, yeah.”

Nott: “Sure.” Nott taps Jester’s arm and leans in, “I think we just told her to go scream at the sky.”

Jester: “It’s going to be really cool.”

Caduceus: “I’ll say, actually, it’s a pretty good idea. Although, I will say that I tend to have better luck finding what I need to know if I’m somewhere quiet and alone. As much as I appreciate company.”

Jester: “Awe.”

Nott: “Yeah, but you’re the- you’re like a garden god. She’s the storm god, right?”

Jester: “What if what she needs is more people screaming!”

3:39:36 Yasha: “What if we just all start screaming?”

Jester: “Like, screaming like thunder.”

Nott: “Yeah! Yeah!”

Yasha: “Yeah. We could try it.”

Jester: “Yeah. And then we’ll run back inside really fast because there could be things around that could attack us.”

Yasha: “Sure. I don’t know how this works, I am learning.”

Nott: “Try it!”

Yasha: “I am definitely learning from this.”

Nott: “Try it!”

0:39:49 Laura: “We just step right outside the door right down here.”

Matt: “Okay.”

Liam: “Caleb’s cat creepily watches them go.”

Caduceus: “Oh dear.”

Matt: “So, you…?”

Ashley: “Is it still storming outside.”

Matt, as the background track thunders: “Oh yeah. Very much so.”

Sam and Laura: “Oh!”

Sam: “Oh, there are storm sound effects happening.”

Jester: “Ooo, Yasha, it’s really stormy!”

3:40:09 Yasha: “Okay, I’m gonna step forward just a little bit and… you know, just so it doesn’t scare him off if you’re all here.”

Nott, patting Jester’s hand: “Can you do something to, like, help her? Give her bravery or something? Can’t you do- oh, you’re out of spells, aren’t you?”

Yasha: “Okay, I think-“

Jester: “I’ve got a first level left. I’m going to just Bless you.

Yasha: “Okay.”

Jester: “I’m just going to cast Bless on you.”

Yasha: “Okay, okay.”

Jester, squeakily: “Just go and get- ’cause it’s useful.”

Yasha: “Okay.”

Liam, quietly: “Just a happy little Bless. Just a happy little bless right here.”

3:40:37 Yasha: “Um, I’ll step out, just so I still see them, but far enough away where I feel like I have some privacy.”

Matt: “Okay. So, you step beyond the exterior of the fortress. There’s the courtyard and this little niche in the mountain range. The other side of the mountains kind of- as a descending V for your view before you actually head out into the mountain pass looking out over all of Xhorhas. So, you’d have to walk quite a few hundred feet to get out even into the mountain pass. You go that way?”

Yasha: “Yes.”

3. Yasha Confronts the Stormlord

3:41:09 Matt: “Okay. You walk out there, cold rain drenching you in an eerily familiar way. Kind of causes you to feel a little bit of a crawling nervousness in your belly as you now begin to sensory recall-“

Ashley: “Like I am now.”

Matt: “–the sensory recall of the dream you’d just woken up from. You feel the cold rain water soaking into all of your outfit and the back. You step out onto the mountain pass, you glance over your shoulder, and you can just barely see the silhouettes of Jester and Nott in the doorway.”

Laura: “You see our,” Jester and Nott give double thumbs up signs. Nott waves her on.

Yasha gives a thumbs up back.

3:42:00 Matt: “You go ahead and look, turn around, and you can now see, barely, the open northward barbed fields of this side of Xhorhas. The feint edges of the Vermaloch forest below you, the Wildwood. You can just in the distance see faint sparkles of light that represent Rosohna, Ghor Dranas, the capital of the Kryn Dynasty. And every few moments, arcs of lightning that spiral across the sky, through the clouds. Some down into- and tend to be focused towards the barbed fields to the north. What do you do?”

3:42:57 Yasha: “Hello? I don’t quite know how to do this, but I’m trying to learn. I feel, and I know that you are trying to communicate with me, but I’m very confused. I don’t know what these dreams mean, and I’m feeling scared. But I… I want to be an instrument for you. And you quite literally saved me and I want to do what I can and do whatever work that needs to be done. Are you there? I don’t know if this is the right thing that I’m doing. I feel like I’m talking to nothing; are you there?”

3:44:21 Matt: “You stand there for a moment and see the flashes of light.”

