Use Molly’s correct pronouns, part 2

I haven’t yet alienated all of Tumblr, so let me elaborate on why it’s bothering me so much that people are misusing Molly’s pronouns in fics. It’s not a couple people here and there that are exploring Molly using they/them pronouns. It’s nearly every single nonbinary Molly fic in 5 months. There’s one that uses … Continue reading Use Molly’s correct pronouns, part 2

Use Molly’s correct pronouns

I’ll write about this in more depth later, but this needs to be said now: If you’re writing Critical Role fic about Molly being nonbinary, you still really need to use his proper pronouns. He explicitly gave them to us. You don’t ever for any reason get to misuse someone's pronouns. There are nonbinary people … Continue reading Use Molly’s correct pronouns

[SPOILERS] Fanfiction Ep102 Poem: All Quiet on the Green Pool Shore

[SPOILERS] for Critical Role EP102Set a moment after Ep102 ends. All Quiet on the Green Pool Shore“Where is he?” She begged, With a hope that fell Through the silence of their pain, Unanswered, on Fey grass.Was his hand still there? Resting on her hip above, Numb, as he stared down At that vile green eye?“Revenge!” … Continue reading [SPOILERS] Fanfiction Ep102 Poem: All Quiet on the Green Pool Shore

Fiction Ep83 The Gate Stone

All of the fanfiction I’ll be putting up is basically prose analysis, in the style of creative nonfiction, so I believe that it’s important to show my research. After all, this is only an insight check. Analysis: How Percy looked to Cassandra for “The Gate Stone” Story Story The study door unexpectedly opened, startling Cassandra. … Continue reading Fiction Ep83 The Gate Stone