3:44:31 Yasha: “I think I’m… I think I’m most scared ’cause I did something… I feel like I did something bad, and I don’t remember what it is. But I think I’m most nervous about what is to come, and if I will continue hurting people. and maybe that’s what you’ve come to help me with.”

Matt: “There’s no response.”

3:45:23 Yasha: “Well…  I will continue to follow. I will look for sings because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do. I know Jester draws things, draws dicks on things, `but that doesn’t feel right.” She sighs.

Ashley: “I kind of doodle a dick on the ground.”


3:46:04 Yasha: “That might be something different. I think I’ll sit out here tonight. Just in case you come back.”

Matt: “And you stay out here?”

Ashley: “I’m gonna stay outside.”

Matt: “Okay. Do you guys…?”

Nott: “She coming back?”

Jester shrugs and makes an “I don’t know” sound.

Matt: “You watch Yasha kind of just sit down and lay against the side of the mountain.”

Jester: “Maybe we should sleep, you know, near.

Nott: “Okay.”

Jester: “Just in case something happens.”

Nott: “Mmhm. Okay.”

Jester: “Yeah.”

Sam: “Find a little nook to- this sucks.”

Laura: “Yeah underneath some leaves to try to keep dry.”

Sam and Laura snuggle up together.

3:46:54 Matt: “Eventually you guys come to find. Thankfully- because the two of you can keep each other warm you manage to find some sleep.” Turning to Yasha, “As do you. You’re used to the rugged uncomfortable spaces of Xhorhas and living in the Theo Moorlands is not a comfortable place in comparison to where you’ve been with these people. But sleep comes to you.

3:47:15 Matt: “And in that sleep your wrists get cold. But not the rest of your body, just the wrists. And you try and move your body position, and you kind of glance down and you see irons on your wrists. You look and you have your withered wings draped over each of your shoulders. and you look forward and all you see is the storm, just roiling clouds. And with the next flash of light, you see the clouds part into two pale glowing eyes open before you.”

3:48:17 Yasha: “You’re there. Please… Please talk to me.”

3:48:28 Matt: “You see no mouth, but with the next roll of thunder you hear beneath it this brimming, bassy voice, familiar from some of the visions in the past you’ve experienced. It says,”

3:48:43 Kord: “You are still shackled, child.”

3:48:51 Yasha: “I know. Some reasons I know why, but other reasons I do not. Have I done something terrible?”

3:49:14 Kord: “We’ve all done terrible things.”

3:49:22 Yasha: “These visions that you’re giving me… where I see my friends, I don’t know what that means.”

3:49:41 Kord: “You have done terrible things. And you are capable of doing terrible things. Your strength is still not wholly your own. You are still shackled, child. Fight against them. Don’t let the iron be your strength.”

Yasha: “How do I fight against it?”

Kord: “Struggle. Push.”

Yasha: “Okay.”

Kord: “Struggle. Push.”

Ashley: “I look down, and I try to start pulling it apart.”

Matt: “You’re pulling and pulling at those chains. Make a strength saving throw.”

[Yasha rolls a 22.]

3:51:17 Matt: “The chains grow taught. Still freezing against your wrists. You pull and you pull, and you can hear the squeaking of iron tensing.” He mimics metal squealing.

3:51:32 Ashley: “I start screaming and pulling as much as I can.”

Matt: “You pull, and you yell into the storm, the rain smashing into your face, filling your mouth. You scream and you tense in anger as the storm rolls, the lightning flashing heavier, the eyes growing brighter.”

Kord: “Struggle. Find what gives you your power. Where do you find your strength?”

3:52:09 Yasha: “I continue to think of… I think of Jester, and I think of Beau, and I think of Fjord, and Mollymauk, and Caduceus, and Nott, and Caleb, and Zuala, and I just keep pulling and screaming.”

Matt: “Roll a strength saving throw with advantage.”

[Yasha rolls a 22.]

3:52:46 Matt: “The previous weakening of the binds causes the links to pull and stretch and the metal itself begins to wain and twist. You can see your withered wings begin to feather.”

Shocked happiness from the table.

Matt: “You pull and the binds to do break, and the feathers dissipate, and in that moment of sorrow and failure, the voice goes,”

Kord: “You grow stronger still. the shackles remain, but they weaken. You know your strength, use it, and struggle.”

Matt: “The storm begins to pull away, the sound of the thunder dissipates, and you fall back into a night’s rest.”


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